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  1. thanks im starting to think that 2 now, im using vapex batteries and had them for about a year or so??? i turned the punch setting down to 1 and there is no voltage cut off thanks for your help
  2. i'm using the trx connectors with 3300 nimh batteries ill try altering the punch and see if it works thanks for the replies
  3. i have just put mu 5.5t brushless ezrun motor into my df03, i set the speed controtter up as per the instructions but the motor only stutters forwards and backwards. i took the motor out of the car and it still did the same thing hope someone can help thanks mike
  4. i know what you mean, they can be very weak in places, i found most of the alloy parts are fine unless you are really hitting them. i also feel the fact that i am moving to brushless, i may need the chassis to be stronger then the plastic
  5. i have just upgraded my motor from brushed to brushless in my df03 and whilst dismantling it i noticed the plastic chassis was broken at the back. this is the second chassis ive had in about 8 months as the original broke at the front. i am just wondering, is it worth paying a bit more for the 3racing graphite chassis; is it stronger?? hope u can help mike
  6. hiii please could someone tell me how the battery is accessed in the 3racing graphite chassis for the df03 ie; is it from the underside with a pin or is it different thanks mike
  7. ive looked at them and i am turned away by the fact that there are 2 seperate cables to connect rather than them both being in one unit. ive been looking at traxxas, does any one have any experience of these?
  8. i am currently using tamiya connectors on my rc cars and i am just about to upgrade to a brushless system for one of my cars. i know tamiya connectors aren't the best, but i used them because of ease. i am now looking to change so i get the best performance from my brushless system could anyone advise me on the best connectors (ie; deans or bullet or any others) hope u can help mike
  9. i just upgraded it with the blue one for the looks thanks for this help, i will probably get the slipper clutch just to protect my gears
  10. thanks but i have already spent quite a bit on alloy parts for it and i didnt really want to have to change chassis thanks for your comment i will consider it if i have trouble
  11. Hiii Just ordered myself a EZRUN 5.5T Brushless system and i am goin to put it into my tamiya df03. Could anyone advise me on what upgrades would be useful to keep my car running well (or just keep it running for that matter) i have quite a few alloy parts already; prop shaft, wishbones, etc but is there anything else??? Hope you can help Mike
  12. hiii im looking at 2 motors for my tt01 its either the 'tamiya super modified 11t motor & Mtroniks rv11' or its the 'Mtroniks Genesis Pro & Brushless 5900KV Motor' im using 7.2v ni-cd batteries please could someone suggest which?? thanks mike
  13. Hiiii Just wontered if anyone is running the 'Mtroniks Genesis Pro & Brushless 5900KV Motor' and what their opinion is on this system??? also, are there any alternatives as i havent had brushless and i fancy giving it a try???? thanks mike
  14. ive been looking at the carson dragster sport 10T brushless system which is 3800kv so with this being 27500rpm, would i be right in saying that it would be no quicker than a 27500rpm brushed motor?
  15. Hiii ve been looking at upgrading my motor in my tt01, i currently have a gt tuned motor. Im looking at the tamiya super modified 11t motor as it runs at 38000 rpm i have a tamiya super stock rz in one of my other cars and im very impressed by its speed at 27500rpm BUT ive been looking at getting a brushless motor and the carson dragster sport 10T for instance runs at 27500rpm; the same as my rz,,,, so i just wondered whether there is a difference between them even tho the figures are similar???? Hope someone can help thanks mike
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