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  1. I don't even bother with those a lot of times. I always orient the on/off switch so "on" is towards the rear of the car (less chance of it getting bumped "off" if it hits something), so the sticker is redundant.
  2. Got my Xmas present early. Time to dive into the 3D printing pool, head-first...
  3. Just a little something I've been messing around with... so far I really dig it.
  4. Brat tires will stretch onto 1.9 touring car wheels with enough force. But the sidewalls bulge out funny.
  5. Decided it was a nice day to get the The Race Forever trucks out and do a little photoshoot. After nearly seven years, they're still not quite finished... but I'm getting there.
  6. Terrible photo of a very messy workshop, but I like it messy. Only 144 square feet of floor space, so I have to expand upwards. The shelves up high now go nearly all the way around the room, and are stuffed full of RC models, static model kits in boxes, half-finished projects, etc. The shelves on the left were meant to be for display, but they're a mess now too. Next to them, behind the door, is a bookcase full of '70s-80s vintage NIB model car kits. Computer is on the opposite side of the room from the workbench, so I couldn't get it in the shot. Oh, and there's a bookcase that's actualy full of books in here, too, as well as an antique family heirloom rocking chair, two computers, a turntable, a bunch of vinyl records, two guitars and an amp, and (currently) our rescue pug Ripley, snoring under my desk... I asked for a 3D printer for Christmas, but I'm still figuring out where I'm going to put it.
  7. Not really much point; a tiny dab of grease on each gear and they'll last essentially forever, if not abused. Some of the older models (early 3 speeds, Grasshopper/Hornet, FAV, Kyosho Scorpion) had caps to add drops of oil to the gears as needed, but those weren't really oil-FILLED, add too much and they leaked like an old Chevy.
  8. Lowriders aren't my thing either, but I can definitely appreciate the effort that went into this thing. And they did it justice. My only problem with it - yet again - is where is the kit version? It can't be cost-prohibitive to just throw all the parts in a box and draw up an assembly manual. Sell it for $100 less. You may only sell a fraction as many as the RTR versions, but those who do buy the kit will come back for your next kit.
  9. Designer and project manager for a sign company.
  10. I bet you had "nothin' but a good time" with that... (sorry, I had to)
  11. I am very happy to not be a perfectionist, thank you. It's just a hobby. I don't let perfect be the enemy of good. That said, I do try to get a little better each time...
  12. ...nope, can't do it. Can't narrow it down to three.
  13. Oh jeez... I botched the paint job on the body and it has been shuffled around my workshop for like 2 years now, badly painted. Maybe eventually I'll redo it and finish it up, but it's down near the bottom of the list...
  14. So I voted between 20 and 30, and then did an actual count... Complete, ready to be run at a moment's notice, or maybe in need of some electronics: 19 Works-in-progress, projects I have all the pieces for and haven;t gotten to yet, and cars currently disassembled for maintenance/repair/mods: 13 Basket cases, parts cars, at least 50% there but nowhere near complete: 8 Total: 40. And that's probably it for a good long while. I have no current plans to sell or buy any vehicles, but I am looking at 3D printers...
  15. Did you ever notice how much of this hobby is literally watching paint dry?
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