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    I mostly collect vintage rc but i also have some modern cars and trucks as well. I like it all. lol
  1. Here is a updated photo of my tuber project. I added some new fox wheels and tires to it and installed the electrics. It's been sitting for some time now and i finally decided to finish it. Just need to find some decal for the lights. I really like the gold wheels with this color.
  2. This is a cc-01 bronco i am building for my son so that we can have a couple of scale rigs. I found this to be a fun and easy kit to build. I am now looking for a roof rack, lights, and some scale accessories to finish it out. I notice after taking this pic i didn't have the body matched up with the front bumper (gap) but it is fixed now. The wheels are from losi and tires are from a high lift. Any info on where to get a rack and light set for a reasonable price lmk. thx.
  3. I am undecided as of yet. The first thing i will do is sell these extra parts that came with it to regain some of my money.
  4. Well i just got my first craigslist deal tonight. I got a nib super blackfoot with some additional parts. A complete light set, roll bar lights, grill lights, turn signals, and stop lights. Also to sets of thorp hubs. The kit also has a new set of chrome wheels. If anyone has any information on the light sets it will be appreciated. I got all this for $70.
  5. Here is a updated pic with my sticker set added. These are repro's i bought off ebay from the uk. Very pleased with them. Also added a pic of my cluttered work bench. lol
  6. I used a propane torch and some safety silv solder. I guess you would call it brazing.
  7. Here is a little project i have been working on lately. I was inspired by a couple of these on this site. I have never welded before or attempted anything like this to date so it was a challenge to do but yet rewarding and fun. I still need to fit the electronics and give it a test run. I built this for my son and plan to make one for myself sometime this fall.
  8. Hello. I have a new radio box to install on my scorcher project. I do not have the screws or cam locks yet so can someone tell me what screw bags they are in. Remakes would be fine. thx r
  9. This is a shelfer. I still have a few things to add to it. I also have a new built jrxt that i will be painting soon to match. I like the oldies best.
  10. Here are a couple pics of my losi jrx2 project. This car is in great shape. I have been lucky to find the parts i needed for it along the way. wheels , tires etc.. I am in real need of a decal sheet and would even settle for a repro set if anyone has some. thx
  11. Hello. i am looking for some jrx2 rear orange spoke wheels. i have a new set of fronts and am looking for a nice set of the rears. thx
  12. Hello. I am looking gor some blackfoot j parts. new or used . one of my shock mounts has broken and i need to replace. thx
  13. I am getting ready to restore a losi jrx2 buggy and i was wanting to know if the rc10 wheels will also fit on a losi? Also if anyone has some wheels they would like to get rid of lmk.
  14. Here are a few pics of my current scorcher project. I have been working on the car for a long time. I was intimidated by painting the body but i am very pleased with the results. This car is not all original. It has a blitzer body with a monster nose, a awesome alloys chassis, and some new buggy champ parts to round it out due to the cheap prices compared to original. Anyhow here are some pics. scorcher 1 scorcher 2 scorcher 3 scorcher 4
  15. Here is my new built kyosho shadow. I just painted this last week and thought i would share a few pics. I also have a nib period kyosho radio to go with it. I am missing the manual and am looking for someone who can make me a photocopy of it. If u can help me plz shoot me an email. thx. Here a cpl pics.http:// [img
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