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  1. All great suggestions. I do hope that some of the automakers (BMW/Ferrari) stop their greed on licensing fees. It’s truly a shame to not have access to Minis, M3s etc. Fortunately they do have active licensing with FCA, VW Audi, Mercedes, Ford and the Japanese brands. They have been on a Ford kick lately.. I’d like to see a new Porsche however.. the last new body was a 997 series in 2008. This is a long time to go without a fresh Porsche. So hopefully a 992 series GT3 will be out soon. What I definitely have no interest is in another Japanese grocery shopper 🤦🏻
  2. They’re aware and we’re trying to fix it. By fix it, it means that it would return to its normal slowness.. so don’t get your hopes up.
  3. Too soon for the TA04. They haven’t even begun milking our 💰 for the TA03. 😂
  4. Reading the M08R list, Makes my M08 an RR. 😂 On the bright side, they didn’t make an R specific part that you can’t buy separately. That would have made me crazy.
  5. Sealed New in Box Tamiya Hornet. This is the 58336 kit which includes TBLE-02S ESC. $150 shipped to lower 48 US states.
  6. Agree that it is disappointing they did not address the wheelbase. A set of new arms could have fixed it. They however know that collectors will buy and stock up on these. If and when I receive mine, I’ll probably just keep mine in the box as well. Last night, I finished building a TA03R-S. Bought chassis from a fella who splits kits up and sells it. I used that for the Lancia 037 shell I bought back in 2013. Now I have a complete TA03R-S Lancia 037. This morning, I saw that they are releasing another batch of TA02S with Lancia 037. Found that odd considering the TA03R-S is also out now with the Porsche 911 GT1, so why not release it on that chassis. This all goes back to, Tamiya really doesn’t care.. they know we will just buy
  7. AisaTees and RCMart are both huge sites, so I can see them not giving 2 &$@£ about back orders or special orders. It’s my impression that Plaza is much smaller. Perhaps I was spoiled by Banzai because they did so many special orders for me.
  8. Plaza Japan has great prices. Similar to Banzai. When you receive your package, they include a card saying to contact them for any special needs. This is where they become an odd bunch. Every email I have sent them, they come back saying: 1. Unable to restock at this time 2. Only what is listed on their site 3. check back from time to time for new products. I had $120 sitting in my cart and needed 2 more items. They had it listed on the site and I inquired if they could request restock. They said no. I’m basically begging them to take my money and they decline 🤦🏻 So I settled on checking out the $120 cart
  9. Thank you. I knew I had seen it in the US.. couldn’t recall under what name. I checked and both testors and pacers are discontinued. Oh well
  10. Does anyone know of an equivalent product to these vinyl stripes that’s sold in the US? http://www.modeltechnics.com/trimline.htm
  11. Does anyone know of an equivalent product to these vinyl stripes that’s sold in the US? http://www.modeltechnics.com/trimline.htm
  12. If you plan on running the SRB, the suspension makes it a pleasure to drive.
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