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  1. @stew_mac That is madness!!! Lol I have had a Novak Ballistic 3.5 turn that had never been soldered up. So I decided what the hay.. I’ll drop it in my TA05 V2, run with with 26/105 fdr 8.30, running 2S. I slapped on Alfa 155 Martini Shell and did some runs.. checked motor, was cool at 80°F. So I geared up to 29/105 fdt 7.44 and motor was still under a 100°. I decided to have my son clock it, hit 57 mph. So gearing wise I figure I can eek out another 3-8 mph before reaching high temps. The car is sick fast as it is... Now I see you’re at 120 mph plus.. that’s just insane
  2. That would require Tamiya to make a New licensing deal with the devil (BMW)
  3. I’m surprised no one has started a thread for this already. No takers?
  4. For F1 we race 25.5 which is very fast. Experts can run 21.5 which can be a handful. ESC stock Tamiya is fine. Otherwise HW XR10 Stock Spec for high end or JustStock for budget
  5. Yep appears so. 911GT1 body to boot as well.. albeit without Mobil 1 livery
  6. I guess the big release announcement is the 47443 TA03R-S 911 GT1 street! No Mobil 1 livery
  7. Fiat 128? Are you sure? It’s kind of boxy and plain.. maybe a 124 Coupe? I’d also like to see the 1990s , Fiat Coupe.. and of course any Alfa between 1950-1970
  8. Yep.. alloy prop and shaft, motor mount, and possible down stops, oils gear diff. May have 1 token unique upgrade. id like to see a sway bar option for this car at some point
  9. Thunder Tiger is really tightening the belt with AE and looking at the bottom line. Not only did they stop production on RC10 spares such as the body, AE is now exiting from on road.. TC7 will be the last and the F1 which was poplar is done as well. While a new run of RC10s would be guaranteed to sell out, I truly doubt TD will do it..
  10. first great choice on body With M07 you won’t have to worry much about oversteer as it’s FWD. if you we’re running M06/M08 would be a different conversation. In the world of RC, weight transfer is far more important than your choice of tyres. If you have the weight transfer set up correctly, almost any tyre will work! Also the S grips work even better when they are worn
  11. I hope they release it as a body set this time around.. I’d like to paint one up in Rothmans /Phillips livery for TCS concours in April. It will sit on my M08 with widened rear.. just for picts and then go back to normal rear stance for the race.
  12. My XV01 pro came with the white translucent diff gears and so did my M08. Now I’ve had my XV01 for 9 years and it still has the original translucent gears, front and back. So I wouldn’t bother with trying to get the black version.. the white are plenty durable and I didn’t think they’re merely nylon!
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