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  1. So your Buggy Champ was attacked by a Keen Hawk?
  2. Has anyone confirmed if that Instagram account is, in fact, in any way affiliated with Tamiya, Inc? The account name sounds a little fishy. In any event, I am not a fan of the "teaser" reveal. If anything is actually unveiled by Tamiya on the 25th, I'll join in the armchair analysis then.
  3. AYK 566B as mentioned, and I'm pretty sure the top one is a Kawada Wolf. I've owned both at various times, and foolishly got rid of them...
  4. Yeah, those first two photos had me fooled as well. Nicely done!
  5. For the longest time, I didn't understand shelf queens, but for the longest time, I didn't have any vintage cars with impossible to find parts. Now, I have a couple of cars I haven't worked up the courage to run yet, and may never run. Time will tell. In the end, you bought the thing, it's yours to do with as you please. As is everyone else's. And yes, it took me a while to realize this myself...
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I've had nitro cars where the throttle servo was alongside the exhaust pipe, and it was fine. As long as it isn't touching, the motor shouldn't radiate enough heat to damage the servo.
  7. I had to look up the car to see what it was... Basically just a 1/12 scale pan car, isn't it? The old standard battery for 1/12 racing was a 4 cell NiCd, later NiMH. This gives 4.8 volts nominal, around 5.5-6 volts actual. Plenty of power for those little cars, and no BEC needed, since the voltage is well within the receiver and servo's operating range. The new standard (from what I've read - haven't raced 1/12 scale in probably 20 years) is a 1S lipo pack, with a voltage step-up gizmo to run the radio, since the pack only puts out 3.7 volts nominal. If you want to keep it cheap and just have some fun running it, a 4 or 5 cell NiMH should be fine, or even a 6 cell "mini" NiMH (made from 2/3A cells, usually around 900-1100 mAh capacity).
  8. I've definitely noticed this too, and as mentioned above, price is not a guarantee of quality. It has been a while since I saw a bearing so sloppy it was useless, but they definitely vary. I have been buying bearings almost exclusively from Fast Eddy or TRB on eBay. TRB claims ABEC grade 1, which is better than nothing, and most of them seem OK. Fast Eddy doesn't mention a grade, but they feel about the same. A little play here and there, but not terrible. One thing I have noticed is that I'm more likely to see a sealed bearing with slop in it than a metal-shielded one. I suspect that some manufscturers disguise looser bearings by adding the rubber seal to make them look tighter, whereas the metal shield can't hide the slop. The last batch of 1/4 x 3/8 pan car axle bearings I got from Fast Eddy were shielded, and they were dead-on. Rubber sealed 1150s purchased at the same time were hit-or-miss, but all still useable.
  9. As a bona-fide RS540 devotee, I feel your pain. For some reason, there is a mindset in this hobby that making a car faster is "improving" it, and if you're not making it go as fast as possible, you're not doing it right. I just ignore them. Interestingly, I run into the same issue with 1:1 cars. I enjoy lower power there, as well, and there's always someone who brings up adding a turbo, or doing an engine swap, as if it's somehow necessary to throw horsepower at something to enjoy it. "Slow" is just a dirty word to some people, I guess.
  10. If everyone saves them NIB just in case they become collectible, then no. If most people chuck out the boxes and run the cars and use them up, then... possibly. Personally, they hold no appeal for me. At least NIB kits hold the potential of being built someday, but the XB models already have the "fun part" done.
  11. Welcome! "Willy-ball" looks like a great (and difficult) game.
  12. Big box of scaler goodness from my friends at RPP Hobby: Tamiya Land Cruiser FJ40 body, Axial SCX10II gearbox and 2-speed conversion, and an Axial Chevy Blazer body kit. Unfortunately, the Blazer seems to be missing its chrome parts tree; I see no grille in the bag. The bag is sealed, so it appears to be Axial's mistake. I've contacted RPP, and I'm sure they'll straighten it out.
  13. I put one of these in my recent Clod build, and it does fine: https://www.towerhobbies.com/product/tsx55-standard-analog-ultra-torque-metal-gear-servo/TACM0255.html Looks like it's discontinued, but the Onyx one they reference has the same specs. I tightened down the servo savers almost all the way, used the innermost hole on the rear bellcrank, and the outermost hole on the front, and it turns pretty well. Though for some reason it turns tighter to the right than the left... haven't figured it out yet, but I don't think it's anything to do with the servo.
  14. It's only too many if you don't enjoy or appreciate them all. I'm at 30, give or take, and without any duplicates (though a couple of "sisters") it feels about right to me.
  15. I don't think we're quite done yet, but we may be approacing the beginning of the end. Tamiya doesn't seem too keen on bringing back any more platforms; they seem content to keep recycling what they've got. I doubt at this point that any of the remaining heavy-hitters that people have been pining for (Falcon, King Cab/Hilux, 959/Celica) will make a re-appearance in their original state. We may see the bodies come back; a 959 on an MF-01X still seems like an easy one to me, and the King Cab body would look great on a CC01. But I would be (pleasantly) surprised to see any more all-new re-releases. Kyosho may be cooling off as well, now that they have gone the "Wild Willy 2" route with the USA-1 truck. I'd guess that we'll get an Optima Mid still, and then a Turbo, and then a Lazer, but after that I wouldn't expect much. I do applaud them for keeping things in production, however; nothing they've brought back has been discontinued yet, I don't think. I still hold out hope for Marui. Even if they just did the Big Bear and the Ninja, I think they'd sell every one they could make. But I guess toy guns and RC tanks are too big of a business for them to bother. What would be amazing is if some company did for extinct RC brands what Round 2 has done for static models and slot cars, and brought them back under one umbrella. Imagine if one company bought the molds and the rights to Nichimo and high-end Nikko and Royal (why not?) and Yonezawa and Varicom and others, and made limited runs of re-res. Who wouldn't buy a Nichimo Spirit FF or Panda stock car re-re, even if it's made in China, just to see? Lastly, I really hope something comes of this Hirobo Zerda rumor. I'd love to get my hands on a re-re of that car.
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