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  1. Please tell your sources to have Tamiya do another run of the 47304 😔... I’ve recently been feeling a void in my SRB line up and Super Champ fits the bill 🙂
  2. Tamiya USA turned around my order in 1 day.. Parts arrived yesterday.... rebuild thread to follow
  3. I agree, its definitely lack of ventilation. The brush arm became very hot and it just sheared off. Did not help that a 7 year old driving it full throttle, making a turn and full throttle again... yet since the same thing happened a few years back, before he was even born!
  4. 13.5 most likely since it’s a heavy pig. I also have the RC Channel rear suspension, so handles really well Agree.. the TC Channel was a well worth investment. Really makes the car more drivable. I’m also using an aluminium chassis that spans that shape of the radio box.. can’t recall where I bought it.. but it’s super stiff. Edit: Its the RadShapeRC ButterFLy Chassis. Seems they don't make it anymore. I have a lot of Novak Ballistic motors don’t I figure I can sacrifice them a little bit and also not spend money when I need to. I also believe I fixed the motor issue. I trimmed the plastic tab back and now motor fits. Wire Tabs come extremely close to gear box housing, but can be trimmed or bent. But I have a solution. I plan on drilling a motor mount hole exactly where the lugs are. Then I will use the 3450994 motor spacer for TB05, which will give me about 2mm. I’ve been meaning to ask.. how did you route the A/B/C wires and sensor wires into gear box? Drill new holes?
  5. Hey Matthias, Aren't you Vacation lol? Thanks for the link.. Yours has a Lexan? wow.. looks amazing. Funny are cars are very similar in options.. Im taking mine apart to clean and will post. I just removed gear box and noted that one of the Novak Ballistics I have lying around fits in the case. The lugs also line up with the motor holes. I foresee two issues. The ballistic stators had plastic colours to differentiate the turns.. and it has a little bit of enamel.. so I would have to shave off the enamel for the motor to go into housing. Then there is the question of the solder tabs.... those could come into contact with housing as well and would need to be trimmed back.
  6. Diagnosis is in.. same as the last time.. one of the brushes broke off at the arm, seems heat made it snap and it shot to corner and embed itself against the plastic wall..
  7. 13.5 most likely since it’s a heavy pig. I also have the RC Channel rear suspension, so handles really well
  8. Nice.. thank you... funny that they designed it around the tamiya TBLM-02S as they are not common here in the US. Tamiya USA specs Reedy motors for their TCS races lol. The design of the motor can appears to be like the old Speedpassion motors.
  9. I just killed a Sport Tuned Motor yesterday. Looking into the slot, one of the brushes is gone.. so either it cooked off or is in the case. Will be opening motor to see. This happened once before to me with a sport tuned. At that time I thought it was gearing so I opted for the lower ratio in my sand scorcher. Motor did get hot and the gearbox case was warm.. so what did it in and SRB gear box along with rear cover does keep motor cozy warm
  10. I use the same one. I added an extension to it to move the tie rods back a little bit and steering throw improved immensely. It now has really good steering radius.
  11. I’m not so concerned as to why the ST motor burned. End of the day, it’s a brushed motor with bushings.. so it can’t only handle so much. I plan on modding the transmission case so that I can screw the motor from front endbell, as I did years back. Just can decide if I want to keep it brushed and throw a Super Stock Rz in there or go brushless. The ESC I have is a Novak capable of running brushed and brushless (sensored only) The HobbyWing that @Shodog is running is discontinued. This seems to be the replacement .. https://www.hobbywingdirect.com/products/ezrun-max10-combo?variant=27757683857
  12. I don’t grease the gearbox. I use finish line ceramic wax lube (used on Bicycles). It bonds to gears and has very low resistance in gear box.
  13. The previous time it happened was on dirt and ball diff was installed then. I’m going to open the motor when I get back home and will post pictures.
  14. So my SRB runner was built with a sport tuned motor. I burned the first motor years ago.. so when I replaced it, it went with the smaller spur pinion option. Today, my son was running it in the yard on grass.. after first pack I noticed it was warm.. a few minutes into second pack and car stopped. Motor was definitely hot and smelled crispy! Now a few years have passed between burnt motors but I recalled the old one stopped because one of the brushes had detached. So I looked in armature window and yep, same issue. So I’m now considering other motors options. I modded. Gear box years back to accept a standard brushed can and I’ve seen @Shodog 13t HW EZrun combo. im wondering if there are any other options?
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