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  1. Thunder Tiger is really tightening the belt with AE and looking at the bottom line. Not only did they stop production on RC10 spares such as the body, AE is now exiting from on road.. TC7 will be the last and the F1 which was poplar is done as well. While a new run of RC10s would be guaranteed to sell out, I truly doubt TD will do it..
  2. first great choice on body With M07 you won’t have to worry much about oversteer as it’s FWD. if you we’re running M06/M08 would be a different conversation. In the world of RC, weight transfer is far more important than your choice of tyres. If you have the weight transfer set up correctly, almost any tyre will work! Also the S grips work even better when they are worn
  3. I hope they release it as a body set this time around.. I’d like to paint one up in Rothmans /Phillips livery for TCS concours in April. It will sit on my M08 with widened rear.. just for picts and then go back to normal rear stance for the race.
  4. My XV01 pro came with the white translucent diff gears and so did my M08. Now I’ve had my XV01 for 9 years and it still has the original translucent gears, front and back. So I wouldn’t bother with trying to get the black version.. the white are plenty durable and I didn’t think they’re merely nylon!
  5. I want the Renault R5 body set.. hope they release a set this time
  6. When decals peel, apply heat gun / or hair dryer to them.. and smooth over with hand and it will become sticky again.
  7. In the US and EU this would work.. but in HK / China.. no way.. they don't care
  8. M05ra with Renault R5 is being rereleased. I just want the body.. M08 mid motor with R5 will be very cool
  9. The M08, I ended up ordering mine from RCMart due to MAP.. It is now showing $173 (30% off retail) .. less $15 coupon would have come to $158. Previously it was $198 (20% off retail) and to qualify for $30 coupon you needed a $1 more.. RCMart was about the same and had stock sooner than TamiyaUSA.. Tamiya USA lost that sale and many others due to poor business decision. Now prices have improved.. 8-10% higher than before
  10. Thanks for the update Saito! I’m attending IIC (international indoor championship) today through Sunday, competing in F1. The managing director of Tam USA sometimes shows Upton the event.. if I see him I’ll definitely bring up MAP
  11. M07/M08 = chassis ala carte. No bodies. You need to buy separately
  12. My opinion, slipper is a waste of money on a rallye car. You don’t need it. In addition to that you have an esc with launch control.. so you definitely do not need it. I got my XV01 when it first came out and of all my Tamiya cars, my XV01 is the most used. It still using all original gears, even in the plastic ones in diff. I have run it with 8.5 + timing and boost, on a 1/8 truggy dirt track, where it cleared all but 1 jump! This was in the early days After that it’s been to mountains / snow, even went to Brazil for 6 months and ran at a 1/5 track there then came back to states.. I have raced it on carpet, asphalt.. there is not much it hasn’t done. now 8 years later the gear box is still all original going strong. It’s still running original belt too lol. Never had a slipper I race regularly on an indoor door carpet track that uses black carpet which is high grip. These days most the buggies now run no slipper.. The reason being is that no one keeps the trigger pulled while the car is airborne so when it lands the gear box doesn’t receive a shock.. so unless your trigger happy and can’t let go of that trigger.. you won’t ever need a slipper.
  13. When companies make investments into an area that is not their speciality, more often then not, they fall flat on their faces and take on losses. Tamiya has and always had a foot print in the US, they were the pioneers with TC and TRF cars. Their specialty in Off-road has always been more scale / fun. In addition, competition in off-road is very heavy... so the cost of entry is steep. Tamiya, yes their TRF buggies may have had some wins.. but so what, wins do not equate to return on investment. 801x won when they had a Ryan Lutz driving it. The minute he left, the 801x was forgotten. The 801x / xt did not sell well. Tamiya USA ended up listing them on their site for $199.. and it took a couple of years for them to sell out. Kyosho has the opposite problem of Tamiya.. they are well known for off-road but can't make any advances into on road. The TF7 is a beautiful car... but a total waste of investment for them.. yet they keep trying. Even now, Kyosho has lost major ground in the US. In the end it all comes down to marketing and local support, especially at the track. The tracks I attend is heavily invested in AE, Xray. As for Tamiya, only on road parts. Majority run AE and Xray for on and off road. I am one of few that runs Tamiya.
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