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  1. Here's my current: Can't fault a nice E46 coupe.
  2. Got a Mardave Meteor LWB?,need a shell for it? Look no further,the nice Mr Haskins has done one for you: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mardave-Meteor-Lwb-Bodyshell-And-Wing-Set-Reproduction-Lexan-/271351612392?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item3f2dd103e8
  3. You know the ones,you slip them onto the shock body before the spring. They have a little screw in them so that you can adjust the spring pre-load by sliding them up and down the shock body then you tighten the screw to hold the adjustment. On the left in this E-Bay pic.are the type I mean: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item=130420488045 As fitted to Kyosho/Associated RC10/Mardave Cobra/Traxxas shock absorbers. I could do with a pair(i.e,two)in black plastic. If anyone can spare a couple,I'd be most grateful. Thankyou.
  4. I completely agree with matman. They look superb with their weathering,dirt and worn paint,plus,it's all natural too. I'd love to go play down there with that lot. Mark
  5. I've got 'em fitted on the front end of my Mardave Cobra with Option House gold shocks, they seem too stiff with very little give in 'em.
  6. Got my paws on a pair of blue Tamiya friction shocks with silver springs on a while back. Any idea what the spring rates are at all?
  7. The ADX-10 looks pretty fruity. No dealers here in UK yet though. Mark
  8. Brilliant stuff and a cracking read. I've never owned a rug racer or a tarmac car,I raced 1/10th 4WD off road BITD and now just run an old Cobra for thrashing about down at the local spot. Wouldn't mind going and doing a bit of racing though,if there was a decent off road club in the locality. Mark
  9. I thought the "metric" B4 was the Ansmann X-Pro? The bottom line is this: My first car was a Boomerang,raced it for two years and loved it,then replaced it with an Optima Mid Custom (now caning a souped up Mardave Cobra about),but what a revelation that was. Much smoother,quicker,responsive and tuneable compared to the old Boomer and very capable of squabbling with the all-conquering CATs on the track. I don't race anymore(hence the souped up Cobra),but if I wanted a slow heavy classic basher then I'd maybe go for the Boomer (no re-re OMC yet,come on Kyosho!!),but if I wanted a much more fiesty basher that I could tune the pants off,put a brushless/lipo into really throw the mud and dust up, then I'm afraid that my money wouldn't go on a TRF201,it'd be a B4/4.1,TLR 22 or,yes,maybe the Ansmann Mad Rat/X-Pro. From what I'm hearing,the Mad Rat is an awsome bit of kit for the money(£65-£70 with bearings!!!), highly tuneable for not much money and can be turned into a pretty good racer for not a lot more. Can Tamiya make a car(for the European market of course) of that spec.with that potential for a starting price of £65-£70?. Tamiya is for slow and dependable. Associated,Losi,Durango,X-Factory,Schumacher,Ansmann,etc,they're for the racers/fast bashers.
  10. Have a look at this site: http://www.rccommand.com/Tank%20Upgrade%20Parts.php Scroll down to precision engineered high torque gearboxes from Tamiya. Designed for tanks built to scale weight in 1/16th scale(a scale weight KT in 1/16th needs to be 30-35 lbs/15-20kgs). RC Command also make custom tank gearboxes to your requirements. Yours is behaving entirely prototypically. Tiger 1's and KT's were well know for eating gearboxes,Tiger 1's were nearly 53 tons all up,KT's were nearly 60. Their 'boxes were designed for tanks 10-15 tons lighter Mark
  11. Would you have any slipper clutch parts for a Cobra? I could do with one for this beasty: Whoops,just clicked Jez,no you won't have. Mark
  12. That body is awful,it's a mile off!!!!. This is why(being a static scale modeller too),I only do buggies. If I did a "car" that "looked" scale,I'd be annoyed at it's performance. I'd expect it to look, drive and handle like the real thing. For example,can anyone drive a 1/10th scale RWD Escort like Simon McKinley drives his Mk2 Warrior Escort? I haven't seen anyone do it yet. At least buggies don't seem to match any full size counterparts,so there isn't any comparisons to be made as such. That's my take on it anyway. BTW,here is Mr McKinley in that wicked Mk2 giving it plenty of beans:
  13. The Cobra transformation is complete(for now anyway) Meteor bits left are front uprights,rear arms and axle holders.
  14. So you lot struggle just as much. Oh well,just thought I'd ask.
  15. Build report on it here: http://rcracer.com/off-road-electric-artic...d-report-tlr-22 It certainly looks a very competent bit of kit at a very good price too. Mark
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