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  1. SHY69

    Super Astute Gearbox Testing

    Wonderful work and thanks for sharing! I see a lot of other parts now on ShapeWays as well: Link May I recommend these closed Facebook groups for those interested in mods? Project Super Astute Evolution Project Dyna Storm Evolution
  2. SHY69

    Nordic Vintage Challenge

    We use 4 1/2 hours to Eskilstuna from Oslo. Good roads and not that much traffic. No problem at all!
  3. SHY69

    Nordic Vintage Challenge

    Just fly to Stockholm guys and rent a car, it's only 1 hour drive then Here's my video compilation from the last race:
  4. SHY69

    Nordic Vintage Challenge

    Great write up Hans! Everybody is more than welcome! See more info in english here:
  5. SHY69

    Tamiya B.A.R. Honda Hotshot Evo IV

    Thx guys! 2nd place is a Kyosho Optima (modified). 3rd place is a std Hotshot with very thick oil in the dampers. So this is the plan for Evo V: -Thorp diff also in the front + the universal mod (same as in the rear) -11T pinion (motor is still too hot) -Manta Ray torque splitter -Boomerang rear suspension parts, to get some rear toe-in -Custom carbon rear tower: More mounting holes, better support (mounted also to the cage) The car is now almost good enough to use the "modern vintage" class ("4WD) - cars released in 1994 and older
  6. SHY69

    Tamiya B.A.R. Honda Hotshot Evo IV

    Well... it kinda worked out OK Laptimes from NVC #4 (SHY): 2WD Classic: 13.7 (RC10 Classic) 4WD Classic: 13.1 (Hotshot) 2WD: 13.5 (Dyna Storm) 4WD: 12.8 (Top Force) So only 3 tenths slower than a Top Force with 13.5 brushless. The HS is running 19T brushed. And faster than a pretty modern 2WD with 17.5 brushless. Happy indeed!
  7. SHY69

    Mad Max Fury Road War Rig build

    Wow - fantastic work man!
  8. SHY69

    Schumacher Procat restoration

    You live very close to me, so a co-ride should be doable as well
  9. SHY69

    Schumacher Procat restoration

    Great work! You should bring this to NVC #5 in march and race it!
  10. SHY69

    Re-Re Hotshot with a "few" updates

    Thx! I started learning Sketchup. But I think I'll go with SolidWorks if I can find the energy again
  11. SHY69

    Re-Re Hotshot with a "few" updates

    Ah, OK - so it fits the Boomerang suspension - with shims added? No worries, I was anyway planning to put on Boomer arms in order to get some rear toe-in. But it's only like .5 degrees isn't it? What CAD program do you use? SolidWorks?
  12. SHY69

    Tamiya B.A.R. Honda Hotshot Evo IV

    Thx a lot! It's for sure a concept you can improve a lot - it seems to like never end this "Evolution" In comparison there was not much to be done to turn the Top Force into a great handling racer... I have another car ready, the Dyna Storm Evo II... now here we went balls to the balls in order to make it competitive... I'll make a tread on it later. But here's a little teaser:
  13. SHY69

    Tamiya B.A.R. Honda Hotshot Evo IV

    Moved to the Build tread, thx Andy! I'll try to get some better shots in daylight... Looks more sleek with the wing further back - and I think it'll look a lot more "right" in motion now!
  14. SHY69

    Re-Re Hotshot with a "few" updates

    Great, I'll have to try those! Maybe you should add "Hotshot" to the description on Shapeaways? I started to learn CAD, but I don't seem to have enough drive to get further... real shame, it's gotta be so satisfying do design your own stuff!
  15. SHY69

    Tamiya B.A.R. Honda Hotshot Evo IV

    Thx bjorklo! Yes I think it can further add to my F1 theme, will do this later IIRC it was posted in The Builds, but was moved here by an admin. I've asked if it can be moved back. No biggie though. So lets finally hope for victory now this weekend in The Nordic Vintage Challenge #4 - it's been the by far fastest car in 4WD Classic - but I've yet to capitalize on the win, due to the 19T motors simply burning up. I've freed up the gear train now and gear down >> fingers crossed!