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  1. Just had a first bash at round 7 with the TT02. Feels like most of the lap is spent at full lock! A tidy line is even more crucial than normal for good consistent laps. Great fun as ever.
  2. @jupitertwo I just clicked on your showroom link and saw the photo of the TS050 shell - awesome! I’m tempted by one of those. Is it finished now? Any photos? Any plans to run it on one of these courses?
  3. Had one more attempt last night but fell a lap short of my last runs. It was dark this time and only dusk last time - maybe the reduced visibility didn’t help, esp at the far end of the lap. I do like running with the lights though!
  4. Finally managed a couple of dry (and very cold!) runs with the TT-02. Went a bit further, but not massively further. I’ve been surprised a couple of times now that wet running, even if it feels super low traction, hasn’t been hugely slower than dry running (for me at least, and with 4WD). I guess the margins for getting a different result (ie an additional lap) are quite large. Not sure I’m going to be able to squeeze out an additional lap....maybe one more attempt if the weather holds!
  5. All three are TT-02 Type S (only one is mine!)
  6. I think toe out should help turn in, does the R allow that? I should’ve tried that for the last track. Here’s a pic of the Cavalier with its car park mates, Rydell’s Volvo and Soper’s BMW. We’ve installed light buckets for this winter - only been out once in the dark as a group, but it worked really well!
  7. Thanks! Parts changed from stock are the YR alloy steering rack, YR motor mount, the alloy propellor shaft / cups, and when the original tyres wore out I replaced them with 53433 (which are noticeably better). Didn’t really know what to look for re tyres, so just got some Tamiya ones that fitted the kit wheels from the Far East - but the Sorex option posted a page or two ago looks like better value (and a better tyre?) I’m just a bit loathe to fit racing disc wheels as I’m running a 90s BTCC shell, so it would look odd! (Cleland’s 94 Cavalier). I’m just down the road in Henley btw. Good find with that car park - great option for winter weather and darkness.
  8. Hmm - I sent a PM at the same time as my post, will try and resend now!
  9. I've only managed one wet run so far for 'week 6' - and it felt really tough round that 240 degree hairpin on a wet surface! Have submitted my lap count anyway, will attempt to find some dryer tarmac over the next 2 weeks.
  10. Yeah an F1 car would ideally need twigs and stones swept off the racing line. I use mine on a car park and generally don’t sweep it, but if there are any stones you soon know about it and want to kick them aside! A touring car would be a bit more forgiving, but then again an RWD F1 is just about the purest form of on-road machinery (in my limited experience), very different to a buggy - so it depends what you’re after really. I’ve not seen a racing truck so can’t help there I’m afraid.
  11. I used NiMH. Don’t let my post put you off - sure it’s more tricky than my TT02, but I have more fun driving it!
  12. Do it do it! I'll be running my F1 again alongside the TT-02, although I'll need the stars to align to get dry tarmac plus daylight plus a spare hour. Tried the F1 on damp tarmac yesterday - jeepers. Major traction issues! Didn't seem too bad with the 4WD touring car. Also thought it was interesting I was slower with the F1 than the touring car. Didn't have much traction even in the dry with the F104 kit rubber tyres, barely used any throttle for the twisty wk5 track. I'd be interested to see if others can get more of the potential out of the faster machine!
  13. My night photo on the previous page was a TT-02 Type S, tonight I gave the F104 Pro II a run out. Christ alive. Couldn’t be a more different driving experience! Took me quite a while to get subtle enough on the throttle to keep it pointing forwards a string of laps, let alone for 5 minutes. Ended up a being a few laps slower than the TT-02. Might try again another day, felt like there was still some learning curve to go. Great fun though - thanks @TurnipJF for setting this up!
  14. Another latecomer here...looks fun. I have space for 4 x 5 just out the front of my house, so will def give those size tracks a go. The larger layouts will require a drive. Tarmac, although it’s on a bit of an angle. Just done my first runs, night time Le Mans style! Used the RC Timing app for iOS (Laptrax looked like Android only?)
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