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  1. Seeing this thread I thought "result- I need some new scale tyres for my next project..." I recon they might be a bit big
  2. Not much really, just a couple of holes for the screws (use shorter screws than originally or they will make the roof bulge up from the inside!!) and a trim which you can do with scissors. I didn't rate the glass, as under close examination it has alot of flaws (bubbles/ creases etc) but from a distance it looks fine, and it's not expensive.
  3. I have used Stella Models with no problems
  4. Never thought you were that clever
  5. Looks cool, but you need another box trailer, and a dolly- ROAD TRAIN!! (and a longer desk!!) Good job
  6. Hmmm. That would be Ideal for my spare room, and I don't really need the futon in there...
  7. LOL!! I'd never get anything done!!
  8. Do you guys have a system for storing stuff? I find I spend ages looking for something, and then get so distracted by other stuff I find and forgot I have! Then I buy stuff from ebay etc that I already have... Or sell something I think I have loads of... The problem is there are too many catagories, and stuff fits in more than one. For example; Do you put servo horns in the "electronics drawer" or in the "spares drawer"? Or split it up half and half?! and do you keep the servo screws with them? Or do they go in the "screws section" of the "spares drawer"? Or do they go with your electronics too? And that's just servo horns... I think I have issues.
  9. Hmmm. Think you're gonna have to draw me a picture to explain that one...
  10. LMAO!! At least with a horse there is a small chance of winning- just watch where you park!!
  11. I think you need to set up an account for that sort of thing. The only thing I bet on regularly is my mate not giving up smoking [that is a sure thing ] From my Counterstrike days I think the term was "owned!"
  12. LOL! The only problem with that is if the bet doesn't come in you lot would hold it against me!!
  13. Just thought I would share my little story with you, maybe getting a laugh will help ease my pain?! On Sunday afternoon I had a call from a mate: "Hi matey, get on this horse, put your months wages on it. I'm just taking out a second mortgage. It's a sure thing". My mate gambles for a living, and I know nothing about that sort of thing, so thought "Why not", safe in the knowlege I can afford to lose 20, as there's no such thing as a 'sure thing'. My horse romps home, easily the fastest thing on 4 legs. I jump up and down in the bookies and marvel at the easy money I just made. Counting my winings (just over 100) I phone my mate and walk back to the car, saying I owe him a beer. Then I stop and look on in horror, the car has been clamped, 150 release fee!! B"$%%"S!!!!! Moral of the story is; stay at home and build your crawler like you should have been doing in the first place!!
  14. And that's how they win... I got stiched up a couple of times like this, but with postage to the US
  15. Praise where it's due they are spot on- Hit the order button.
  16. Hi mate- Good luck with the tank. I wouldn't wanna paint one!
  17. There's better stuff than model shops to see in Soho...
  18. Alot of that will have something to do with the weak I recon. also alot of mail companies have jacked their prices up due to rising fuel costs. (saying that I just bought unleaded petrol for 1 a litre, which is a drop of about 21% since 2 weeks ago)
  19. LOL! Brushless in touring cars really is the way forward...
  20. clever. So does the paint stick where it was floating on a water droplet? Or is that the backing colour shining thru?
  21. If you remove them could you do it carefully and send them to me?!!
  22. Hi guys and girls, here we have a good condition Savage 25. Just had a strip and clean. It is being tuned this morning by my local model shop, so will come in perfect order ready to go. Only just fitted a brand new one way bearing and pull start. Comes with the old Roto Start system [back plate, bearing and electronic whirrly starter with battery] if you wish to convert it back, Newer Wheels and tyres, Glow plug heater and spare plug. If you pick it up then I will include fuel too. Interested in trades, let me know what you have. Thanks Ryan Photos available for serious enquiries
  23. Where's that then?! That seems cheap for a decent set-up. These things are comparable to Traxxas VXL systems (so I've heard)
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