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  1. #54000 are perfect for M chassis. Don’t bother with the M chassis big bore, or m chassis works. https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-50mm-m-chassis-aluminum-damper-set-54000-00025921
  2. Very cool, the Brat actually has a real suspension with this chassis. That is a far better option than the ORV 🤮.. which has suspension designed by a &$@%#€ The Brat ORV was my first Tamiya, I have fond memories of the body but not the chassis..
  3. TA05 Aluminium bulkheads long discontinued, no problem, buy some replicas from Japan
  4. That’s nearly as sexy of derrière shot to my Carrera 🥰
  5. Depending on budget.. I would recommend either XV01 or a TB-05. With TT you will end up spending some money to upgrade which will make you end up spending as much as the latter chassis
  6. Probably an error.. last I checked it said discontinued still.. so they updated it and probably made a mistake on retail price
  7. Im not here to argue with you. The topic was best practices for LiPos. If you’re getting 20 years of usage out of NiCds, well that’s pretty darn incredible! I can not show you pictures of my NiCd and NiMh, because I no longer own any. I stopped using them 10 years ago
  8. I use them regularly for racing, I’m looking at 4 cycles each race day per pack .. so roughly 150-160 cycles per year. That doesn’t factor in bashing in front of the house with my son either. So 2 years for LiPo is actually really good. Lipos are not a minimal performance gain, that is a severe understatement. A 5000 mah LiPo will give you 30 minutes of bashing on a silver can / stock motor. You will have consistent linear power and plenty of punch during the entire run. You will only notice a drop in speed in the last 3 min before you hit the voltage cutoff. You can actually use 4300 mah of the 5000 capacity. With NimH and NiCd, a 3000 mah pack, you’re lucky if you can use 1500 man of it before it needs charging. You will also notice a voltage drop when pack drains to even 20%. Run time, you’re lucky to get 10 minutes.. in racing 5 minutes as Matty36 wrote. Bottom line, with LiPo you may end up board before the battery runs out.. where as with NiCd/ NiMh they die just when you’re starting to have fun
  9. Well you need to clarify this. If you leave a LiPo full charged for over a week, it will still not be happy either. If the weather in your area is also warm or hot, it will make matters worse, especially if they are full charged. After 10 years of racing, I have become religious on putting batteries into storage mode at the end of the day of usage. The results have been batteries lasting close to 2 years! Additionally in summer month, I keep them in the fridge while in storage mode.
  10. The RCChannel rear suspension makes a world of difference on SRB's handling. It is a night and day difference. My SRB doesn't turn over on asphalt even with a solid axle.. thats how good they are. Unfortunately they are out of production. I have emailed Paul to show him interest, so hopefully he will start making them again.
  11. I don’t think they was ever an issue with Ford licensing.. they released a Mustang GT4 last year.. Its Ferrari and BMW that are gone
  12. They are probably planning something special for 959 body to sit on..
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