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  1. Hi guys, I'm just putting a few feelers out at the moment.I have recently purchased a new in Box Ford Escort Repsol TA02 kit. The only think i needed out of the box was the bodyshell and decals etc. I'm wondering if someone would be interested in buying everything else, or would it be better to list a few lots on the bay for spares? Offers appriciated Thanks Ryan
  2. So what's the most valuble Tamiya then, auction wise? or can anyone recal a recent auction for a sack full of money on the bay? (let the rumours begin!! I once caught a fish thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big etc!)
  3. Thanks guys- I've sorted it now. I have some ever-so-slightly over size screws where i think the length and body is the same but the tread is a bit wider- worked a treat!!
  4. I've had Quite a few HPI shells, and they're quality is near, or as good as Tamiya lexan shells. Give them a go, as they do lots of different types/ makes and retail for under 20
  5. How much do you want for this one matey? Will it fit TT01/ TA02? Shipping to uk.... Thanks Ryan
  6. I think the italians are used to it though, as i never once got any negitive comments whilst e-mailing, and she even left positive feedback when she finally received it
  7. Ohh those looks lovely-! Has anyone seen the milled ali chassis you can get too? (only on eBay i think) God i'm soooo tempted Someone talk some sense into me please.....
  8. I don't know Why you'd wanna buy the manuals, cos surely then you'll just wanna buy all the cars... Like being surrounded by beautiful women that dont fancy you Frustration is a wonderful thing!
  9. I've used him before thru e-bay always will top class results.
  10. I shipped a model boat to Italy about a year ago (Big package about 3 foot long) and it only took 13 weeks to get there!! And we whinge when royal mail goes on strike for a day!
  11. The blue Tamiya stuff works a treat- but gets everywhere! keep some tissue near by!
  12. Guys- I know this might be a bit of a noob question, but Im just building a TT01 kit, and found a couple of the screws wont bite down. (Ill give the specifics if anyone wants to get that technical!) Now I have built quite a few Tamiya kits and never found this problem before and wondered if anyone has come across this on the TT01 Now Im definitely using the right screws, and not over-tightening them(they didn't bite in the first place) so wondered how to fix it? Do I just pour in a bit of thread lock and hope for the best? Or use a slightly bigger screw that I have knocking about? Thanks for your help in advance. Ryan
  13. Cool matey- keep me posted! Are these parts super rare?
  14. Hi guys, I would like the carbon deck for the TA01/02. Also any TA01/2 or TT01 Bodyshells, must be new, or as new, and pref centering around rally cars of the 80's/ 90's, but will look at whatever. Thanks for your help! Ryan
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