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  1. aw that's just great.... that mean ill have to make it happen then. Coz my budget is done for this crawler.
  2. ok now im confused.... if anone knows how to build sliders using the traxxas parts, please let me know....
  3. thanx ryan, will try that. now please answer the question in my build thread on the sliders.!
  4. i used 4-40 threaded rod, it works but ill havta super glue the rod into the rod ends. RYAN: i got the final part for the sliders. TRaxxas 5453, now please tell me how i install this?
  5. The junfac Kit I would have bought from a guy in the states for $40, but he backed out. See im still on a budget, because I need to buy a new PC aswell. So ill have to make everything myself. Problem is: I fitted the steel rod reinforcement to my lower links last night and glued them in. But still everytime I press down on the car and stretch the suspension the threaded rod jumps out of the ball joint, normally the one on the axle's side. Any offers, coz iim getting fed up.
  6. thanx bill ill look into that. @Ryan: how did you mount those, have you got pics?
  7. where do i get posts like that? stright ones. i just cut myself to shreds using a drill bit, so please dont say, make them. BMT check my TLT a newby build thread here to see my crawler...
  8. Please someone tell me, or link me to HOW TO FIT my land rover shell on my Stock TLT chassis plates. I swear I will kill the car if I dont get help!
  9. GET one, only if you have a xmod etc. to make them drift. Youll drift alot better when you set up a 1/10 correctly. youll have more control than with this.
  10. sorry for the bad cell phone pics Pics as promised:
  11. Make it 4wd or if you have to then glue two rims together and fit tyres, nice and wide. OR look at HPI's supersize rims and tyres for 1/10 scale cars. they are HOT! Extending the chassis will be as simple as the other guy said. use some Alu tubing to keep the 4wd and extend by using metal boxwork or cut a chunk from a cheap chinese tl01 rip off and use threaded rod to stabalise the chassis. and attach the three parts. you giving me ideas for my tl01 now....
  12. Tamiya 58124 Super Hornet for sale: Currently Dissasembled in a bag. All parts in good condition except tub has been heat bent by previous owners battery. New tubs are still available from Towerhobbies. Body is in awesome condition. Original Wheels and tyres. Includes brand new original sticker set for model. Make me a offer? I dont know how much this is worth.
  13. Oh sorry man I misunderstood Well send me pics, im very interested. Can you tell me what it comes with? Any upgrades? Where can i get a new non scratched chassis for it?
  14. Im looking at their TLT diff locker. looks interesting.
  15. no no no the chassis is pristine, not missing one single part. NOT ONE! body is scratched as stated in the beginning of post. I just really want a nice f103 etc.
  16. where can i have a look at it and what exactly is "p.o.s"? some pics of the pajero since taking these I have rebuilt the chassis, relubing with tamiya lube, replaced all parts which were worn and cracked (there was any actually) and replaced the front body holder thingy, so you get some spares with it aswell.
  17. I want to swop my Pajero Metal Top Wide, complete. I restored the chassis. Body is complete, no mirrors but spare and spotligth still perfect. Body is scratched from a few rolls from the previous owner, but nothing that cant be fixed. Original Wheels and tyres fitted. I want to swop for a Tamiya F1 style car. F201? F103? F102? of the same value. Anyone interested? Im in south africa, so ill pay for shipping from my side and the swappee will do the same from theirs?
  18. Alright, yes i know it another post, but i just got to upload some pics. WOOOHOOOO shes starting to come together. Update: THe metal rod which will be used to brace my lower links were cut into 3cm sections and they are going to a friend today to get drilled out so the Threaded rod will go through it. Will keep you up to date Got body on friday (as a bday present) and started spraying on saturday. Took my time with light coats and i think the colour came spot on! Used Tamiya paints: Translucent Silver Gunmetal Black Sprayed 2 light coats of silver first then covered using gunmetal 2-3 coats. then backed using black 1 coat Used carpet knife (forgot my blades at home) and cut the protective film around the arches and front bumper and rollcage. Sprayed black on outside of body so give Mat effect. Hope you like (actually i dont care, coz i like) Keep in mind, body not mounted yet, because I dont know how to...
  19. i will PM trinset. thanx man. you see Ryan told me to get these yet HE AINT RESPONDING!!!!!!!!
  20. aha now i realize why we got error in communication: ok TLT axles, steel yolkes and sliders already fitted to the axles side. I need to connect the other yokes to the diff/gearbox in the centre, outdrives ae the dogbone cups which come out of the ball diff in the centre (gearbox)
  21. sorry dude no idea of dimentions, but buy a Xmods bearing kit with some friends to cover the costs and itll be well worth it, search google for a tutorial on this, it might say the sizes. also on a tt01, the steering likes to bind in stock form. so when you install the stock steering make sure there is a washer or two between the tub and the steeing arms.
  22. thanx for the pic dready, but i kind figured that... what i wanna know is how do i fit it to the diff. the diff has those ourdrives... how does that traxxas thingy fit on there?
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