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  1. ok, so i cut my wheelie bar so that it now moves all the way up, and stops at the botom. and then i decided that it would maby hold a wheelie batter if when it wheelied it had a cushion. and i created the "4th shock mod" sorry if any one else did this yet how i cut the bar bf xtreme shock mounted
  2. does it wheelie? mine with a 1500 cheap battery wheelies on the carpet on a full charge and stock motor, but i would like to wheelie on the street to
  3. thanks for the reply and the compliment, i was looking at the super stock bz motor, but wasn't sure how it would preform, and would i be able to use the 20t pinon?
  4. hey i got me a new truck, its a tamiya blackfoot xtreme, and i have ball bearings and oil shocks, i wanted to know what motor you would recommend and what you think of my truck
  5. is it possible for you to make a how to on that wheelie bar? i need one for my super blackfoot, and yours looks like a good idea
  6. yep, that is all that will fit also i meant 4" shocks not 4" bearings i just cought that
  7. i wish i could find a king blackfoot, i have a super blackfoot that is running a king blackfoot chassis. and now i have a blackfoot extreme, i plan to own all the blackfoots
  8. i use carb cleaner to clean out gearboxes and gears
  9. does any one know the gear ratio of a hornet?
  10. ok, i already have a wheelie bar, and some proline tires, but i think i might need a new body first?
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