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  1. they dont work? thats funny cos i run about 6 sites now with ebay and am making a nice income. i dont have a 9-5 job and internet pays me. these sites i have convert and convert well. why would i stop now?
  2. excellent. thanks for that. much appreciated.. im going to have a looksie and see what i can do haha should be interesting
  3. hi all. i just got my hands on a lunchbox which i plan to do up as much as possible. ok so where do i start? what items are available to upgrade etc etc will be posting pics soon once i built it and done the bodywork. am planning on doing the a team paintwork hehe dan
  4. hi all. just joined this place. im a big fan of tamiya stuff, and have been ever since i got my first car.. the hornet backk when it was first released. sadly i no longer have it. but i have just recently got myself a lunchbox which i plan to do up as much as possible.. will be reading around this board as it seems theres alot of info here. dan
  5. hi all. just joined and seen this section, so i thought id post me link lol its a site i been working on for few weeks now and its basically finished. just doing the final tweaks. http://www.tamiya-kits.com what do u think guys? dan
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