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  1. taliesin

    Super Clod or TXT2

    Depends on what you want it for. Neither is a high-performance option. Both have their good points. Clod is bouncing silly fun with great nostalgic looks and the TXT-2 is a wonder to build but under-performing still. I have both (and a TXT-1) and love them all. My E-Maxx will run rings around all of them but doesn't seem like a real Monster Truck to me, not even close. The Stampede is an absolute blast to drive, but even that doesn't have the solid axle Monster Truck vibe - although the classic Bigfoot definitely has the look. So, probably not helpful, but only you will know what you expect out of the purchase. Solid advice is to buy them both. (Yes, we are shameless enablers here. Sorry, not sorry, LOL)
  2. No, that would also require a ball diff. Just be happy they didn't have a genuine Conrad 240826 motor in there someplace or we'd all be doomed.
  3. taliesin

    Identifying Tamiya cars

    Looks like two DF-02 chassis and one TL-01B
  4. taliesin

    Basher Buggy/Truck - maybe Traxxas or similar

    Well, after a few months of living with the Stampede ... what's your conclusion?
  5. taliesin

    58 666 - getting closer

    Wall Hugging Mouse - Black Edition
  6. taliesin

    Basher Buggy/Truck - maybe Traxxas or similar

    Traxxas Stampede. Even though only 2wd it will go most places because it's a high speed missile even without brushless or lipo power. Tough as old boots and if you do manage to break something the parts are inexpensive and available everywhere. Plus RPM makes some nearly unbreakable replacement parts for just a few dollars more if you want to go that route. Once something breaks I usually replace it once with an RPM upgrade and no more breakage. But even the stock parts are tough and the trucks are just indestructible for the most part. Cheap in RTR form too. I know it's not Tamiya, but it fits the bill perfectly. Big tires, high ground clearance and velocity = good fun on rough terrain.
  7. taliesin

    Vintage Stadium Thunder

    The Dirt Tuned motor and the 13t pinion is a nice combination and will work well. The Sport Tuned also is a good choice for this truck. The pinion choices for this model is very limited (13t & 15t if memory serves correctly) but they work well with the gearing and tire size, so to put it simply there's no way a 25t pinion or anything even close would work. Not to worry though, the pinion and motor combo works a treat anyway and this truck is tough as old boots and lots of fun to drive. It will perform like a vintage chassis, but I think you'll love it! Enjoy! I wouldn't bother with a hotter motor or brushless, but that's just me. Have fun with it for what it is. I love the way mine handles jumps (within reason of course - I don't huck it at ginormous jumps at the skate park or such because, well, vintage...) and bashing it around the local parks.
  8. taliesin

    Dancing Rider Electronics Help

    That's good to know! I wasn't really sure about how much disassembly would be required if I built that piece in, but that sounds dead simple. I wondered about how painfully slow it might be on 4.8v but figured 6.6v would be better, and 7.4v even better still. Have to confess, I guessed that you would come back and say 11.1v was insane, but nice to know it is manageable.
  9. taliesin

    Dancing Rider Electronics Help

    Nice! Thanks for sharing your impressions. These things just looked fun and I had to have one. I've got bearings on the way and a Futaba 3003 sitting around since it won't need anything heavy duty. I will probably just use a FlySky 2.4 ghz RX and TX combo and maybe just the std ESC, but I'm still undecided on the battery. I'm thinking about just bodging together a battery carrier and using 4x rechargeable AA batteries for now and then trying to fit a LiPo or LiFe pack later. I just don't want the hassle of changing connectors later (yes, I realize exactly how lazy that is) and the biggest issue is whether or not to add the M-battery adaptor piece during the build or leave it out. It would be a pain to add or remove later, so it's a 50/50 shot either way. Which means - 100% guaranteed to not work no matter what I choose to do.
  10. taliesin

    Dancing Rider Electronics Help

    LOL. Meaning(?): It rocketed away like a squirrel with its tail on fire, climbed the living room wall at approximately 83/kph and plunged dramatically out the open window into the garden three stories below, landing on and seriously injuring the landlord's elderly grandmother before disappearing into the woods never to be seen again kind of interesting?
  11. taliesin

    Dancing Rider Electronics Help

    Good to know! How's it run on 3s?
  12. taliesin

    Dancing Rider Electronics Help

    Yeah, I had to buy that exact board here in the US too, nothing else was available. Oddly, the LiFe batteries can't be had here (that I've been able to find) but I bought a pair on eBay that I've really liked. They seem to last forever without degrading and the voltage isn't any problem for the Tamiya ESCs that I use either. It's a pain having that HUGE board clogging up my charging area, but ... meh, could be worse.
  13. taliesin

    Dancing Rider Electronics Help

    Taffer: The orange looks ace! How does the battery connect with that tiny red connector? I've not had good luck trying to solder or replace those servo type plugs. Adaptor? Grotty Otty: Where did you get the M-type battery? I have a few of the full size LiFe packs and the balancer and yeah, they're outrageously priced, but otherwise just fine. I might consider buying an M-type pack if I could actually find where to get one. Pantherfan: Let us know what you find for LiPo fitment! Thanks for all the replies, keep 'em coming.
  14. In the United States, this kit comes with no ESC, no battery holder to use AA batteries, and the M-style LiFe batteries are unobtainable. Some of the LiPo batteries that might fit are for aircraft and have tiny connectors and odd shapes, etc. Nimh packs tend towards 1/16th scale Traxxas and Losi and such, and don't look like they would fit well, or they're receiver packs with servo style connectors. Does anyone have tried and tested combinations for ESC, Battery and Rx that is known to work and fits well and is available in the US? I'd prefer 2.4 ghz and want to just use the stock 370 motor. A combo ESC/RX is a possible option. Doesn't matter to me if the battery is LiPo, LiFo or NiMh or even 4.8v up to 7.4v either. I just want it all to fit nicely under the shell, with minimal fuss about esoteric connecting plugs and adaptors, or wrapping the battery in bubble wrap to make it fit nicely. You get my drift. Preferably available in the US, but ... if needs must, a good vendor recommendation overseas.
  15. You still here bud? 

    1. taliesin


      Yeah, but just lurking occasionally to see what's happening.  How's things in Olympia?

    2. NWarty


      Hey Ty!

      It's fairly quiet. I went for a year without tinkering on my cars at all. Then a flurry of stuff the last two months or so. Picked up a re-re Bigwig, turned one of my GHII's into a brushless missle, now working on a brushless Wild One runner done up in an 80's/early 90's paint scheme. 

      Nothing really to itch as far as my collection goes, there's only a couple more Tamiya cars I'd like to own, an Avante if I'm lucky. Maybe just branch out and customize some newer stuff. Would love to have an RC10 in the stable, along with a Yokomo or Optima. 

      Family is good. My boys are getting older, fast (they're 14 now). Job is grinding away in the IT sector, nothing too exciting. 

      How's Montana these days? 

      Hope you're doing well, had to check up on a couple of y'all as I got a little worried. 


    3. taliesin


      Hey Blake,

      Good to hear from you!

      It's been quiet here too, other than half a year of massive snow.  Seems like ages since I tinkered with my R/Cs and even longer since I was able to run one (snow, again).

      I still have kits to build (around a dozen or so) and who knows how many projects.   Haven't really considered buying anything in a looooong time since I haven't had the time to mess about with the ones I already have ... but, for some reason the Dancing Trike has captured my attention.   Can't explain it, but it does tickle my fancy.   

      Looking for a new job in State government, and that's just a pain.   The budget is a disaster and January 2019 is a new legislative session, with cuts in staff likely, so the pressure is on to find a stable place to ride out the storm.  Yuck.  Job hunting is just the pits.   Still, has to be done.

      I really should visit TC more often, I miss the conversations.   Seems like many of the folks I used to know have stopped posting, but ... I get it, life happens.   Seems like it comes and goes in waves and people take a break and then gravitate back.   

      Take care and keep in touch!   If you're ever out this way, give me shout!!!