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  1. speaking or Dakar Now that the 992 Porsche GT3 is coming on TT02.. maybe Tamiya will come out with this:
  2. RB7 / ZX7 have both been discontinued. I have the RB7 it’s a fantastic buggy.. for now it seems Kyosho has stopped producing race level buggies.
  3. I use a double stick tape.. the paper thin one Tamiya includes to attach lights lately. Works well and is soft.
  4. You are fortunate that they have resumed economy post where ever you are.. US still only has express option
  5. They don’t collect money until they ship so no real advantage there
  6. Keep in mind that last year the pandemic was causing a lot disruption in shipments. While we’re still not back to prepandemic levels, much has improved in past couple od months.
  7. For 30 years everyone debated if we would ever see an SRB where the question of the mould would frequently come up. In the end, we got the SRB. I’d disagree considering I own it 😉 and once upon a time I operated and even went to HAAS CNC training.. I promise you that the TA05 30th anniversary is a much easier proposition than an SRB.
  8. The video is so strange to watch for me. I don’t get the humour in it, that is of there was supposed to be any
  9. What moulds? The aluminium bulkheads and carbon shock tower are a CNC program. The only thing the what require a mould would be the suspension arms, front bumper and body post, all of which are still in production, yet most likely it would come with 419/420 style arms.
  10. Considering that the 45th was on a re-re TA02 chassis.. I’d guess the 50th would be on a reintroduced TA05 SWB chassis
  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 So you know as well
  12. ABC hobby chassis were all 210 mm wheelbase. They did not have the ability to change to 225 or 239. This is why all their bodies are 210
  13. Sad! And last year, on this side of pond we had cried murder most foul after TamiyaUSA had a 10% price increase across the board.
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