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  1. Everything in the picture, some of the arms have dodgy threads and the UJ's might be past their best but everything else is fine for a runner. All the spur gears and the pinion are brand new. Digicon tires came from the USA with a superchamp, might be some sort of retro hop up? £40 posted (it's quite heavy) takes the lot. MK1 rr front suspension arms with the screws instead of the moulded lugs, unfortunately they've been modified BUT they come with a pair of BRAND NEW CRP fiber suspension arm extentions which allow you to run a longer travel shock shock on the front. I MAY even have the original packaging for them. Arms and the pair of extenders £15 posted. Brand new Porsche 959 drivers heads, unpainted and perfect for that retro or new build, any marks are just dust or dirt from storage £10 posted Brand new monster beetle rear body mounts. £7 posted. Brand new wheels, tamiya branded. £10 posted.
  2. Guys, it's been a few years since I've checked the forum, never mind actually looked at any of my cars. Unfortunately I no longer have the interest in rc cars that I used to, however my fairly decent collection is still with me, all over the place, but not sold. This RR ended up being fully built and has sat on my shelf for at least 3 years, I never did get round to actually driving it, but it's in once piece and will stay that way even if only as a display piece. I will try and get some pictures up today for anyone interested but it's a fairly boring standard rr with a battered and badly painted shell. I've got LOADS of spare parts which will end up in the for sale section soon, enough to build another srb, celica GRB, monsterbeetle ect.
  3. I'd be careful running those with 15 turn motors and an esc without neutral. The gearbox was easily shed by going from full throttle to reverse with the technigold!
  4. Moving (slowly) back to the original topic...it would HAVE to be 959/celica grb suspension arms, gear cases and battery clips! daz
  5. Difficult to find FROG parts? Don't ever try restoring a fox then! Ebay
  6. What was wrong with keeping the body original and in keeping with the condition of the rest of the chassis? daz
  7. dazaa

    Srb Bits Needed

    Hi Badboy did you manage to find anything? daz
  8. dazaa

    Srb Bits Needed

    THANKS! Any parts of a radio box, anything is better than the pile of melted and broken plastic i have. Front trailing arms, metal pins and steerings arms. SS front wheels Rear cage That rear A arm Also any random srb screws as I don't have any decent hex head ones left. Daz
  9. dazaa

    Srb Bits Needed

    Thanks badboy If I dropped afew pounds your way you wouldn't happen to have any other scrap srb bits that are only good for me lying around dazz
  10. I'm after the following to restore a wreck back to running condition, all for a sand scorcher unless other srb bits are the same. Decent used radio box, don't mind small holes but no massive chunks missing. Front body post Sand scorcher body One rear A arm, don't mind buying a pair, but one really dirty one would be good so it matches with the one I already have. Thats it for now, no doubt will be more to add. daz
  11. Still after a sand scorcher shell for the chassis I have coming in the post. Will, my collection currently stands at a 959,celica,rough rider,super champ, monster beetle,2 old nichimo pan cars, hpi sprint, schumacher sst sport,schumacher wildcat and a sand scorcher coming in the post. I also have enough parts to build another srb which will hopefully become a ford ranger to complete the set. daz
  12. Just clicked on the homepage for tc and it's coming up with a disney website. Any ideas whats happened?
  13. Ah nice to see he is still in the hobby. I hope he returns soon to share his knowlege of old pan car chassis! daz
  14. When I first got my used tl01 ford focus a few years back I beat the absolute badword out of it. I remember one time a large chunk of the shell fell off, and as usual I just got out the duck tape and taped up every crack! I really need to post a picture of that shell soon! Another time somehow one of the wheel nuts wasn't tightened up and at full throttle the front left side suspension just exploded throwing bits everywhere. I only lost the pin holding the wheel hex on. My dad still reminds me of that time "You didn't tighten up the tl01 wheel nuts" but I was clearly sabotaged, no way I forgot to tighten up the wheel nuts
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