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  1. Thanks for the reply back.
  2. Thanks Please report how they perform. I just added a set of oil shocks all round on my Grasshopper from my bits & pieces. Did these come from RC Mart???
  3. I agree mighty expensive. BUT these bolt straight up. I think YOU-G did some but they are vintage and will be even more expensive. My question is are they any good? Are the spring rates suited for li po ?? I will get a set at some point.
  4. Aaargh SORRY i thought it was DT03 not DF03. I need my glasses. My Fault!!!
  5. No they will be too short. With the re re Hi Caps they are the same shocks front & Rear with some limiters in the front on the inside of the shafts to reduce travel. Rear are aprox 100mm and front are 95mm aprox. Get 2 sets of them use the rears all round with some limiters up the front and use the left over ones on a ORV chassis or something else is my advice. I was lucky and got 4 sets of Re re Hi caps from RC Mart before they sold out but still weren't cheap i thought !!!!
  6. From what I can remember they take standard Tamiya bearings.
  7. I have one by Wasp i think. well made but bar was too stiff...
  8. Is the buggy off the ground on the shelf so no weight is on the arms?? All my cars sit on spray paint can lids!!!
  9. Ok guys I have bought a nice Ford Sierra Cosworth body set and a new touring car Chassis. To complete this project I would like a Turbo sound Module . I have seen some listed on E bay with 10 different engine sounds but dont list the sounds. Anyone bought one with a Turbo sound in it? Any help would much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Just a quick Math check and that is aprox 30min a hit. Way too long no matter what motor. Its 4wd so its even harder on the motors with the drive train lag and added grip of a 4wd. Try running it for 10 min at a time and it should hold together just fine with a cool down between runs The heat will kill any motor . ( Brushes and comm will glaze up, or winding's will short out or brushes will drop off or brush springs will get really soft. Maybe ALL of those RIP death sentences at once) I run my brushless and brushed cars to a heat value not a min value. Some times 10 min or 5 min depending on weather, Track, Car type and how much performance I'm chasing out of it.... Just my Thoughts!!!!!!!
  11. Im lucky enough to have a NIB which i built. Quite rare indeed...
  12. Interesting Topic. I do recall the News Bulletin Add in Car Action stating that the Thunder Shot TQ,d and filled the top 3 spots in a American race. The Thunder Shot was also the first Tamiya to feature Nylon components such as Arms and front bumper. Had no bump steer and fewer drive line parts to the Hot Shot platform. A very capable racer it was and still is in vintage. They should have dropped the word "SHOT" as it is nothing like a Shot and shared no components in my opinion.
  13. Ummm Cant recall mine like that. Are the belt fences the right way round? The pulleys the right way around? Just a guessing here.......
  14. Mine went together quite well. This is a pure racing machine from the 80's and just like the RC10. Yokomo & PB these kits needed a lot of hand finishing and fine adjustments during the build. Having said that the CAT RE re is a lot easier to build with today's tools and Schumacher's excellent fit. Just very different in it's design in some area's which is what made it a world class racing machine . The right screwdriver for the pozi screws is a must I feel. The soldering of the ball joints on the sway bar was super easy. The material used took to the solder very easy . I just scratched the surfaces to be soldered with a X Acto blade..
  15. Plenty of ideas and variations on the Tamiya club. Did you do a search before posting?
  16. I say it's more to do with cost factor. Back in the day everything was very expensive to produce. So to produce a ball without threads for a grub screw would have been cheaper to do. I recently added a front roll bar to my Gold pan and the genuine AE roll bar set was the same had to solder the ball end on and bend the bar to the template provided. Well that's I think.
  17. Looks like a oversight of Schumacher. The battery clamps look like they are the exact dimensions from back in 86 which were 1200mah cells which are a lot thinner batteries in the day.
  18. Just got confirmation 10 putty cats have been dispatched to Boondal . Early next week.
  19. You can put a little machine screw like what's in the original 3 piece wheels near the pull tab I think . You need to drill the hole in the chassis and cover . A bit of a pain but it works.
  20. We are so lucky with 2.4g radio. The antenna length are 1/10th of the original x tall based radios . I remember some kits back in the day came with a antenna bobbin to wrap up the excess length . I thought I would be smart back then and trimmed my antenna down to find out I had no radio range as the antenna is a tuned length for the frequency . I try to use a antenna tube still and keep the antenna wire away from power and motor wires as that's the most electrical noise even though 2.4G operate way higher then the noise generated hence why we don't need motor capacitors now. Still just me as it will always help in range but antenna tubes are harder to find now!!!
  21. My Re re frog was starting click away a little and was just about to investigate this Frogshot mod till a remembered some guy told me a few yrs ago that he just gets a large pair of adj multigrips and gently squeeze the side plates in a little. I did it near the drive cups and a little just under the spur gear shaft. Did the fix and no more slipping for now and took 1 min. No doubt the plates will spread apart again but was a quick fix . Untimely the Frogshot mod will be a permeant fix but this was quick. As for bigger tyred ORV's this may not work due to the extra stress placed on the drive train.
  22. Not sure what size bearings they are as I just knock old bearings out of older mod motors that are in my grave yard.
  23. Cheesy alloy pinions in all kits. They turn to razor blade teeth in no time destroying your spur gear with it.
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