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  1. Cheers mate, I'll get it back to stock and see how it goes. Thanks for the info. KingPin
  2. Hi all, ive just been lightly upgrading my Emaxx (3906) with new motors and 2.4 reciever and was wondering what pinion/spur might be the better option. Wanted to have a break from my brushless/lipo stuff and just relax a bit with something a bit simpler. I know the 3906 is the old model, but I put in 2 new LRP Big Block Motors and 2.4 reciever and even on Nimh the old girl nips about fine. At present, it has 22t pinion/ 64 spur which was fitted when I bought it (2nd hand). In a box of spares I also have 18t pinions and 66 spur, so i was wondering what might be best for general mucking about on grass/car parks etc..... Not really dabbled with monster trucks since my clod! Many thanks KingPin
  3. Hmmm, not sure. Don't really want to take a photo of every pair of wheels so thought it would be easier to click the link. Strange..... KingPin
  4. Still for sale, could do with shifting these to fund my 1/8.... Cheers KingPin
  5. Hi, click my "tamiyaclub showroom banner" then click on trades....simples Cheers KingPin Bump, £40 posted?.... Cheers
  6. Anybody? There is 28 pairs of wheels in total, got to be a bargain surely? Cheers KingPin
  7. Hi, as the ad says really. I'm after £50 posted for everything in my traderoom (please click the banner below). Really need to shift them as they will never be used by me. There is multiple pairs of most wheels. Some rare/uncommon stuff here judging by the part numbers etc.... UK only please, PayPal only. Cheers KingPin
  8. KingPin


    Hi, I have this for sale as I no longer require it and it seems a shame to keep hold of it.It's mint as its never been used.... This is from a Tamiya FJ40 Landcruiser CC01 kit but I changed the chassis wheelbase and fitted a Jeep Wrangler shell. It is cut out/masked well, and painted Tamiya PS-4 inside with Matt Black outside on the roof/rear section to simulate a canvas roof. I painted the body accessories in the same matt black but forgot to prime the wing mirrors so it's flaking off (see pics) it's a quick fix though! It includes the grill, lights, mirrors and a complete L sprue for fitting leds (not included.) Also included is a near complete decal sheet, I only used a few of the sponsors. The only minor things are I drilled the rear body post holes a little bit bigger but once fitted with body clips you can't even notice. I'm after £30 plus postage. Payment via PayPal please, Regards KingPin Sold, KingPin
  9. Hi mate, I have a New Built Chrome WW2 for sale, sadly it doesn't come with Willy but it's 100% perfect condition. I'm after £100 posted... Click my showroom link for the pics.... Cheers KingPin
  10. Last bump of the year 2013... Cheers KingPin
  11. Looking good so far mate, although you might want to be careful where you apply grease. Greasing the standard plastic bushings are one thing, but the metal "ball race" bearings don't need grease, just a little light oil from time to time. Grease, when used in exposed areas will attract grit and dirt and hey presto.....instant grinding paste, which will wear parts prematurely, leave the grease in the gearboxs where it belongs! You could always fit a small o-ring in the cup of the out drive to prevent wear. Just a little bit of advice... Welcome to the club! KingPin
  12. Bump, still for sale..... Kind regards KingPin
  13. Hi mate, I'm up for a trade, what you offering up? (PM me please) Cheers Kingpin
  14. Hi all, I'm looking to sell my Wild Willy (In my showroom) as I can't see me ever using it.Its in mint condition, as it's only ever been built then partly disassembled back into the box. Sadly, Willy isn't included, I sold him separately and my Stig figure is for keeps. No marks anywhere, and the wheels and tyres are still nice and fresh. It's new built with the steering wheel/winch/headlights/gear stick painted but the seat and spare tyre/fuel can are left shiny shiny. It only has the plastic bearings fitted, but does come with the kit motor and steering servo,and sealed MSC bag, also the narrow bumper is included. (Wide fitted). Also includes kit box, manual and the rest of the decals (only fitted the spare wheel decal). I'm after £80 including postage, or maybe a trade? I can do paypal or postal order. cheers KingPin
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