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  1. How do you guys restore lexen shells. Seen some really nice ones on the site and wondered how you get such good results. Especially removing the old paint, I heard you can use nitro fuel to remove the old paint. I tried this once and although it worked it left the shell a milky colour and I wasnt sure if this would show through when I applied new paint? Ive also been told to just paint over the top, but this to me defeats the object of a lexen shall so cant be that hard wearing if your going to run the car.,
  2. For the purposes of anyone important who may be watching, i.e Mr Tamiya. Please please Please will you re release the Ford ranger. If you were to do this I would be a good boy for ever more and I solomly promis that for the first time ever I will buy two kits! Its my favourite favourite and I would really like to have it again. I know that other people on the forum say it it not their favourite but the vast majority of those people are lying, and the few others are in denial so it makes sence to do this and make a little boy happy. Thankyou sir Richard Thorley age 6years (that last bit may not be quite true but dont tell anyone)
  3. anyone know of any other tyres to fit the Porsche 959/Celica Grb? they seem to be a size in between 1/10 and M series. Preferable something for rally use like the originals in some way, but they seem to be so expensive and hard to find in not hardened and cracked condition.
  4. Think the title explains it, I have a 959 chassis which I am collecting bits for a new project with a different body. I have the wheels for it but they dont fit. I didnt realise that the hex fitting on the 959 is smaller than 1/10. Anyone have any ideas how to fit standard size wheels onto this chassis. Thanks in advance Richard
  5. Anyone know if there has been any word on this as a re-re, would really hope they do as out of all the SRB's this was my favourite, do we think they will do it now we have had the Scorcher and Buggy Champ
  6. I think the topic says it all, I know this has been covered so many times but its nice re-visit it and find out peoples view and wants. So open to you guys is there any news or educated guesses or wild ideas of what Tamiya might do for us next
  7. I think these cup racer cars are some of the best most detailed cars out there. I think they are realy showing Tamiya the way to go at the moment. Ive just ordered the Cup Racer Porsche 911 Carrera body set, its just one of the most beautiful cars on the RC scene at the moment. I just wish either they would bring out a more go anywhere rally orientated chassis like the DF03ra or Tamiya would catch up with their bodies. Sorry Tamiya, you will always be number one for me but even Mr Tamiya must admit they are good. I think their choice of classic cars is also a breath of fresh air, the BMW 2002 will be another one I have to get.
  8. I bought a Spektrum dx6i which on the whole i thought was good. This is a model designed for aircrft really with 6 channels but I found that it was not compatible with the tamiya speed controllers that come with their kits so it proved expensive when I had to buy a new controllers with every kit I owned. Has any one had experience of the Acoms pistol grol 2.4ghz unit. Ive seen them on the bay, I know their quite a cheap solution but are they any good.
  9. Its a shame you had a raw deal from them sound like they have an automated process which is not so good. I have to say they have always been great with me but I have not had the change of address issued to deal with. Id still be inclined to deal with them as of all the people I have dealt with they have been one of the best.
  10. Ive just had my 2010 Scorcher out for a blast with the 3Racing GB-01 dampers that I spoke about. What a blast!, only had it on tarmac and the grass lawn but its great. The dampers work a treat even when jumping it off the kerb! shame I cant get the dampers again but I have also found some other dampers on ebay so I may give them a try.
  11. The 3 Racing schock for the Tantech cars are a really good fit! and because they are a very slim diameter they look the part too. The standard springs are way too soft though, they really do barely hold the cars own weight. I think Dante77 was the first to find this solution and he advised me to go with new springs for Kyosho Tomahawk (Im sure thats the one ) I got these from Team CRP for about $7 and they do work. Ive not run the car yet in anger but they seem to be the ticket. The only problem is now I want a second set of these shocks for my Buggy Champ and cant get any anywhere. I ordered a set off ebay only to have the seller return my payment saying he could not supply as they had been recalled? If anyone knows where you can get them please let me know
  12. Just curious what coil over shocks people have used or will be using on SRB's or the new Buggy Champs/Sand Scorchers. I got some 3 Racing shocks for GB 06 chassis which are a great fit but I cant get a another set. They seem to be good but now I cant get a second set. Im told they were recalled? Ive also heard that 3 racing stuff is not so got. Im wanting another set of bolt straight on shocks for my buggy champ now to run on. Any ideas.
  13. what is the is the difference between the various M series chassis? I now some are front and some rear wheel drive but what are the other basic differences. Im guessing wheel base is one of them. Reason I ask is I am looking to use the HPI cup racer porsche 911 RS body on an M series chassis, but I am not sure which is the one I need. Im wanting a a more durable chassis and one with a little more ground clearence for better general running than the Cup Racer chassis which seems to be more of a purpose built racing chassis. Also anyone know if the Porsche 959/Celica Grb chassis is the same wheel base as the Cup Racer RS? Another idea I have is a replica of the Rothmans Dakar 911.
  14. I know SRB Bloke didnt want to consider new shocks but for my Sand Scorcher Re-Re I got some 3 racing coil over shocks that were meant for the GB-01 chassis. I think thats the Tamtec gear cars. The shocks are almost a perfect size and look rearly good, they are very slim so dont look out of proportion. The only snag is the fron springs are way too soft so need some harder ones. tried to order another set for my Buggy Champ though and they have apparently been recalled and i cant get them now. Anyone know about this? shame because they are about the best I have had on an SRB. Oh by the way, my Buggy Champ standard dampers did leak, thats what prompted me to look elsewhere.
  15. Ive just recieved my Scorcher today and am abosutly over the moon. Came in from Dinball and have to say what fabulous service, the car is just as I had hoped. It is all perfect condition and swift postage. Cant recommend him enough. Plus no customs charges. I got two more kits Im wanting now to keep me happy for a while, the Tyrrell P34 1976 F1 car and the DF03 Celica. Wounder if he does discount
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