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  1. Hi guys, I've started restoration of a Porsche 959 (bought used and assembled) and, when I've tried to remove wheel axels from wheel hubs I deformed the C-ring which locks the axel to the hub. So, I'm looking for a replacement. The part is inside the ROD BAG of the kit (which is unobtainable) but maybe can be found elsewere... can anybody help me to find the out (I'd prefer to replace all of them)??? Thank you
  2. Hello guys, I've recently started the restoration of a Tamiya Celica Gr.B and I'm looking for some parts I can'really find! I'd like to say that restoring that car is a beautiful experience, it was my dream when I was a child... Now, I'm looking for white wheels and rally block tires, and for H parts. Does anybody have these parts available??? Thank to everybody
  3. Hello, maybe it passed some time, but do you still have these parts available? I'm lookong for H Part. Thank you
  4. Yeah I know I know.... ho detto il pi veloce, ma intendevo il pib lento!
  5. Hello guys, I'm an happy owner of a TL01 chassis with ESC and a Team Onion Drift Machine 18T motor and 4200mah battery. I would like to upgrade to a brushless system, any suggestions? Which is the fastest brushless system I can install? thanks
  6. What is it? where to buy it in Europe? thanks
  7. Hi guys, does anybody know how to remove Tamiya Color Acrylic Paint (TSxx) from a plastic part??? thanks
  8. No, I haven't backed with ps2... that's something new for me! But I can do it, I suppose, if I find the difference is significant... Also, I've done 3-times ps7 painting! Does it makes difference?
  9. Hello guys, I've painted my RX7 body with the Tamiya Polycarbonate Spray PS7 (orange) and, as I have to paint also plastic parts that will be put on the body, I'm guessing which is the right paint I have to use for matching body color; looking at Tamiya website, I shoud use the Tamiya Color Spray Paint TS12 (orange)... but I'm not sure it's the right matching color! thanks
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