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  1. My goal is to start this weekend. But I am quite busy with the family and the kids. What EZ-run set did you get? I got a Castle Creations Sidewinder set to go in.
  2. I had to pick this up myself but it was worth it! Spotted this on a local auction site and just had to get it. Drove 400 Km for the set but it was worth it. Got everything that is in the pics!
  3. That is really great! Just because of this thread I ordered the Mad Max Trilogie yesterday! Forgot how much I need my V8 fix.....
  4. Will the '68 do as well? http://www.hpieurope.com/piw.php?lang=en&partNo=7494 It is suited best for 200mm cars but I am sure you van make it work on a 190mm as well with the cerrect wheels.
  5. I just catched up here after been gone a while. I must say the major issue with Tamiya in the Netherlands was the distributor which did not stock enough parts. On any kit for that matter. Now it is getting better over here because it is being delivered now by Dickie-Tamiya group out of Germany. So the LHS can deliver parts faster then ever before. Also I will be racing this year with my newly acquired used TRF416WE. Will probably go offroad again later this year during the summer period. This will most likely be with a TRF511X.
  6. I just got a TRF416 WE and need some electronics to go with it! And probably some hop-ups.
  7. The 935 is announced on Tamiyausa. So it is defo coming! http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=56709
  8. I really like the idea of Tamiya coming in to Truggy racing. I really wanna see what is under the body.
  9. I run mine with a 21 tried with a 19 once but found the 21 better for the handling of the power.
  10. Didn't see the reply.... It should be a Ford then.
  11. What do you mean? You need help in a crossword puzzle or what? It is late at night here and I still don't get it.....
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