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  1. My soon-to-be wife [maybe!] described me as a 'geek' to one of her friends I've never met. Now at school I was in quite a 'cool' crowd, played rugby, smoked and generally miss-behaved. Was poor at maths and physics and detention was a familiar event on my diary... So I wondered where this 'geek' thing came from, and yes, I know Tamiya isn't exactly cool, but honey would you rather I was out on the razz, smoking and chatting up birds? No, I thought not! So here I am, sat in my littel 'hobby' room about to play another on-line game and I look around... Oh my freeekin god I'm a geek! I play Counterstrike. I like Tamiya. I have a little thing that stores my bits and bobs that I'm rather proud of (see photo). I have a Tamiya banner on my wall. I meet up with people from all over the world to talk about little plastic toys. I have a load of little plastic boxes in draws that I've labled with things like "shocks" and "drive shafts". I love my colour coded allen drivers. I know where all my tools are (god I love tools! ) [Don't miss-quote me you bunch of "%"%ers!!] I'm typing on here!! And you know what? I wouldn't change it for the world. Happy 2009 guys! [Feel free to add your geeky photos. Come out the closet- it feels great!!]
  2. Me too. So I bought some Bruiser axles for my scaler
  3. Hi Guys & Girls. Just wanted to show you some pics of my Hilux tuber after our fantastic meet near Bournemouth today. I'm hoping this will be a little insparation for all those half way thru projects, and the "I'll get round to it" guys out there! I have had this truck so long, and to finally use it and enjoy it has made it all worth while. Of course it's not finished yet (is anything ever?!) but I'm so proud I actually managed to get something going! Thanks for your help guys (you know who you are) and I hope you enjoy the pics; Ryan The rest of the gang! BTW If anyone wants to join us next time gimme a shout, you're more than welcome.
  4. Noooooooo! Also ebays idea of "related items" differ very much from mine. Radio control Barbie Car? Sorry- Pink is not my colour...
  5. Hi guys and girls- Does anyone have a set of Hilift tyres going spare? I don't have a great deal of cash but loads of spares and bits if you need something? Let me know, Cheers Ryan
  6. Hi guys and girls. I only have 5 of these motors left, 2x 40t, 1x 45t, 1x 50t and a 55t. They are now at the amazing reduced price of 28.50 to clear. (including postage in the UK). First come, first served! Here is the original blurb: These fellas really are the dogs do-da's and have a few major advantages over both standard brushed motor [27t stock, Novak Fifty Five, etc] and also Brushless, giving what I believe the best of both worlds. Hi speed ball races and finned milled aluminium end bells for the coolest running with massive torque and the smoothest motor you'll try, making movement very predictable. They come with a limited lifetime warranty. For the time you own the motor everything is covered, even the brushes against wear and tear!! They are priced well below brusless set ups at 37, including recorded postage to the UK, or pairs for 69 [ideal for the Clod axled runners amongst us!] Thanks guys Ryan
  7. Wish they would make me head of development/ testing Failing that a new 3 speed that isn't american, and has a hard body. Something like a UN Nissan Patrol would be cool.
  8. Just a quick sneaky/ cheeky bump as they're all ending a couple of hours (18:30ish GMT). Some of the bits still silly cheap, and I'll get them to you in pleanty of time for crimbo!! Cheers Ryan
  9. Why is it some that I've seen have the motor in the front? Are they just incorrcetly labled? and is there an "extension" piece that takes them out to the standard wheelbase? Cheers Ryan
  10. ryanbored


    Fair play! I've noticed things going up massivly (especially when importing in dollors) and the pathetic 2.5% has just paniced people buying hi value items. My commisions over the next few months are going to be laughable. I'm actually being pro-active. [shock/ horror!]
  11. Can anyone help? I really dont wanna pay 20 for a set from ebay Thanks Ryan
  12. Hi guys and girls- hope you're all well. Some advice please; I've just won a mint (Dont think it's been used) TA-03 RS Porsche 24 hrs le-mans from ebay. I paid 65 incl runnning gear so I think I got a good deal. My question is this: Are they any good? I want to use it for drifting. I've had a go on a couple of chassis with drift set ups, from TT-01's to sooooper expensive x-rays and to be fair I was soooo bad It didn't matter what chassis I used!! So really I guess my question is; is my car worth loads of money and should I be swapping it for someones old TT-01?!I noticed it didn't say "Tamiya" in the title so I didn't have any bidding competition... Don't wanna bash up a nice/ rare car. Here's the listing: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...N:IT&ih=011
  13. I guys I have some r/c and crawler related stuff just gone on ebay- gimme a shout if you wanna make an early offer before anyone bids! http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZryanboard
  14. No haircut needed then?! Saw someone in a Shell suit jacket the other day. That bought back memories!
  15. can you not just push down on the suspension and pull it out? Would love to run trucks there- anyone know where it is?
  16. [snigger at the title!] I use "boltmeup" on ebay for decent M3/ M4 stuff. Always fast service and cheap too. Great for crawlers and TXT's etc
  17. Yes please!! I'll send you some beer money too! Could you PM me your address too? Thanks Ryan
  18. Hi guys, I have a pair of Hilux (highlift) chassis rails and some of the spacers. The rails have been slighly modified (notches to accept a spur gear across) but won't affect them. Only 12 posted in the UK Also a new built M-03m swift- fully ball raced, not yet painted. Can be supplied as is (with yellow paint) for 75 or RTR for more. Will add other stuff later on Cheers Ryan
  19. It does! Go for the M- It's less grief, cos you'll end up buying the parts anyways. Or get the M-03M [swift]. Personally I think you'll struggle to notice a difference in lap times between all the M-03's, hop-ups or not.
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