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  1. strange as i have tried it with a 101 and a 104 and both dont work with it.
  2. I am waiting for her to email me over the pictures of it and will chase her up for them and ask a price. Not gonna be cheap as you will expect as this is original and in box untouched.
  3. I am posting on behalf of a friend. She has for sale a brand new in box Original release, black bumpered Sand Scorcher. I shall be getting photos of it hopefully today to add here. This was the late great Ratfinks, so anyone that knew him will know that this was kept in the box untouched from the day he bought it. As you can guess only want real offers for it. Just drop me a PM and i will answer as many questions as i can. She is prepared to ship this item at cost and collection from the Cambridge area is also possible. Thanks for looking.
  4. I have had the same problem this weekend. It worked for test on the bench them on the track is just dropped signal. Now it wont bind at all. I have tried it with several other esc and even on it's own using a small rx pack (as per manual) and still wont bind. Think its going back to be replaced.
  5. I have registered with that site but have not had my activation email. I have replied to your pm but not sure if you have got it. My local club (Fordham) does allow esc in bangers and "servo protector" bumpers. Due to weather i wasn't able to get there when they raced at the weekend to chat with them about building. I have got a brand new V12 in box that i will convert to a banger. Have the Mardave banger chassis plate on order along with the body posts for bangers. Anything else i might need? I have a sort of GRP saloon chassis but not sure it's right. Will try and get some pics of it sorted tonight if you can give me your opinions on it.
  6. I have been out of Mardave racing for quite a while and am looking to get back into it. Can anyone help with the chassis rules for bangers? Is it 4 or 6 cell? I take it still no bumpers? What chassis is best? Onto to Saloon Stock. I know many people build their own using V12 parts and custom cut chassis from GRP. Does anyone have a spare chassis plates or have drawings/photos on what theirs looks like. I have all the V12 parts but am stumped on the main chassis and how to attach 6 cells to it.
  7. If you could give me the distance between the cab back and the trailer front i will check. This has been designed around the space behind the Scanis R620 and MAN.
  8. Ok. For the guys here that have not seen this on other forums. I have been talking with a manufactuer who is looking to produce 1/14 scale Hiabs for behind the cabs of trucks. Attached are a couple of pictures of his concept of the Palfinger Type crane. The green wall is the size of the cab rear panel 200x180mm plus the maximum depth available of 80mm. Will six sections as shown in the pictures be fine for everyone? What fully extended length including the fixed section is best for everyone? He hasn't calculated an extended length yet but is sure everybody will want something different, this will not be possible at this time there will be one design and that’s it. What level of detail are people prepared to pay for? The standard level of detail is like the marine crane below, Thoughts? The level of detail in the marine cranes is dictated by what is readily available to purchase and does not require expensive manufacturing. Nearly all my parts are either fabricated from plastic sections or laser cut sheet material, this helps keep costs down. The final kit will include all flexible hydraulic piping and material to make the hydraulic cylinders plus decals, plus a build sheet. He has asked for realistic comments. What he doesn’t want to do is detail the design, manufacture it and then for people say that’s not what I wanted or expected to get. The anticipated kit cost is around £60-£70 with the 6 extending sections. As you can realise the amount of material and machining that is needed on this scale is greater than that of a smaller marine crane. I personally don’t think this price is over the top with what is involved with the manufacture of it. If people are interested in buying one when they are made could you pm me your name and email so i can keep track on numbers of people.
  9. Best place i have found is Prices-Model-Trucks on ebay. If he ain't listed the parts you want just send him an email.
  10. Looking for the Tamiya Truck Roof Spoiler. Anyone got one they don't want?
  11. Have a search on google mate. There is a post somewhere on the net to add extra channels to futaba radios. All futaba 4channel sets have a 7 channel chip inside.
  12. It does look really good, but it stops the engine sound to play other sounds where the Benedini doesn't. Can you notice that? What sound files can you use for it?
  13. really need to wire a three position switch to the fifth channel. I know how to do it to the Futaba 4 channel to turn them into 7 channel. Will have the thing apart again tonight and see
  14. The benedini can be found here. http://www.benedini.de/ If you have any problems just email them as they are very helpful. You can order from other sites but price is the same so why not get it direct from manufactuer.
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