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  1. Mind blown by the insane 58 lap count! Congrats. I get the feeling that more power would hinder rather than help me... Good to see a tight TT02 Type S battle with @TurnipJF in similar machinery, but it's back to the drawing board for me for my F1 car. It's WAY off the pace! Suspect replacing the kit tyres would be a good start. Other than that, possibly trying different rake angles and diff settings.
  2. Well that didn’t go so well...looking like being the biggest lap time delta for my F1 vs TT02 so far. It’ll be interesting to see how @TurnipJF’s F1 lap count compares. Maybe I need to look at F1 setup a bit more, no clue what I’m doing really (and am running on effectively unswept road). Lack of rear traction on power is the main issue I think. Probably common for RWD (?), but this is ridiculous - feel like I’m tip toeing round!
  3. Car looks great! This has inspired me to try and get my F1 out for this round. I've not previously managed to beat the lap count of my TT02 though! (Frustratingly stuck on X laps in 5:01 with that btw - so close to the extra lap, but not sure I'm gonna be able to get there).
  4. I also need to take a wide entry to that far corner to line up the subsequent chicane. And my car rotates more under braking too. I’m a total beginner - but soft springs = more grip for me, and I think toe out helps with initial turn in (not toe in). I use slicks on tarmac too. The blocks on the left in your photo might not be helping your grip for the tight section? Looks like you’re missing a corner in your track layout too btw!
  5. Oh - and after c. 15 minutes of running, my torque tuned motor was well over 70 deg C (was still over 70 after I'd saved the lap times, walked into garage, got the body off etc). Air temp was 6 degrees and I barely reached full throttle, although was braking a fair bit. Is that kind of temperate to be expected even when just running kit motor / kit gearing? I do have a motor fan installed (which was turned off yesterday), which I initially thought was a bit ridiculous / overkill for my basic setup. But last summer it seemed to take the peak surface temperature of the motor can down from c. 80 deg to <40 deg, which seemed like a sensible thing to be doing.
  6. I just gave the new track a go. Really enjoyed it! It has quite a nice rhythm, finding a good line to open up the next corner feels more critical than some of the other tracks. I’ve made a couple of tweaks to the TT02 to try and improve turning circle & rotation for these tight lockdown circuits, think it’s helping a bit. Clocked two lap counts this evening - looking forward to another go!
  7. This would be awesome! What a thread, mind blown (about 4 pages back!)
  8. They're from here: https://www.rcdecals.co.uk/ The Cleland decals on the TT02 are from there as well actually - they've been good. Agree re the Pirelli decals too. I considered doing a Merc too, but bottled it! Then Lando did a few early season heroics last year, and I thought orange would be a nice eye catching colour (literally) for an RC car - so went for an approximation of the MCL35. Haven't added a halo yet...still undecided.
  9. Thought it would be nice to give the F104 a run out...but it started snowing halfway through the first run and traction quickly went from ‘minimal’ to ‘nil’! Throttle, brake, steering...choose one. It has a nice & tight turning circle vs my TT02, which seemed to help on this track - but the straights weren’t long enough for me to get any throttle down at all, so lap times were slower than my TT02 (even before the snow).
  10. I’m happy to go with this one! Having done a quick couple of runs however, I’m not sure if I’d call it ‘fast’ or ‘not too hard’! No real space to get speed up, and very little margin for error through the esses if you want a series of quick successive laps. I think it’s going to be a good track for improving the accuracy of my steering! I also liked the look of @jupitertwo’s V1 track, perhaps for when lockdown loosens sufficiently to allow access to larger areas for those that need it.
  11. Dry tarmac and sun today - feels rare of late! Couldn’t resist charging a battery and having a go. Wowzer the 1.25m gap is tight! Although at least only having a Torque Tuned motor isn’t going to be a handicap. Re the braking / tyre wear question - on this track I brake once per lap for the hairpin. Fair bit of traction going through the tyres on some other corners, esp the lone cone at the bottom of the track map above.
  12. Shall we go for that one then? I like the lack of any 270 deg hairpins! Just need to double check dimensions though to make sure we all understand - on @jupitertwo's grid diagram, I'm assuming that 2 'big boxes' = 1m, and that you wanted the track as it appears visually on the diagram? If so, the 3m label at the top and the 1m label bottom left should read 6m and 2m respectively? That would mean the track fits in an 8m x 4m box. If that's a little too large for the garden-based UK people (?), perhaps we could drag the far left cone back 2m (i.e. in line with the other two cones) to keep essentially the same layout, just within a 6m x 4m box? (Apols if I've got the wrong end of the stick with any of that!)
  13. Just catching up on the thread - are these the proposals for round 8? Any more designs to be offered up? Although I was joint top, the morale victory surely has to go to @jupitertwo for his run being on wet tarmac! It was also interesting that buggies seemed to do extra well last round, I’m not familiar with the Optima but was impressed it managed to dispatch your touring cars @jupitertwo!
  14. Just had a first bash at round 7 with the TT02. Feels like most of the lap is spent at full lock! A tidy line is even more crucial than normal for good consistent laps. Great fun as ever.
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