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  1. Keen on seeing this.How hard will a new chassis be to get?
  2. Hi that's pretty cool, what brand of dye did you use as it's something I've wanted to do with the stock wheels as I never used them.
  3. Still a massively underrated chassis and dirt cheap to get into. I've got Holiday buggy and a Super Fighter GR and with simple mods like bearings and oil filled shocks they are a good all rounder. The holiday buggy is still my favorite style although I keep getting tempted to convert the GR into either another HB or a Lexan shelled model such as a Sand Viper.
  4. Always assumed it was a trucker tranny joke that my young mind wouldn't get. Now i'm older I still don't. Vajra just makes me snigger and I always hated Clod buster for some reason.
  5. ah gotcha. Can't help then, my ebay powers aren't that strong. GL finding them.
  6. watching this as i have an unused hornet with a trashed shell.
  7. Hi guys just to update, I bought a cheap HPi 35t motor off of ebay and used a 17t Tamiya pinion in the Holiday buggy, it runs smoothy & has a very linear power delivery that's perfect for someone who's new to RC. Motor choice came down to cost (<£10 delivered), as it's one of several projects/builds. I'm saving the Tamiya Torque tuned motor for something more special. I haven't tested running time yet but just from messing around it looks like a very nice combination and well suited to a HB. Cheers all.
  8. Do you mean these? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-54338-2WD-Off-Road-Dish-Front-Wheels-Black-60-19-DT02-TRF201-DN01-NIP-/291216907693?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item43cde15dad http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-54339-RC-2WD-Off-Road-Dish-Wheels-Rear-Black-60-29-DT02-/400614123770?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item5d467668fa Plenty of genuine Tamiya buggy wheels on English ebay, you may have to ask the sellers to ship and sort that bit out. I got a set of these in grey to have on either the HB or Super Fighter GR and they look nice.
  9. Black dish wheels for the DT-02 are still available and cheap, I just ordered the grey ones off a sand viper as they look good on my bronze GR. I'm liking that violet Super fighter though I think they look a lot better out in the wild than in any press pictures or drawings.
  10. Thanks, there were a few similar styles in the thread I like the ones on this car as they just look right. Hi Max, I had a quick look on ebay for you and didn't spot the ones from the HB red kit. Some people on here dye them but you'd need to look into it/ask. Other option may be to buy a HB red kit and then sell what you don't want as the kits are available cheaply. I've been tempted by a cheap Violet Fighter myself as I have the SF GR that shipped with 2 body shells (white and silver) and it's a good fun model like everything else on the Dt-02 chassis.
  11. Are those wheels Carsons? Does anyone know where in the UK you can get them from at the moment as i'd love spares for my HB to keep the Tamiya ones tidy. Also it looks great with that beetle shell on it.
  12. That looks so cool. You need pics of them running side by side on a trail now!
  13. Just bought a new LB!

  14. Hi guys thanks for the replies. SteveU30, Lipo and brushless are being saved for faster and better models so I'm keen to make this spare HB nice for her to run around in instead of me boring her to death whilst adjusting my Cr01.(which has a 55t Axial orange can in it.) I just got a DT-03 kit which came with one of these new brushless ready ESCs by Tamiya so I will fit that to something else in the fleet and I saw another thread on here about compatible brushless + sensored motors that will work with it. Backlash, RC4wd have a 35turn for a good price and it sounds like that would be economic without being too slow and is worth a shot at that price as I'm aiming for around a 30 minute run time which fits in with what Percymon was saying. Cheers
  15. Hi guys After some advice. I have a spare re-re Holiday Buggy that I want to put a 540 into for the Mrs, if I wanted the best running time with a 540 motor what sort of turns should I be looking at? If i was to buy something new and cheap (<£10) like a Saturn motor, would going over 30 turns increase the battery life a lot over a stock silver can? Top speed isn't an issue here provided it goes faster than I walk but I also know the HB shell isn't light. The battery is a new 3300mah, buggy has metal bearings. So 540 options: Stock Mabuchi Silver can, (27 turns?) Tamiya Torque Tuned (25 turns?) Or buy something cheap off the bay that is 30t + [Mods please feel free to boot over to the RE-RE forum if you feel this is too specific to the HB]
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