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  1. If only it was more than 20 choices and it of course would be!
  2. 1. Tamiya Madbull suspension, front and back which has toughter springs on it so i can use it to jump without snapping the damper connections off like i have just done. The standard fit ones aren't too great! If you could post a link i would be most obliged! 2. A shop which sells custom decal sets to make my cars look a bit more unique! If there is such a thing of course. 3. How do i post my videos onto my subscribed account? i have tried uploading from my computer it didn't work. I have tried uploading it to photobucket and youtube but it says the format isn't supported! what do you do?
  3. so its a close one between the avante series and the hotshots then!
  4. bidding on a complete set battery, charger, all parts etc dark impact on the bay! 2 mins to go and im really biting my nails now!
  5. Its a shame it will only allow you to post 20 options really as i know people will want to choose other models which aren't on there!
  6. yeh i should have said, the car names are generalized like the avante etc as obviously some hold more than 1 model!
  7. As a new person to the Tamiya craze i have always wanted to know what people think is the best offroad model you can get, now and then so to speak! so i have created a poll to see what people think! If i have missed your favourite out then please add it to a new post!
  8. LOL didn't think of that! that was too easy haha! thanks for that it saves me needing new tyres for the moment!
  9. If anyone has any tamiya madbull wheels they are willing to sell or part with please let me know. MY Madbull came as an XB however they glued the tyres into the rims the wrong way around!! doofuses!
  10. That advert is awesome! short and sweet but still its awesome to see the hobby being exploited and shown off! Personally i think there should be a TV series showing what a cool obsession it is to have haha!!
  11. If only i had realised it was happening sooner then we could have re-arranged things, thing is i already know whats going to happen. The boyfriend has bought me an engagement ring and plans to propose to me that weekend, not sure which day and we have the kids on sunday otherwise his ex will get propper s**tty. Seriously though, if there are anymore coming up in the near future let me know and me and my man will make sure we can get to it. Would have been nice to have broken my new gravel hound in but nevermind!
  12. My boyfriend informs me that as thats my birthday weekend he has plans for us! Can't argue with that really! nevermind! there will always be another time!
  13. I know Pershore! there aren't at the moment i don't think, everyone is quite spread out in this area which makes it quite hard! Doesn't mean we can't organise one though, if there is enough interest.
  14. aww cheers for that, the boyfriend is at work at the mo but like i said earlier i will run it past him and see what he thinks about coming along! I was afraid you were going to say Yeovil was the nearest station but nevermind! If you can hitch us a lift from bath spa then it is def worth thinking about! Obviously we would give you some petrol money. Will let you know what he thinks and if we are def free that day.
  15. Somebody hates me, i get sent everything today i need to set my gravel hound up and running except the speed controller grrr! hope it arrives tommorrow! I am not a patient waiter at all.
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