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  1. I’m fortunate to have a son who is very much into cars. He showed interest at an early age, much of it being that he saw me tinkering with RCs. At age 2, I handed my son an MF01X with Tactic controller, smallest I could find. I would sit him on my lap and let him steer as I controlled throttle. By age 4, I had him at the track with me and would codrive the car with him. By age 7, I had him competing in 25.5 VTA class and he was keeping up with the pack. By age 8, he was troubling the top drivers in VTA and placed 4th at a big race 😁. He just turned 9 and had our track not closed down, he would be racing with me in 21.5 USGT class. There are 2 separate paths here. One is for them to build these kits at a young age. The other is for them to learn to drive them. I focused on the driving and not so much the building.
  2. For Plaza I select DHL or Fed Ex usually. It’s a couple $ more but much more efficient. What Plaza does is offer you a good price but they have the product spread out in different warehouse in Japan. So they need to consolidate it and then ship. If you give them badword, they will offer you a store credit for taking too long 😉
  3. I’ve been on the hunt for a TRF420X. I refuse to pay over $600 for it. Closest I’ve come is RCMart. $650 with shipping. My neighbours wife is Japanese, I asked her to check sites in Japan to see if she can find me a better deal. I used Plaza as well.. they have amazing prices.. unfortunately they don’t carry many kits! I have tried Amazon JP before.. didn’t find the 420X on there for a decent price will need to check them out again tomorrow.
  4. Agree with you. Both are ver unimaginative. Very lazy execution. The black egress should have had all silver aluminium parts anodised dark.. eg stand offs, motor plate, sway bar holders. Rather they just made the front knuckles and shocks a shade darker. Lazy
  5. I used to have the cup racer with these bodies. Durability was about the same as Tamiya. These bodies however were to piece mould.. wasn’t a fan of that aspect. The seem to be reproducing them again. I’ve seen the 2 Datsuns available for sale
  6. 😂🤣😂🤣 the slipper fetishist. He would try to convince a dead horse that it’s not dead We’re fortunate he doesn’t frequent us here.. let’s all count our blessings
  7. 😂 precisely Sven, I jumped down this rabbit hole back in March!
  8. You need 42363 https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/option-parts/rc-axle-shafts-2pcs/
  9. Toyolien , I fitted them to my TT02-RR. The one that comes is too short. The cross pin doesn’t clear the bearing, even with the narrower inner bearing. You will need the dcj axle for the TRF420, which is slightly longer. Then shim it slightly
  10. This has been occurring on RCtech for a long time. You post in wanted section and immediately receive a PM saying that “name” has the part your looking for contact him at name@zxtc.com Unfortunately RCTECH doesn’t have limit on who can access and pm in the for sale section, so they are running wild on there.
  11. There are no issue using coupons with Tamiya product I ordered the TA02 Lancia 037 last week. Applied $40 tower club coupon.
  12. Proline paint is by Createx. They made them easier to use than normal Createx by making them ready to spray from bottle. I still find the need to thin it, as I live in warmer climate. The proline stuff is very good. If you mess up, you can start over my using alcohol to remove and restart
  13. Thank you. I check and I couldn't believe my eyes.... Tamiya USA has them on stock. I am going to press my luck and buy a lottery ticket today.. 😜
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