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  1. Hi All Have just recived a Sense ess-one(2017) unit to disassenble and fit in the Capo. But need some help how does one change the sounds as the app does not seem to be on there site anymore. Plus the versoin that is about (v1.6) needs windows 7 whcih I have a old laptop with it on, but when you try to install it doesn't work??? Is there other ways of doing it in 2024 as have the usb and stuff. This is how it fits in the Capo and is a new optional part. https://www.kaioz.net/public/products/cd1582x/tx/1785.html Many thanks. Paul Sorry if this is on the wrong bit as was not sure is more the software than the electrics as it all works out of the box.
  2. Hi there all. Had all the radio gear, esc and motor combo, servos, plus a few other bits for the capo and othe projects. Many thanks Paul
  3. Hi all well today finished off the wifes TRX-4M, till a few finishing parts come. Had to finish it before I was allowed to look at the capo in the lasp pic. Was thinking of doing a build thread on the capo but not sure if it would be right .
  4. Hi there to all. Well this came this moring lol. This is my post op recovery plan lol. Hope you all like there is more to come for it soon. Many thanks.
  5. Hi toyolien Have not used it yet mate, bought it not long a go to go in a trf201 project. Which is in the pipeline. Sanwa do a similar one which was fitted in the bb01 bbx on Tamiyablog RF Maezumi modifies the BBX. https://www.rcmart.com/sanwa-pgs-cle-0-09sec-12-8kg-7-4v-waterproof-servo-107a54633a-00102076
  6. Hi to you all Saw this thread and thought I have one of them with the program card and bling upgrade bottom lol.
  7. Hi there Colin have just come across this amazing car. I am interested in having one to though guess I am probably too late to the party. Many thanks. Paul
  8. Hi there and good evening to all. I am looking for a Tamiya - RC TRF201 Aluminum Racing Steering Set [42258] for a trf build and was wondering if any one on here has or knows of one I can buy. Many thanks in advanced. Paul
  9. Hi all how are we all. Was looking for help getting a part from Denmark to the UK. I have found a rare part I am after in stock in MID Hobby, but they do not ship to the uk. Was wondering if anyone has any ideas or thoughs. Many thanks in advance. Paul
  10. Hi there yes I have indeed but also had one for a while back in the day for a short while. Sold it for other stuff and after watching made me want one back again.
  11. Hi Everyone I am looking for a trf201 either in kit form or a used built one. I am in the uk Many thanks Paul
  12. Hi Busdriver I posted a pic of it on here on page 805 it is a Ford Bronco. Many Thanks
  13. Hi All Thanks Busdriver yes it should indeed lol. Bit more of it just came through the door now lol.
  14. Hi All Had a parcel from Tamico and also a couple of of other things arrive over the last couple of days. For the CC-02 build. Hope you all like.
  15. Hi ya to all. Thanks for the recommendations and the kind of servo I should be looking for will go have a look around and see what I get. Thanks Paul
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