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  1. madaz75

    I Need A Wee!

    Just make sure you have a good firm grasp of the Wii-Mote and Nunchuck.. Or we'll all be reading about it on: A site that's keeping a tally of the Wii-motes that have met with and unfortunate and untimely end when the wrist strap breaks
  2. madaz75

    Mazda 787b Q

    I always guess they were tie down tabs, for looping a rubber band over to hold down a tub cover for driving in wet weather. But the planned 'Wet weather cover' was never released.
  3. madaz75

    Deans Connectors - Is It Just Me?

    Trick I found with Deans connectors.. Is to grab them by the long sides... and Pull them in a Straight line. If you twist, or pull on an angle you'll have grief
  4. madaz75

    Place Your Bets

    With my empty 6 pack and half eaten burger.. I've got a lot at stake here.. I at least expect to see video of this 'battle' And photos of the Cossie would be nice too
  5. madaz75

    Place Your Bets

    I have an Empty 6 pack of Heineken and a half eaten McDonalds Quarter Pounder Put me down for the Cossie.
  6. madaz75

    How About This For A Collection?

    You mean his car had a little 1:10 scale dude hanging out the window with a piece of chain to smash the windscreen?!?!?! Where do I buy that 'Hop Up'?
  7. madaz75

    Scania R470 In Chroom

    Bling!! Not really a 'Big Rig' fan.. But that looks fantastic.. Start the chant now. Chrome, Chrome, Chrome, Chrome
  8. madaz75

    How About This For A Collection?

    I don't know about that Ryan.. Those Asian types know Kung-Foo. [J/K]
  9. madaz75

    Random Youtube Thread

    You can "Save" youtube videos you know.. Every now and then 'Tube will purge out all the old videos.. is a good way of saving them before the get deleted
  10. madaz75

    How About This For A Collection?

    I'd need to buy a new house to store all the cars.. Let alone all the trophies!!!! Goes to show the guy has more talent in his big toe than I'd have in my whole self
  11. My rule for roundabouts is: "If in Doubt.. Power Out" The other car has brakes, and will most usually attempt to avoid the collision. So I keep going, making them give way to me. (Note: This applies if your on the roundabout and want to get off)
  12. Now that I didn't know.. but then again.. I'm Australian I guess same applies here, if there's any Australian-ism that you need clarification on. Ask away, and no doubt one of TC's residents Aussies (Myself Included) will answer you. (Accuracy of the answer not guaranteed due to the Aussie possibly "Having a Lend of you")
  13. madaz75

    Max Mosley Scandal

    Yeah.. Just don't get caught
  14. madaz75

    Guess What Car It Is

    Winner.. Your go Adam
  15. madaz75

    Guess What Car It Is

    That may be so.. But I'd still like to have one as a Track car Ok Gang.. What's this one?