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  1. Would your Paypal/ Credit card provider not protect you?
  2. Nice to see you guys again, and some new faces. My Savage was obviously centre stage being the most impressive thing in the world ever! I unfortunately put the one-way bearing in backwards when fitting a new bearing and pull start, so it ran in reverse. Oh wait a minute- It's got a reverse module... I was about 12 seconds away from getting the spanners out. [The main spanner {me} was already out!] No the proudest moment of my adult life, but no-one noticed! Not. Till next time- Ryan
  3. The wedding meeting finishes at 1pm... So may have to get a shift on to make it up there! Only have a Savage runner again. Bring your ear plugs folks!
  4. You're in New York, which is gonna cost fortunes to send mate... I'd rather keep it in the UK if that's ok? Feel free to PM me an offer- I won't be offended
  5. So is this all confirmed cos I'm goin thru a load of grief to get there (It's my wedding planning day!! )
  6. Hi guys and girls- I have a Brand new E-maxx for sale- The new waterproof version. Postage will be about 15. Pref Uk only, and I'm open to offers or trades. [Not interested in new Tamiya buggies] Thanks Ryan
  7. Hi guys and girls, I have a NIB Swift for sale (or trade for touring car/ Axial/ Crawler stuff). Comes as you'd expect, but the box is a little bit tatty. Comes with full decent bearings, paint and Tamiya ESC. Can be supplied with radio gear if required. Can also be built and painted if you don't like doing that! Let me know what you have Looking for offers in the region of 100 posted [recorded] in the UK Cheers Ryan
  8. I think you need to have a look around matey! 2.4ghz heli your gran could fly, and looks cool for under 150?! Nitro trucks that even I can tune, and actually tick over?! New facets appearing all the time? [Drifting and crawling to name a few] Brushless motors coming down in price.... Easy/ cheap order from internet/ abroad If you're talking about the general advance of mankind, then yes we're still using steel and aluminium, and yes the hover-board hasn't really happened yet (all in their mid to late twenties were PROMISED this by 1995 , I'm still waiting!) In 1990 I was repairing my Nikko with lolly pop sticks and sellotape, cos I couldn't afford another untill next Christmas. Now I have more toys than I can shake a stick at, and a fiancee that limits my purchasing. I think we have it pretty good...
  9. I have recently bought a Savage and an E-Maxx. At the moment I am deceiding whether or not to sell the Savage to buy a decent brushless system for the e-maxx... Or sell the E-maxx for Savage hop-ups. I can't see me running both. Sorry, my comments are of no use to anyone- And you can quote me on that!
  10. Hi guys and girls, I know this prolly isn't the right forum for this sort of thing but if anyone can help me out with 1, a pair or set of Savage wheels then please let me know! Thanks Ryan
  11. Pug shell looks cool
  12. I joined September 2007, Since then it has been cool!
  13. Thanks matey- I recon if it had a description and the seller had feedback there's no reason it wouldn't have gone for 200 ish. Just hope it works later! My mate who works in a model shop will be on the case with it!!
  14. Oh- Try searching for item number 180292892902
  15. Well I never get good deals, and always pay through the nose for this *bleep*ing hobby, so I would just like to tell everyone about this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...N:IT&ih=008 I'll test it tomorrow, as It might be an old knacker inside, but it looks like it's been run about 4 or 5 times!! Took a bit of a risk buying it but hopefully this time it will have paid off. Wish me luck all, Cheers Ryan
  16. The dog was chasing me!! Anyways I've just scored a cheap-as-you-like Savage: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...N:IT&ih=008 (So will test it tomorrow, but it looks like it's been run about 4 or 5 times!!) And I bought a brand new latest model e-maxx for 140 too Now I'm skint though
  17. 18 months ago I paid 80p for a litre of fuel, and everyone was kicking off cos it was going up 2p every copule of weeks (sometimes more) and getting close to the 1 mark. It's now nearly 7 a gallon in some places ($13ish ). I earn my living from selling cars- In September I sold 4 cars. Last year for the same month I sold 15. Panic is setting in!
  18. They have a lesser resitance, allowing more current thru, and are rated higher, meaning they are less likely to fail under high current drain (ie brushless or low motor turn) applications.
  19. Wow. Nice prizes... Might have to have a crack at them...
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