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  1. I often ponder if my pension for collecting RC / car stuff is what’s hindering me from wealth. 🤔 Most wealthy don’t bother with hobbies until they have amassed a lot of $ and then buy real cars.
  2. I had the MB01 and gave up on it real quickly. The BT/MB are attempting to be versatile scale 2WD platform.. eg: if you have a FWD body and want to make it FWD you can. It’s too entry for majority of us.
  3. I see your point.. To be honest I expected the M05/06 to be discontinued and we would be left with the M concepts only Given the evolution / improvement of the M01/03/05, I don’t think it would have made sense for them to make a higher quality product with the MB01 when they have the M concepts. Hence the MB01 Tbs have been have been the ugly step sister of the TA for years. I don’t see a reason for them to make anTB06.. although they probably will.
  4. 1. Agree on battery position not being optimal 2. I have to ask why would you want 1.9 wheels on a 210 wheelbase? It’s an M chassis, they didn’t design it for 1.9 wheels. 3. Oil filled diffs are the norm. They’re far more reliable than ball diffs, especially for Rallye car. 4. Suspension blocks- You have the option of using the 3 point inner TRF separate mounts with pill insets. For front you can use the newer XV with will inserts, and the TC version as well.
  5. XM-01 is not the same class of product has M05/06 or TT02 / MB01. The X (XV01/XV02) class is the rallye version of TA/TB class and uses higher grade fibre infused plastic, better quality drive line, gearing etc. comes with full bearings etc
  6. The R is a limited edition kit. So lost likely it’s done. The normal M08 is still available
  7. I love both and have used both to compete. m06 uses old abs plastic which is brittle. m08 uses much better plastic. Suspension on M06 is very old design and M08 has better geometry. M06 is very heavy where as M08 is incredibly light. If you're just running up and down the street, M06 is plenty good. If you intend on competing, M08 is the better choice
  8. If you look closely at that list, they’re all a few years old. They don’t have anything current
  9. They also don’t seem to sell kits.. just parts. They also take their sweet time listing new parts.. RC is not their main focus. I am glad they are around, their prices are great.. reminds me of the old days with BanzaiHobby.
  10. This kit has a cease and desist written all over it from Tamiya and Porsche You want a 959, get a team blue grove body and XM-01 Pro chassis and it will be leaps and bounds over this offer
  11. I took my TA03 RS to the track with me yesterday and wanted to see if I could make it go around the track consistently with that heavy 911 GT2 body. For tyres I used the old kit Tamiya slicks 30 mm front and 26 mm rear. The traction compound successfully made them soft enough to grip.. so all in all was a success. At my pit table I took a look at the TA03 suspension, which quite honestly has always baffled me.. the short narrow arms with the odd design and poor shock mount. The shocks mount staring up and down. When you compress the shock the dampening is poor. There is no room for changing the upper mount so I look at the lower mount and saw the threaded screw that holds the upright. So I thought.. hmm my M06 has a ball stud that is on a shaft, that could work but it's quite long. When I got home, I starting digging through my spares and I found a shock shaft. C clip on one end and thread on the other. This could work. So here is the result! Apologies, site won't let me load all 4 pictures.. will post the other 2 later.
  12. If it’s 2WD, you will need sand paddles on rear. Then it will fly in snow Outlaw Rampage with Sand Paddles:
  13. Renew licensing with BMW, so we can have BMW and Mini bodies again. We have had some new M chassis bodies, eg: lotus Ford Escort, Fiat 131. Let’s hope they continue. I’d like to see an Alfa 4C, a cayman GT4, etc.
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