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  1. New stuff added to the original post and some items reduced. Thanks guys, glad you're all happy
  2. Hi guys- this lot is getting e-bayed Sunday night so make your offers as I wont end early! Cheers Ryan
  3. All sold stuff sent today receorded postage
  4. Hi everyone- Here we have a cool and original (I've not seen another one) Rallye Dakar shell that I recently won from ebay. I have far too many projects and don't need another so it's up for grabs. I would like to get my money back (45) so please bear that in mind when making offers. Open to trade [- or + cash either way) of Axial hop-ups or Axial axles, TLT shocks, etc. Please note- the previous owner started to peel off the stickers, but the main paint is not damaged, so if like me you hate painting this is ideal! Onto the pics: The wheelbase fits an xc/ CC-01 chassis perfectly but I guess you guys could adapt it for others. There are really nice details in the shell too, like opening doors, a dash, LED front and rear lights etc. Any Q's please ask Cheers Ryan
  5. Hi guys and girls- everything is now sold bar the wheels. Special offer of 80 for this week before I sling them in a drawer/ on ebay. BTW- They fit Tamiya hex, so give your Hilift/ CR-01 what it deserves! Cheers Ryan
  6. Hi everyone- I've lost my job (well, I quit, which on retrospect prolly wasn't the best thing to do, but hey-ho!) So selling a few bits. Feel free to make any offers but I may be rude to you . Fast delivery, and postage in the UK is included in the prices. RC4WD T Rex Scale Axles, for 1.9 or 2.2, simply stunning. So tempted to use them for my tuber but need the cash. SOLD STOP THE PRESS!! Included (FOR FREE!!!!!) is front and rear top link mounts AND Front and rear bottom link mounts AAAAND Ali servo mount AAAAAND Ali hexes. These beauties come with heavy duty spools and shafts as standard so not just for looking pretty. [All hardware not pictures] Next Up we have some super narrow RC4WD beadlock wheels. Again brand new. 85 http://rc4wdstore.com/product_info.php?cPa...products_id=255 Next, again brand new, RC4WD black gear box. SOLD http://rc4wdstore.com/product_info.php?cPa...products_id=515 Diablo Chassis plates. A comp crawler doesn't have to look dull! These babies come with the base plate and are only 35 for all that lovely machined Ali! 2.2 Rock crushers. Really knobbly and huuuuuuuuuuge. Again brand new. SOLD http://rc4wdstore.com/product_info.php?cPa...products_id=713 So there you have it. I will update and add a few bits as and when Will list all the loose end on ebay 8.3.09 so get in quick for the bargin. Cheers all Ryan
  7. Anyone help me out with a Hilux body? Need the front half but will consider all offers- Condition not massivly important but pref in one piece, Thanks Ryan Doesn't matter what vintage...
  8. LOL, like "Triggers' broom" the 'my car has done 250,000 (or more)' doesn't always stack up. The fact it's had 2 new engines, 5 clutches, a gearbox, a head skim, 6 head gaskets, 3 waterpumps, 2 master cylinders, 45 tyres (3 punctures) 3 front wings, a bonnet, a new radiator, new floorpan, various patches welded, 4 new exhausts, 9 sets or brake pads, 6 sets of brake disks, a new driver seat, and steering wheel, an "RS TURBO" badge [was a 1.1 popular] 1 steel wheel and 22 owners. And it used to be red. And it was stolen twice. Oh and the new odometer, so not quite sure if the milage is genuine....
  9. Anyone have one/ know where I can buy them? I think they went out of production about 5 years ago but not sure. Tried the usual suspects like Amazon and e-bay to no avail. Cheers Ryan
  10. LOL! My dremel came with over 80 attachments, but I use about 4. Gotta love the over-kill
  11. I'll have one please- Can you PM me your paypal details? Thanks Ryan
  12. Thanks matey- Payment received and will be shipped out tomorrow recorded delivery.
  13. New avatar?!! LOL! Might get a new Tattoo [if I wasn't so terrified of needles!!]
  14. Hi and welcome! Nice rig and unusual colour.
  15. Well I'm obviously not on my own here eh?! I came up with a new level of geeky-ness today. I have a cool Tamiya poster that I won off ebay, and I always find I'm forgetting stuff when I go to my LHS. SOOOO I bought one of those DIY picture frames and a special non-permanant pen, ET VOILA! I now have a cheap whiteboard and It looks cool (It has a Sand Scorcher on don't you know?!) Feel free to copy it as I recon it cost me about 10 and is proper useful! GEEEEK!
  16. Fight, fight, fight, fight! Cood dad they've got there!
  17. Hi guys I have: 1x 1500mAh crawler saddle pack. Brand new with deans 26 (2 available) 3x Savage shocks and 1 spare spring, 5 4x standard axial shocks, good condition. 13 4x standard axial shocks, set up for droop, with internal RC4WD springs 17 2x 100mm & 2x 50mm shocks. (see photo, I have 2 of each, ie 1 pair) 5 per pair TA-03 RC Porsche. Mint condition with box. Box has a few marks on the inside but the car is 99% Super rare and only available from Porsche dealers 85 mini car- Tamiya 'Grass hopper' 1/100th scale perfect for the back of your scale crawler. 23 All prices are nearest offer, and include recorded postage in the UK Pics:
  18. Whatever- Jonny Retro has a light sabre!!
  19. If it works I am your new best friend! I don't care much for Star Wars but who doesn't want one of those?!
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