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  1. Hi Guy's Great to see some more WW fans coming on board. These are great cars. To answer a few of your questions from my experience: If the old radio gear all works, then use it. To me it's abut the vintage side of it which also includes the radio gear. Personal opinion I guess. Brake fluid usually takes the paint off the best. Screw bags C & D are usually the hardest to find. Post up what the screws are that you need and someone may be able to send you some. Pretty much all of the kits had Phillips head screws not flat head. i've noticed that quite a few bodies I've got from the UK have had flat head screws on them.
  2. Thought that title might get you in!!!!! Does anyone know of any alloy wheels made for the Wild Willy? Does anyone have any alloy wheels for a Wild Willy and could you post photo's if you have.
  3. James (solfitjr37) emailed me and filled me in on his encounter and I'm sure he won't mind if I paste part of his reply. "that idiot must have searched Jerry cans, mine came up with all the other real ones and not looking at the category thought all his Christmas's had come at once bought it, I posted it within hours then he realised what he had done and raised the dispute and gave me negative feedback before he had even received the item, eBay made the situation worse by ruling against me, removing my comments and giving him a full refund still not giving a reasonable amount of time for the item to even arrive." He's still a bit bitter about it as he ended up with bad feedback which wasn't his fault.
  4. I can see Stuart (Swarm) reading this thread tonight and having a good laugh. And deservedly so. Well done! I'm sure there's been other questions asked regarding ebay listings. Lets hear a few. You must have some stories, loaded.
  5. You bast#$@d Certainly had me there. You must have finished building your shed if you've got time to play jokes on your mates. Makes for a good laugh.
  6. Look to be absolutely honest they will fit on any car you like. The only problem is they will be squashed underneath it. They aren't really road legal as the don't have a speed rating. Imagine if they did fit. The car would be reving to the moon and the wheels would be turning really quick......and you would be going soooo slooooooowwwwwww
  7. I put some Wild Willy 1 tyres and wheels on ebay in the Toys & models category under remote control as I always do. I described them like this: Up for auction is a set of barely used Tamiya Wild Willy or Blazing Blazer tyres mounted on a good set of Wild Willy rims. The tyres are used, however they are in excellent condition with only very minor cracks that are barely noticeable. The rims are still very white and hardly have a mark on them. Comes complete with sponge and plastic inners. This tyre/wheel set would look good on a shelf queen. What you see is what you get. I will post international with actual costs calculated at end of auction. Last night I received two emails from an Aussie: Do those wheels come with a wheel brace and a spare wheel? I do a lot of travelling around Australia and I would not like to be caught without a spare .I can’t see the Valves on the tyres are they painted white like the rims. Hi again sorry I have another question .Those tyres you are selling I have never heard of that brand is there any other markings like Pirelli or Goodyear, Bridgestone? They look like they have plenty of tread left on them would they fit those other rims you are selling .And what are the other rims Sunraisers or some other brand ? Thankyou for your time. I nearly responded straight away with the first comments that came to mind but I decided that would probably break a few ebay rules re communication, so I advised him of the fact that they were for remote control toys. In the past I have advertised WW1 nitrous bottles and I’ve been asked how much do they hold. And speaking with James (solfitjr37) and he told me he sold and posted a WW1 jerry can to a customer once and they filed an ebay dispute because the customer thought he was buying a real jerry can. Some people don’t read the articles that well!
  8. Hi Alstair I've used both the XL5 and XL10 on my Slash's. The braking works really well. There is 3 different settings for the esc. Trainer which is 50% forward and reverse and 100% brakes, sport mode is 100% everything (brakes, forward & reverse) and race mode is 100% forward and 100% reverse - no brakes. To get from forward to reverse you do need to stop at neutral first. Brakes is just straight across. I can run the Slash fast forward and then slam on the brakes and turn the steering and she will do a 180 degree turn and stop perfectly. Hope this helps
  9. Well, it certainly went quiet when you asked for a motor. Best bet is to try ebay, there's a few listed at the moment although mostly used.
  10. Hi guy's The pinion is a press fit and can be "gently" prised off using a fair bit of persuasion. Personally I have used a large screw driver to get underneath and prise it off. Good luck with your resto
  11. Hi I have two robbe radio's and 1 reciever(27.095), 1 robbe servo and 1 other. Don't want much. AU$25 plus postage from Australia. PM me for photo's if you are interested
  12. Jonny Retro I have to say that is one of the best resposnes I have ever seen to a question. Informative and concise without the use of fancy scientific words. Very impessed. Thank you
  13. Why oh why did I stray from Mr Muscle. Sprayed the shell last night and left it for an hour (would have left it longer but I'm too impatient) and then gave it a scrub and a wash and it's perfect. I don't know why I went away from Mr Muscle, he's the man.
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