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  1. I moved to deans from bananananana plugs and the only issue I have with them is sometimes you have to pull on the wire to get them apart, rather than the plastic casing. And that can stress the wire/ joint/ heatshrink. I just think they should make them longer so you can get hold of them properly
  2. I piled everything into our flat so next year can buy a nice little house. I can see the 45k ish equity dissapearing in front of my eyes...
  3. Dig it all up, put in a pond liner (from B&Q type stores) and then put the dirt back. Hard work and will take you a few days but you'll never get the problem again! Like the Geotextile stuff but cheaper.
  4. Thanks for your input guys, and for the invite RM, I'll def get my toys to Cider Bashers next event if it isn't raining! I think I'm gonna plump for the E-maxx, cos I can pick one up for under 150, and can sling a brushless in it when I have a few more 's. The Savage is really tempting, but I live in a 2 bed flat and my misses gets annoyed at tripping over nitro fuel And James I had a HPI 5b, but found it to be a little bit too slow (I know you can spend big $ on them...) after the manic brushless and nitro stuff I had. Plus my misses kept tripping over that too, cos it's huge! I'm pretty excited about that- I love rally cars, but no-one really does an off-the-shelf capable one anymore. Gonna think over the next few days, then get the cash out! Cheers all, Ryan
  5. Great service from this guy! (free plug, but you deserve it)
  6. Hi and welcome! Best place for spares etc is the traders on here, e-bay, and the "for sale" sections. Advice is free and pleantiful! enjoy...
  7. I do think that Traxxas make good bashers, but I had a standard E-maxx and wasn't that impressed, especially after the Savage. But don't wanna splash out on loads of sooooper dooooper cells or brushless... [Can't afford it!] Dunno if the good ole standard 'E' will be enough for me? Think I'm gonna have to look at a Savage. Sirandy, is the Slash that good? I've heard good things about the Firestorm too. Might just put a 10t in a Madbull and see how long it lasts
  8. Hi guys and girls- just want a little advice really. I want a car for bashing, and just not sure what to go for. Doesn't have to be Tamiya (shock/ horror!) I miss my Savage, but not sure I want the nitro/ aggro again Fancy a rally car, but I think a truck would suit me better. Bassically something that doesn't need too much maintainance, will go off-road, keep a smile on my face... So thoughts please. Cheers Ryan Poss cars are: Revo E-Revo (bit pricey, don't really wanna invest in that many batteries!) Savage Tamiya based rallye car [Love the old Delta] Something vintage like a Ford Ranger (not enough ablility?) Stampede Anything I've not thought of? I don't really like buggies....
  9. Very random. If I had a prize, you'd get it for that!
  10. I'll be there till it gets dark/ starts raining/ I run out of food!!
  11. I'll buy him a McD's to follow mine about and turn it up the right way!!
  12. Day off for me so I should be in! Now just gotta buy some runners!! Savage anyone?!
  13. Blue tac? Sticky pads? (they leave a mess that is hard to get off, but you can do it) Double sided tape?
  14. Yeah, My morals would really come into play when thinking what to spend my 350,000 bonnus on [$720,000 ish, the average bonus in London stock exchange, source: my mate down the pub!]
  15. I should so get into banking. Charge loads of fees, pay yourself massive bonuses and when it all goes pear-shaped get bailed out by the Government. Ideal. Win-win. And the best part, like you said, is the complete lack of accountability.
  16. So if I stick a servo and receiver up me *** then I can have my pic on the frontpage?! Seriously, these sort of threads make me giggle. Rules. Like it or lump it. They are admin for a reason doing a job, that i sure as **** wouldn't wanna do, and the majority of the time get it spot on. But then I still want cigarette, so still offending everyone
  17. Pics would help. I often find the best way is to look for "completed listings" on ebay. Ie what people have actually paid recently for simular items. Buy your kids another model though, like a TT-01 if you want a touring car.
  18. Take him to the small claims court. Pay a top solicitor and MAKE him take it back! Or just put it down to experience and get over it. I'm not being nasty, but I have found in this hobby you win some, and you lose some. Take the moral high ground and fix up how you want it, or sell it on as it is. Crying over spilt milk an all that. Mind you I want a cigarette and hate evryone at the moment, so what do I know?! Peace.
  19. Quality boys toy!! what scale is that?
  20. That looks great fun, and what a great place to run!
  21. I would go for it, just for the challange, it's meant to be fun after all! And lets face it, they're not expensive, and you can get your money back on ebay if it all goes wrong!
  22. AS per title, NIB, 150 posted in the UK, or trade [let me know what you have]. No low ball offers please, I'd rather keep it Sold. Cheers. Ryan
  23. Yup, ABC do them, and they are on ebay all the time. Reports say they may be a little brittle if you want to use them.
  24. lol, what's the matter with this one?!
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