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  1. Slow and hot with loss of power means worn out. Also horrible noises are to be expected. Time to replace it. Generally the stock motors are incredibly durable but hard running on grass or in dirty gritty or dusty conditions can stress them prematurely. I’ve burned up several in those conditions while others run in better conditions have lasted many many years without issue.
  2. Ah, thanks for the clarification. Hadn’t heard that term before but I guess roller isn’t completely accurate if there aren’t any wheels and tires. Makes perfect sense now.
  3. What is a slider? Drifting? Do you have a kit number or body style, etc. Just trying to figure out what you have not trying to be dense, lol. I’d like to try and find an inexpensive roller but a NIB might be nice to build especially if the kit body & wheels are something I really like! Thanks for the reply!
  4. In the US. Roller with or without body or electronics is fine. Would like one to replace my well use one that’s just beyond being economically feasible to restore as everything is worn out. Probably can’t afford a NIB but if you’re not looking for collectors price let’s talk? Just missing one of these from my collection since mine perished as a practical runner and figured I’d ask. Cheers!
  5. Just to clarify I’m perfectly happy to buy the whole parts trees, just the body posts or even partial parts trees to get the 2x uncut body posts. I cut the originals to fit the stock body shell and they worked perfectly for that but they’re too short now for the selected replacement Proline shell.
  6. Need 2 uncut body posts for the TXT-1. Parts tree F #0005848. Cheers!
  7. Looking for a set of 4 wheels and tires or wheels alone. Part #19804559 & 19804560. New preferred but gently used okay. In the US. Cheers!
  8. Part # 40515 to fit the Tamtech buggies. US preferred d/t shipping costs but open to international if practical. Cheers!
  9. Anybody have a part number for extended or tall rear body posts for the TXT? May need to be after market. I want to run a non-stock body and it requires extended or taller rear body posts. I'm thinking either Grave Digger or maybe the Proline Baja Bug - the stock posts don't stand a chance in either case. I'd like the posts to be Tamiya, but in a pinch if it works and is compatible without major mods that's fine. Any suggestions? Cheers! EDIT: Not 100% certain, but it looks like the Proline Baja Bug body might work with uncut rear body posts? I don't have a pair of uncut posts to try it, but if anybody has some laying about and could measure them I would appreciate it. If so I might be in the market ... Still would like an option for some of the bus / SUV style bodies though. I've seen a firetruck (meh), a school bus (uh, meh?) and stuff like the Grave Digger (Yessss!) that would require extra tall posts and I'm not sure I've ever seen such an upgrade from Tamiya. Seems like somebody has to make them though.
  10. I've got a handful of unused or lightly used Super Stock, RR, maybe some BZ and other such motors plus NIP brushes for most of them, boxes, etc. Bought with the idea to upgrade various models and either never got around to it (most of them) or found them unsuitable for buggies or too much for the ESC or whatever. Which side of the Atlantic are you on? PM me if you're interested and I can dig them out of the closet of forgotten things. I'm in the US.
  11. Man, if I was still running the Mini-T those things would be snapped up in a New York minute!!! Pure gold for anybody who is still in the market. They're even the most desirable chrome dish instead of the more common yellow wheels. Wish those had come up for sale back when I was still in the market. Wow. Nice find! That will make somebody's day for sure. Now if you could just find me the ones for the MSCT!!!!!!!!
  12. It's the Losi 1/16 Mini Short Course Truck. Basically an upgraded Mini-T with a short course body and wider/longer stance that was a huge handling upgrade from the older Mini-T platform. The Mini-T was a great little runner, but squirrelly and hard to control because it was overpowered and the wheelbase was just silly. Loved them anyway. They ate rear tires like mad. Same sorry state of affairs ended those as runners. The rear wheel situation is dire but for those models you could still try to find the equally discontinued Associated 18T wheels so there was at least some possible options. For the MSCT there's nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Losi still irritates me, LOL. Have I mentioned that lately?
  13. I had a proper rummage through a large hobby shop this past weekend and was able to pretty much look at every type and brand of 1/14, 1/16 and 1/18 wheel configuration for models that I have never even seen before, but no luck whatsoever. Losi just irritates me. Confirmed my worst suspicions that once the rear wheels are no longer available the entire vehicle is for the rubbish bin. Oh well, I enjoyed the vehicles, but I'd never buy another from that manufacturer again for this exact reason. It's just short sighted in my opinion. And irritating. Did I mention that I'm irritated with Losi? Because they irritate me.
  14. Thanks for posting those pictures, unfortunately those wheels won't work. The Losi wheels are very specific in every way - offset, pin drive, asymmetrical front & back rim dimensions, etc. Makes it all but impossible to find a work around. Thanks for trying though!
  15. I would be interested in seeing photos of the wheels - particularly the back side. Are the rally car wheels were asymmetrical front and back like the MSCT wheels and are they pin drive?
  16. I will check out the Turnigy and Dromida wheels. The 1/16 Traxxas Slash tires will work on the stock Losi rear wheels, but the problem is that I need the wheels too. The ones I've got are kerbed to death and need replaced. I had some adapters 3-D printed that would allow the Slash remounted tires & wheels to be used but even with a massive offset to the adapter the wheels still sit too far inboard and look a bit naff. Yes, they work, but ... it's not a great solution by any stretch. Maybe the Turnigy or Dromida wheels would work with the adapters I had made - assuming they are 12mm hex? The key is the offset. Losi rear wheels have an absolutely insane offset whilst Traxxas has the exact opposite inset (right term??). I think the adaptors that I had made were something like 12-14mm offset for each side and still the result was a too narrow rear track. Craziness.
  17. Figured it might be a long shot, but ... oh well. So it goes with Losi products. I've actually got several of the 1/16 scale vehicles and in every case it's been the wheels and tires that put paid to the vehicles usefulness when they become unobtainable. Meh, I got my money's worth, I suppose. Cheers.
  18. Long shot, and not Tamiya, but ... can't hurt to ask. Anybody have a pair of rear wheels/tires for a Losi 1/16 Mini Short Course Truck? They're discontinued and nothing (and I mean nothing!) else works, which is why I have always been underwhelmed by Losi as a company. I occasionally run across them for stupid money, but I'm not going to pay $50 + shipping for a pair of tires, LOL. Nope, not gonna do it. I'm in the US, so if you've got a pair of them laying about, please let me know. Cheers, T
  19. Depends on what you want it for. Neither is a high-performance option. Both have their good points. Clod is bouncing silly fun with great nostalgic looks and the TXT-2 is a wonder to build but under-performing still. I have both (and a TXT-1) and love them all. My E-Maxx will run rings around all of them but doesn't seem like a real Monster Truck to me, not even close. The Stampede is an absolute blast to drive, but even that doesn't have the solid axle Monster Truck vibe - although the classic Bigfoot definitely has the look. So, probably not helpful, but only you will know what you expect out of the purchase. Solid advice is to buy them both. (Yes, we are shameless enablers here. Sorry, not sorry, LOL)
  20. No, that would also require a ball diff. Just be happy they didn't have a genuine Conrad 240826 motor in there someplace or we'd all be doomed.
  21. Looks like two DF-02 chassis and one TL-01B
  22. Well, after a few months of living with the Stampede ... what's your conclusion?
  23. Wall Hugging Mouse - Black Edition
  24. Traxxas Stampede. Even though only 2wd it will go most places because it's a high speed missile even without brushless or lipo power. Tough as old boots and if you do manage to break something the parts are inexpensive and available everywhere. Plus RPM makes some nearly unbreakable replacement parts for just a few dollars more if you want to go that route. Once something breaks I usually replace it once with an RPM upgrade and no more breakage. But even the stock parts are tough and the trucks are just indestructible for the most part. Cheap in RTR form too. I know it's not Tamiya, but it fits the bill perfectly. Big tires, high ground clearance and velocity = good fun on rough terrain.
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