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  1. Just what I was after. I'll start looking, thanks dude!!!!!
  2. I'd like to see a few 'new' retro releases. How about the Escort Mexico for example? Or maybe the 6R4 Metro? New car design is not really fitting of the Tamiya 'golden era' IMHO. And considering the cost of some of the Original SRB's why don't they re-release them? I know the purist would say; its to preserve the value, but they could easily make them difeerent enough to ensure no confusion. I wonder whether Tamiya ever log-in to this forum, its gotta be the perfect free marketing tool for them!!!
  3. Hey guys, as per the titile, I wanna fit 14mm hex wheels in place of the current 12mm hex type. Surely someone must make an adaptor?? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Jedi.
  4. I've bought tons of stuff from them. I'm U.K. based and never had a problem with delivery!!!
  5. Thats good advice and I'll definately give it a go!!!
  6. I was once given an old typewriter whilst helping someone to clear out their loft. Turned out to be an Underwood' and worth quite a bit of money!!!
  7. I just use Autosol with a cotton cloth. Put loads on, rub like crazy and then buff to a high mirrir finish!!! It does make your fingers bleed with the small bits. but its so worth it!!! Or you could get the parts 'bead blasted', which is a much softer method than 'sand blasting'. But, thats if you can find somewhere to do it for you at a reasonable price!
  8. I was recently invited to become part of one, and until that point, knew nothing about them. But I have applied and been accepted into one and for me I feel glad to be part of a group who have a particular interest. I guess is about showing that you have a specific focus within TamiyaClub itself. (And I do feel proud to have my model listed next to those, which are truely exceptional!! )
  9. I'm not a true puristso voted for the SS boxart. I love the additional bling factor!!
  10. And spray lots of very thin coats to build up the colour. Like the clear spray trick, the first few coats will seal the tape and stop further coats from bleeding through. But lots of thin coats has always worked for me. And Tamiya masking tape has always been my favourite!!
  11. When I got back into RC's in my 30's I knew I had to have one. I've done 2 resto's and my latest has given me so much satisfaction. I did have a runner with a sport tuned motor sqeezed into it, but it was only fun to use on sand or really loose gravel. My shelf queen is a thing of beauty and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling every time I look at it! LOL!!! I guess for a lot of us, we want one because of what it represents or reminds us of; That feeling of being completely happy whilst running your RC as a kid. Most of us wanted one but couldn't afford it at the time (or our parents couldn't). If you can connect to it in some way that makes you feel good, then get one! But if not, then don't waste your money. If the Scorcher was/is part of a dream, then follow it, or look for another dream elsewhere!! (That was a bit deep! LOL!!)
  12. Wow, thats good to know! I use small strips of plasticard pushed into the hole with 'polyweld' and then screw into that. But polyweld too gives off real nasty fumes. Breath in even a small amount and you're in for a shock! It really is the worst fume I've experienced, but, when used with caution I find to be unbeatable in some circumstances!!
  13. I'm no expert, but I have one fitted to a runner and it does reduce roll-over damage if the car flips!! But there is always the risk that you could rip it out of its mounting of course! Thats the only benefit, other than how it looks, that I have experienced.
  14. I hate screwdrivers!!! Especially posi-drivers. I was trying to take a screw, that had stripped it threads, from a suspension wishbone. Part in left hand, screwdriver in right, I put some huge pressure on it and it slipped. The driver went through two of my fingers!!!! Like an idiot, the shock of it scared me and I immediately yanked it out. the pain was intolerable!!!! I learn all of my lessons the hard way.
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