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  1. Finished up my latest Alfa GTA body..
  2. Simple Green does not react well with certain metals. I used it long time ago on anodised part and it ruined the finish. What you’re seeing is a chemical reaction
  3. I was afraid of that.. so here is the situation.. I have enough parts (or so I thought) to build a few trf dampers.. touring and m chassis. So I figure rather than buy a whole kit, I would just build a set for my m chassis. I was that Tamiya USA was discounting these, which are the HL version of the 42273... so I thought why not.. it would only be $20.. WRONG lol. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/option-parts/rc-hl-cylinder-2pcs-2/ I contacted Tamiya USA and inquired if these used the same top cap and bottom cap as the 54000 M chassis.. they said it did. Well as it turns out Top Cap is low profile arg! Bottom Cap is normal So I emailed them back to see if they have a solution.. Then I scoured the net trying to see if the low profile blue caps or even black caps are available separately.. which appears they are NOT So I am left with 3 options Tamiya USA comes up with a customer service solution since they gave me incorrect info Buy the 54878 TRF SS BB upgrade for my 419x SS BB and use the black caps from those Buy a set of 42273 and call it a day
  4. Hi everyone, Im in a bit of a pickle here.. I need to find the part number for the low profile blue cap that comes with Tamiya 42273 Short Damper. Let me know if you have a manual for it.. thank you
  5. Or Renault R5 if you can get your hands on one haha.. It is now time for Tamiya to release an Alfa Romeo 4C body
  6. Release Date is June 20. RCMart has pre-order but can’t ship until 20th
  7. I race VTA class and when HPI was acquired, the inventory of tyres dried up.. so PF stepped up and made a tyre... unfortunately the rubber is hard and requires voodoo to get it to work.. so the experience has been bitter sweet.. But now HPI is available again producing them
  8. Buy the HPI one.. the PF is a copy of it and rubber is crap..
  9. Still no sign in Stella or RCMart. RCJazz has it but shipping is really high
  10. I’ve never had verbal abuse directed at me, albeit any that I heard.. but long ago, when I was stupid enough to have Facebook lol.. I saw a post from a someone I went to high school with. His post was in regards to him playing in the park with his toddlers and a male showing up with his RC truck. He was implying that it was odd and perhaps the male was a pervert trying to lure kids with his RC toy.r Now as a parent we are all paranoid and over protective of our kids, the issue for me was the source. This individual was the worst kid growing up. A lying backstabbing cheat with no morals. During a period that we were supposed to be friends, he damaged my car at school by jumping on its hood to show off to some older kids. Eventually I found out it was him and it was agony to make him pay for the damage. Anyhow, to see him take such a view of the hobby that I love really aggravated me
  11. Preorder is up at tower. $198.49.. $1.50 away from $30 coupon lol. I added a $2.99 tube of grease to get there haha. $170 is not bad with the stupid MAP they implemented. Stella and RCMart with shipping may still come in lower.. will hold off for on pressing buy for now.
  12. I’m just seeing this for the first time! Outstanding! You’re wife must be incredibly understanding umm btw what your address? Can I come over please pretty please
  13. It’s definitely more of a tub chassis where as the M07 / TA07 do not have the raised tub edges, instead have stiffeners on the outer edge of chassis. On this, the chassis stiffener runs down the centre is chassis All of the suspensions hops ups of M07 work.. eg up rights, suspension mounts that set rear toe etc
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