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  1. There were a few more minor rear-motor Optima variations (Salute, Optima Pro) but I'd be surprised if they bothered. Neither one of them was really as big of a deal as the earlier versions. The Mid came out in '88, I believe, after a prototype ran at the '87 Worlds, and after that it was all Mids and Lazers.
  2. https://rc.kyosho.com/en/32092y.html Could this be a harbinger of a "big" Optima Mid re-issue? Let the rampant speculation begin...
  3. Or do what I do, and only run vintage cars with 540 motors, or walking-speed crawlers...
  4. Heh... Just did a count: 77 total, if you include a couple of airplanes. Ranging from 1/32 Snap-Tite and Airfix kits all the way up to a 1/8 scale Jaguar E-type. Majority are 1/24-1/25 scale Monogram and MPC, but I also have several 1/24 and 1/16 scale Tamiya, Fujimi, Entex, Italeri, etc. Nearly all from the '70s-'80s. I'm saving most of them so I have something to do in retirement...
  5. I don't have any new-in-box RC kits currently. They don't tend to stay un-built for long in my possession. I have a few that are in pieces awaiting rebuilding, but nothing that hasn't been touched yet. And honestly, there isn't much I want to buy, either. I mean, if I were turned loose with a credit card, sure, I could find stuff to spend money on, but there is only one remaining "bucket list" RC vehicle for me, and that is a Tamiya 3-speed of some description. But I'm not crazy about Toyota pickups, and I'm afraid of a rabbit-hole of spending with the big rigs, which leaves the F350 (bleah) or a vintage Blazing Blazer (way too expensive). So what I'll probably do is just buy a 3 speed gearbox from one of the parts-breakers and figure out what to do with it later. I just like to play with gears. As for projects over the winter, I'm not making any firm plans, but here's what I have in mind: "Choose Your Own Adventure: The Race Forever" tribute - I've already built the Series III Land Rover; it just needs a couple of little things buttoned up, and some lights and graphics. But the other truck in the book is an FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser, so I should build that one too, to have the set. Bodies are available, but I think I want to build it out of aluminum and styrene, like I did for the Land Rover, so they match. It will be built on an ECX Barrage chassis, which should work well alongside the Losi Mini Crawler guts of the Land Rover. RC-ized Monogram IROC Camaro - I was lucky enough to find two of the big 1/8 scale Monogram Chevy Camaro models this year. The red '82 is staying un-built for a good long while, but the black '85 IROC was partially assembled when I got it, and needs some repair work. Since I have two of them, I can't resist converting the rougher one to RC. My current thinking is a TLT rear axle, an Axial gearbox, a long driveshaft, and an RC10 front suspension, all on a custom-made chassis. I'll keep the full interior. And if by some miracle I finish those, I still have 70 or 80 other static model kits to keep me busy...
  6. That A12 does look interesting. Would love to see one in person to see how it works. I love that after, what, almost 50 years, there are still innovations and refinements to be made to the basic 1/12 scale direct-drive cars. It makes me think of the old Raymond Loewy idea that there is no design that can't be improved upon.
  7. My 10L is my old carpet-oval racing car from the early-mid 90s (the only car I still have from that era). I also ran it on a carpet road course for a while. It's surgically precise, and I have a brand new set of foam Jaco purple rears and pink fronts for it. But what I don't have for it is a body... gotta see if I have anything that fits, or just run it nekkid, I suppose.
  8. Interesting... I don't have an F1 car, but I do have a few old pan cars to choose from: an Associated 10L, a Mardave V12, a Bolink Legends car, and of course the antique-store Parma Hemi Coupe... I wonder how those would do?
  9. Had to skip the last round, because I just had too much going on... but we're having our side-yard parking area paved sometime next week. If I time it right (after the asphalt cures but before we move the cars and trailer back into place), I might be able to do this round on fresh, brand-new asphalt. Otherwise, I'll just use the concrete main driveway again. But at least I won't have those two turns on dirt/gravel any more...
  10. So I've had another thought about the Bruiser, and it's this: I don't actually like Toyota trucks much. Never have, really. Even when I owned one, I wasn't crazy about it. So why would I want to spend several hundred dollars on a model of one? You know what I do like? Chevy Blazers. But I get the feeling Tamiya is never going to re-release the Blazing Blazer, in any form, on any chassis. But what if I could build my own? What if I got the RC4WD Blazer body (which I've admired since they came out with it), built a chassis to fit it using the RC4WD axles I already have, and got a High-Lift or semi-truck 3 speed to power it? If I went the semi-truck route, I could even work up a selectable 2WD/4WD transfer case for it. (I've got the design idea in my head; I'd just need to draw it up and have someone cut the metal pieces for me, which I could probably have the guys at work do.) Then, I could either cut up the body and turn it into a Parnelli Jones-style Baja racer like the Blazing Blazer, or keep it closer to stock, or do an homage to Jaws or Stranger Things. Yeah, I think I might like this idea better than trying to put together $600-800 for a model of a vehicle I don't actually like. And this would cost far less, because I already have half of what I need.
  11. Nope. It's the same design idea, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't share any parts. I just finshed rebuilding a Progress (Gallop's sister model) and the gearbox is larger and longer than the Scorpion, and it has the extra take-off shaft sticking out the side for the chain drive to the front. The only re-re Scorpion parts that might fit are the rear axles with the pinned drive adapters, in place of the old taper-fit ones, but I haven't tried them to confirm.
  12. Let's see... RC-wise, I'm contemplating selling a few things in order to fund a couple of project ideas I've got kicking around. Trying to decide which ones go and which ones stay. Otherwise, we're prepping our vintage Aristocrat trailer for a trip coming up shortly; we'll be taking it out to the coast to a gathering with a bunch of other vintage trailers and campers. We went last year with our little Venture, but we're really looking forward to this year with the new bigger trailer. Covid precautions will make it a little bit strange, but I'm sure we'll still have fun. I'm trying to decide which RC car to take; it's between a Traxxas Stampede and a Wild Willy 2... leaning towards the Stampede for reliability and the fact that I don't care about it as much.
  13. I have a bunch of butter/sour cream/cottage cheese tubs that I saved up years ago to use as car stands. I always meant to paint them and make little decals showing the make, model, and year they came out. Never got around to it. Maybe someday...
  14. I read this yesterday. It sounds like the conversion idea is taking hold; this is about a bolt-in electric motor and gearbox system, using a Tesla motor, designed to fit small-block Chevy engine mounts... https://jalopnik.com/you-dont-really-have-an-excuse-anymore-1845245596
  15. For me, the ones that scream "Tamiya" are the "trio" of Grasshopper, Hornet, and Frog. They were so ubiquitous during the 80s, and they're inexpensive enough that you could build all 3 if you want... those three models on a shelf would be instantly recognizable to almost anyone as a tribute to Tamiya.
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