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  1. Need a nose cone and sunroof to finish of my MB heapish runner, don't mind a few scrapes and old paint, must be cheap if poss, as I'm skint :-) Give me a message if you can help. Ta
  2. brayling


    Can anyone tell me if there are different rate springs available for Monster beetle stock shocks? Just refurbed some (well new oil) and they seem a little hard for my liking, or will it be a case of check the length and diameter and fine some that would fit. I'd like it to be a lot softer so it sits into turns etc.
  3. The bin man must have thought it was christmas
  4. No way, I think I'd have to dig a hole in the garden put her in it and build an RC shed on top, maybe name the shed after my late wife because that's all she would deserve, that's dia man. On a more serious note, I agree that if you are in love you interests should not conflict, my fiance is totally fine with all of my many hobbies, I still spend time with her and we share responsibilities, (kiddy winks, animals) She sounds like a control freak, has an idea of what she wants and is trying to mold him into it, which will breed contempt, leave quick I say before more dreadful things start happening.
  5. I can't see what it says.... tell me? looks to be wired in..... what am I looking for? Cheers
  6. I will look into a beach with camping facilities, will make some calls to sites see what I can find out. Petrol is a pain in the bum! When I got on the road it was 64p per ltr and that was only 11 years ago! maybe a beach in the mids some where? location ideas please......... I know there is an awesome beach in formby near southport with great dunes and all sand I think there is a camp site near buy will look into it, If we can get the numbers up it would be ace to do. If not will have to be a south west dooooo. There has to be loads of great locations all ideas welcome... LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  7. Low on funding so cheapness is always what I aim for, and if its that bum I can remove it. Its just looks cool and will be a nice bit of eye candy for my scorcher.
  8. Just an Idea at the moment for next summer, an RC version of R.T.T.S, would love to here ideas about location (Cornwall?), dates? basically a large beach gathering, run what you brung beach drag racing, some dune climbing etc, no stalls or entertainment, just a meet on the beach scorchers very welcome :-) but anything goes sort of thing. Maybe have a few naff home made trophies for best buggy, best vdub best truck etc, get some good photos What do you think?
  9. I know its junk......but it looks cool, and to have it fitted but not wired is a bit of a cop out, so I'm gonna fit it anyway for looks more than anything. Will solder it straight to the deans I think. If I can't get hold of a NOS decal it wont be fitted. Cheers for the reply man
  10. Looking for a wild willy NOS decal, give me a msg if you can help. Many thanks Tom
  11. I have just bought a capacitor for my ESC and believe you need to fit it to the battery wires? Can anyone suggest a decent wire splitter or way of doing this? would it be advisable to use a standard block type one like used in the home, then seal it? Or could I twist the wires together and solder them to the same deans plug? Think that might be a bit to much for the tiny plates. Any tips, ideas much appreciated. Thanks Tom
  12. I'd like a 2010 ss and have an original that I'm thinking of trading, its not fully complete but has a good original chassis radio box, shell, gear box, cage. I'm working on 2 ss's and would like the 2010 rear set up on one, so I'm asking for full trade, new for old if thats fare? the front end is MK2 gear box chassis and shell MK1 no wipers, blinkers or handles, the body has a few scrapes but no splits cracks or repairs (rare) windows are a little yellowed. No bumper (I sold it woops) One of the rear arms has a crack where the grub screw is, no torsion bar but have one if you desire. Wheels are a little worse for ware, but I won't need any in the trade. If your interested give me a message and want more info. My camera is broken but should have a new one buy next week for pics. I'm unsure if this is a possible trade but have posted anyway. I don't do shelfers so would be a shame to keep using the shell. And I know some of you peeps like to build up the old timers. I'd like to keep it and restore it but funding is an issue and I love running the SRB's. Thanks all.
  13. Cheers guys, just bought some squadron filler see how that goes. Cheers for the response
  14. Hey all. I need help on selecting the right filler to use on my scorcher shells something that wont soften the plastic. Thanks
  15. Brilliant thanks peeps, will look into futuba I think for my price range, need lots of bit for my scorchers so have to keep costs down Cheers again
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