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  1. Well, I've changed the batteries and it all seems to be working well. Hooray! I've got some photo's of the truck with the wheels on, the body and driver and then the whole thing finished. I also decided to take a photo my collection (all 4 of them! - small I know) with their boxes.
  2. Yeah, it still has it. I've managed to make a bit more progress. I've actually got past the stage pictured below I've got the wheels on too and tried to run it. My battery wasn't fully charged and the ones in the control were also low, but when I turned it on the steering turned to the right and wouldn't respond. Also, the buggy began to move forward slowly despite me not pressing anything and the radio being set to neutral. It wouldn't reverse either. I'm hoping it's the batteries and I'll change them tomorrow to find out. If its not sorted I might need some advice! Also, I seem to have lots of spare bits in the kit which is a bit concerning although I'm sure I've followed every step. And there doesn't seem to be a rear window in the kit! Is that right?
  3. Thanks for the info about the extra wire. I've made slow progress with it being be Christmas period. However I have finished the gearbox and rear axles. Mind you that silvery anti wear stuff you put on the axle parts is horrible to use. Anyway it's starting to take shape now. I'd guess I'm well over half way now.
  4. Also my ESC seems to have 3 motor connections but the motor only has 2. Any ideas what the 3rd one is For?
  5. Yeah, the picture for that stage wasn't perfect but it was the and since I found the part I felt I should do it properly. I've made a bit more progress so now have the chassis built, the steering and most of the electrics done. Next up is the gearbox which might be tricky. Hope to have it done between Christmas and New Year. Hasn't been too difficult so far apart from losing lots of fiddly bits and then spending ages trying to find them!
  6. And today I tried to move on to the next stage by adding the second chassis brace and attaching the switch. This should have been a 5 minute job but disaster struck and has taken about 2 hours! I couldn't find the part despite looking for ages. This resulted in me trying to make my own out of metal rod I had to hacksaw to size and then using 2 cut down rawlplugs, superglue and solder to secure it whilst protecting the chassis. Pics are below. And from the side. Looks pretty tidy. Of course tonight I have found the missing part down the side of the sofa. Grrr! Thus followed another 30 minutes of trying and, eventually, succeeding in removing my fix and fitting the correct part. At least I know my DIY fix would have worked - it was a swine to remove! Hopefully the rest of the build will be smoother and I can get another update before the weekend is over.
  7. I actually made a start on this yesterday and got this far.
  8. I decided to treat myself to a new Monster Beetle being one of the kits I always longed for as a kid. It arrived early this week - an early Christmas treat for me!
  9. Not sure - some of the listing symptoms on ebay don't stay whether they do or don't. I know Modelsport and Goldstarstockists are selling a kit without ESC for £120.
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Waterproof-1060-60A-Brushed-Electronic-Speed-Controller-ESC-with-5V-2A-Line-/181931390825?hash=item2a5bf4b769:g:zjkAAOSwFGNWRe2E Is this the same as the Hobbywing 1060?
  11. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend a cheap (preferrably waterproof) ESC for a new Monster Beetle. I would normally just get one that comes with a deal but I'm looking to save a few quid. Also, I wouldn't want to faff about about changing connectors and stuff. Thanks.
  12. You see, now I'm getting confused! (not hard, especially after a few beers on a Friday night). So a lower 't' motor is faster - 9t faster than 13t? The higher the kv the faster the motor? In the mad rat to preserve the gearbox aim for around 13t 5200kv? Would 4500kv be pretty fast aswell. I would like the buggy to be fast but reasonably reliable.
  13. So the set up in the link I put up would be pretty decent ran with a 7.4 (2s lipo?) Battery?
  14. Thanks, there look to be some good deals. A lot of them seem to be offered with a programming box. Do you have to get them and are they easy to use or can you just plug the motor/esc up and go? I like the look of this one http://www.hobbyking.co.uk/hobbyking/store/__25139__Turnigy_TrackStar_Waterproof_1_10_Brushless_Power_System_5200KV_80A.html
  15. Hi, I have finished my Mad Rat and want to increase it's pace. I have very little knowledge of electrics so I am looking for a cheap, easy to fit/use brushless system for possible club use. I know some need soldering which I'd prefer not to do, and others have a usb for programming - again something I wouldn't have a clue with and would prefer not to do. I'd prefer not to spend a lot, a good budget set up would be ideal. Finally, what sort of battery would I need and charger to go with it? Thanks in advance!
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