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  1. keep us posted, love to see the lady run again!!!! Mike30.
  2. Both give good performance, i think shafts tend to be alittle slower, but maintence wise, much easier to look after, with belts, esp on dirt, you gotta make sure everything is airtight, otherwise gearboxes wear quickly. And yes shafts arn't prone to streching, cracking, or heat build-up. One reason i perfer Tamiya 4WDs. Mike30.
  3. One thing you could try? Through radical, is to remove body colour from the tail light area, and actually paint the tail light from the inside, that way no decal problems, scratches etc, is what i used to do with the rally cosworth car bodys, and when painted from the inside and they look realistic, just another idea... Mike30.
  4. True it says Tamiya site...but RC cars are RC cars arn't they? For me i perfer Tamiya cars, but theres nothing wrong with Kyosho! My first true RC car (after owning a jet-hopper) was an Optima-mid SE, great car, but at a young age my nearest hobby shop supplied Kyosho cars, and importantly, spares for them, which i needed on a regular basis . Actually most Kyosho cars were more advanced than Tamiyas at the time, Although i liked the look of Tamiya cars better. On this site we all have the same intrest, RC cars, trucks etc, thats the key word here, my 2 cents. Mike30.
  5. Hi, i get the same problem with edges of decals, i also use superglue, they never lift after that....but with CA you gotta get it right the first time, no second chance..... I tend to find this problem on "vintage decals" more than new ones, i guess after 20+ years the glue degrades alittle, best of luck! Mike30.
  6. OK thanks for that info fellas, im gonna replace the black motor with a technigold and use these 8.4v batteries, i'll double check my ESC capabilities first, and replace is ness, cheers again! Mike30.
  7. Hi all, just wondering alittle advice? The bigwig was meant to run on the old 8.4v 1200 ah battery. My runner currently has a black sports-tuned motor in it, and running a 7.2 3600ah battery, with modern ESC and fully ball raced. Permforms well, but gets flat rarther quickly, was thinking of using an 8.4v battery in it. Seen these on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Two-8-4V-3800mAh-NiMH-...1QQcmdZViewItem Would these high power batteries give my car that extra power and run time? Can the Tamiya black motors handle these packs? and not burn out my ESC? Any ideas would be great...cheers! Mike30.
  8. Hi Mike, thanks for the kind words, cant wait to see your fox finished. It makes me very happy to help out! Mike is right, thats what these clubs are all about. Mike30.
  9. Hi, can we see a pic of your Bigwig? Recently i built 2, and may be able to offer some advice, have fun!!! Mke30.
  10. I love the Bigwig.....i got 2, one i built NIB with the techi-gold, and is purely a selfer...and bought a new pre-built bigwig as a runner, however the seller sold it with a plain RS-540 silver motor in it, so i removed it and put in a black sports-tuned motor, using a modern ESC and a 3200ah battery, it runs surperb...fast enough for me anyway. I found the modern "standard servos" will turn the car quite quick, quicker than the hotshot. However it is essential when installing a steering stervo in the bigwig that its properly centered and trimmed, with the rack and steering setup, to reset it...you literary have to dismatle the front end of that car. Mike30.
  11. Merry christmas to every Tamiya club member!, wishing you all a happy and safe holiday....have fun with your cars! Mike32.
  12. Beeping sound and flashing LED is normal for the Tamiya ESC if something is not connected. In my experiance the ESC itself needs, to be plugged into the reciever connection-2, steering servo in connection-1 and the little short red connection into batt connection, so all 3 slots on a 2 channel. Make sure the motor is pugged in, and turn on transmitter first, then should be ready to go..., i've always found i dont need to set them up, that factory settings seem to work fine, hope this helps you out. Mike32.
  13. no worries, glad to help out, perhaps you'll show it when finished, if your a full member, Mike32.
  14. Hello lonestar i have 2 bigwigs (great cars) , the rear fenders are meant to be white....make sure you put paint on the correct side, a mistake some people make. have them sitting the right way up, with the arch underneath, and spray white, then use the double sideded tape to attach them. If you look at other members bigwigs you'll see what i mean. Personally i painted mine dark blue,same as body colour, they look quite neat this colour...hope i helped you out! Mike32.
  15. Hes asking too much for an old car, esp since the re-re hotshot came out, best go with the new kit, its 99% the same as the old one anyway, with new inproved parts that will be stronger..... Go new, my 2cents. Mike32.
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