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  1. and what other models should I look for? what are the most interesting and are a "must have"?
  2. I tried the combination of Teu101bk, BZ motor and a 25 pinion on the DF03...and my Keen Hawk goes very fast...but sincerely I thought it could go really faster! And then, after 30 minutes the car was still warm...I should test it using another esc (actually I have an Acoms At5 and a Mantua model one). I will let you know the results!
  3. I have a Df-03 and I bought yesterday the Bz Super Stock Motor. ON my car I use a Teu101bk speedo...is it able to control this motor? I'm asking because I'm working on a Mini Cooper Montecarlo (m03) where I should use a RZ motor but always with the Teu101bk. I hope you can help me!
  4. ok thanks !!!!!!!!!!!! could you suggest me some models (vintage) I should look for? there will be another trade on sunday! Thank you guys!
  5. I bought for my bro a Mini Cooper Montecarlo, XB and it looked very nice, well done and with good decals. I had this opinion untill I had to buy a new body shell, with new decals and details because my brother distroyed it, smashing it into the wall. I admit that I didn't paint the shell because I am not good with colors and sprays, so I let this work to the owner of the hobby shop. Then I put the decals and I arranged the details like the fog-lamps and the "bumpers".... and there is no comparison between the two. The one I realized is much better than the XB one, with everything more precise and accurate! (the only negative aspect is the color, that on some parts was not properly given). Anyway, being sincere, is cheaper to buy a XB version than buying the kit and then the ESC, the transmitter, the receiver, and so on! In fact I prefered to buy a tt-01d in the XB pack... even considering that you can easily hit a drift car, wasting the shell! (and so happened with my Nissan Silvia). In my opinon, everything depends on the final use you want to do with your car, and how much you are good with paint and decals!
  6. Hi Ali! That's a good idea...but I'm talking about an old Hotshot, the first release! I know that there is a re-release, and I found it in Stellamodel store with a good price, but I'm trying to enter this fascinating world of vintage Tamiya models!!!! Now, the seller of this Hotshot asks me 100 (90 US dollars, about 75 pounds) but it is without transmitter.
  7. thanks for your reply! Unfortunately the new Hotshot hasn't arrived yet to Italy (my country)...anyway a NIB model of Tamiya here costs 200-250 Euros....very expensive! I wait for suggestions!
  8. Hi guys! Next week I'm going to buy in a fair trade a Hotshot, that I saw last month in another fair.. The car is without manual and box, but in good conditions. It's a hotshot 1, red and it seems that nothing is missing. I ask you: How much should I pay for it? (in Euros) Then...I hope to have some support from you if I need to restore it!
  9. thanks for the suggestion!!!!!! I think it will be great to see this little rocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  11. I bought a Super Stock RZ motor for a Mini Montecarlo (m-03). I noticed that on its box, there are suggestion for every type of chassis on which pinions to choose, but there isn't the m-03.... So guys, what do u suggest to me?????
  12. If I can suggest, don't buy a Baja King... in fact, I have got one but I decided to buy another car, a Keen Hawk (df-03) Yes, it's a little more expensive but here in Europe the difference between a tl-01b and a df-03 is just of 30 (I payed my new car 159 with shipping costs included) if you need, I can give you some URLs of nice on-line shops I hope to be useful
  13. Today I opened the box that came from Germany..... and this is what was inside!!!!!!!
  14. I would like to drive a 1:1 Baja King......maybe in the city centre!!!!! but here in Italy the laws are really strict.....
  15. Hi! my first and only car is an Innocenti Min De Tomaso !
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