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    Colin Mcrae Rip.

    Gutted, simply gutted! A absolute loss to the sport and those who knew him. A true legend!!
  2. I'm sure I speak for many, when I say that my thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. Too often we all get caught up in the daily moans-and -groans of our lives, but it's time like these that pull us back to what is really important: Family and Friends. You face tough times ahead, so lean of those that are close to you and be strong for your Mom. Best Regards!!
  3. Jedi Master

    Next Re Release

    Anything that handles as well as the Porsche 959!!! But, I'd really just love to see them bringing out cars with all-alloy parts! I know they'd be pricey, but you'd 'get what you pay for'.
  4. Jedi Master

    Tamiya Tr-15t

    I've just bought a beand new one, unused, for just over 100. Don't see many of them around but don't really know if I got a bargain or not.
  5. Jedi Master

    Community Car Has Been Delivered!

    As a newbie to the club, this story was great to read. Having recently completed my own resto SS, the club car sets a standard for us all to aim for. I agree with the other members that it would seem that Tamiya aren't fully understanding of what their product means to some of us. Or, it could just be that they have seen our level of enthusiasm all too often. Maybe we could start our own museum collection for 'newbies' to come and see?? Looking at the scope of interest in this country alone, I'm sure it would be a huge hit. And, in a way, I think we could do a better job of 'showcasing' the collection. Maybe thats a subject for another thread? Anyway, well done to all those who took part in the build and thanks for sharing the story with us.
  6. Is the guy insane? What makes that truck so valuable?? I'd also worry about the sellers feedback rating.
  7. Jedi Master

    Polishing Alloy Parts.

    Being a newbie myself I have asked the same question. a couple of options: 1. Rub like mad with autosol, using cotton wool buds on the small bits (My first resto SS made my fingers blead) 2. Have the parts 'bead' blasted. This is a softer method than sand blasting and with a very quick after polish with autosol, will leave a mirror finish. Hope that helps!
  8. Jedi Master

    Sand Tyres Unlimited

    Top motor! What technique did you use to get the rubber off in such a clean way?
  9. No problems at my end. I'm with BT broadband.
  10. Jedi Master

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Today I was woken up early by the postman, and was not best pleased, until I opened the package and found my new Sand scorcher runner had arrived. I'm in the process of restoring another and this new one comes with alloy front and rear cages and a fully polished front and rear end. I'll be swapping the two around as the runner will have a black alloy chassis and the Kamtec radio box as well as the newly installed Sport Tuned motor that I fitted yesterday. Once the switch-a-boutis complete, all I'll need to do is strip and repaint my original scorcher shell to have a beautifully restored shelf queen, yippee!!! Posty also delivered a set of super shiney alu rims for it too, lovely! And then, just as I'm about to shut the door he says; hang on mate, there's more! And he hands me my new porsche 959 runner. Take a look, it's got a mint condition bodyshell, painted black, with rothmans decals. Needless to say the body will be swapped for a basher!! Today is a good day!!!
  11. It happens the other way too. I've just bought some mint Fox wheels from the bay. The guy doesn't do paypal so it's a cheque. Trouble is I've emailed him numerous times asking him to let me know who to make the cheque out to. No response. On checking his feedback, which is over 99%, all seems well. Until I notice that I'm his first buyer in the last two years! I've sent no money so it's no loss at this point. But, needless to say, I'm nervous that he's going to post me with negative FB because I haven't paid. But he won't respond to my e-mails. What can you do?
  12. Jedi Master

    Srb Motors

    Followed this guide today and it worked a treat. Dead simple to follow guide and 10 mins with the dremel. Sorted!!!!
  13. Jedi Master

    Sand Tyres Unlimited

    Mr Pushrod, you're a star! That info is music to my ears. So, if I buy HPI 2.2 wheels they'll automatically come with the adaptors for my SS?
  14. Jedi Master

    Blazing Blazer Sold For $2750usd

    If you think that's expensive, check this one out: 180153002723. Its on the U.S. ebay currently for $3350 and still has 6 days to run!!! Some people clearly see having this model as a life or death issue!!! Although if I could afford it: One day maybe!!
  15. Jedi Master

    Sand Tyres Unlimited

    Thanks Dude, but I wanted something more like the Pro-line sand claw.
  16. Jedi Master

    Srb Ball Race?

    Much appreciated.
  17. Jedi Master

    Srb Ball Race?

    Hi all, I'm looking to 'ball race' my Sand Scorcher but, of all the bearings that I have, none seem to be the right size for the gearbox. Are they a specific size and if so, can anyone tell me where to get them? I'm about to dremel the gear case so that I can fit a 'hotter' can, but dare not do this whilst the brass bearings remain.
  18. Jedi Master

    Sand Tyres Unlimited

    Cool, can you send me some pics too?
  19. Jedi Master

    Sand Tyres Unlimited

    Possibly. Send me the pics and I'll have a look. Thanks.
  20. Jedi Master

    Sand Tyres Unlimited

    Have just found some, made by Pro-line ( but they fit a 2.2 wheel. Anyone know how to get a 2.2 wheel to fit the SRB's?
  21. Hi fellow TC members, Need your help and advice please. I have just secured the sale (yes, on ebay) of a brand new, and original, bodyshell for the Porsche 959. It even comes with the original Rothmans decals. Havin never painted one myself I am too scared to use this as my first go. Can anyone help me with info of who could do this for me and produce the best possible finish? It also has the original driver to install, but am still waiting to find out if it has the lights too. I am based 2mins from junction 11 of the M6 so the nearer the better. Thanks, Jedi.
  22. Jedi Master

    Sand Tyres Unlimited

    Can you sent me some pics? I'm looking for the oversize type, like the one's that Baja 5b's use? But obviously small enough to fit SRB wheels.
  23. Jedi Master

    Sand Tyres Unlimited

    Gutted!! For a split second there, you got my hopes up. I'm looking for some paddle tires for my SRB's but can't find them anywhere. Anyone else know where they can be sourced from??
  24. Jedi Master

    Proffessional Bodyshell Painter Needed!

    You're right, its gonna get painted. I've emailed Jon Miller with a special request (See reply to previous advice) I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to stick to box art. (I know that comment is gonna get some stick). I've asked Jon to look at producing something that depicts the box art but in a more artistic way, to include the rothmans decals. The way I see it, if I'm gonna have it painted its gonna be a completely unique shell, with plenty of 'wow' factor. To all the 'purists' out there, please forgive me!
  25. Jedi Master

    Proffessional Bodyshell Painter Needed!

    Top man, thanks for the info. I've e-mailed him with my request. His website has some wicked examples on it. Here's hoping he's happy to take it on.