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  1. Some people will tell you to start with a coaxial heli and grow in to a CP (collective pitch) heli. I honestly disagree since you could in theory fly a coax for years and master it and once you go to CP you will realize that very little translates over. I started with a CP heli years ago, in fact it was one that is known for being very twitchy and hard to control. I crashed A LOT, i learned to tear down and rebuild that heli with my eyes closed. Moving on I bought my T REX 450 V2, I also crashed it quite a few times. Once bad enough to have to replace the airframe (3D flight error). I learned a lot of how to fly and great tips from here. Follow this advice word for word and you will be flying sooner than you think (no cheating). http://www.dream-models.com/eco/flying-index.html I also joined a club which granted me access to a flying field. The knowledge from advanced fliers was well worth its weight in gold. I now have a AXE CP (hard to control for a beginner imo), a Blade 400 (great beginner CP imo), a T REX 450 SE V2, and a T REX 600 Basically the bigger you go the easier it is to control. If you haven't done helis before be prepared for some bank account drain, it is way more expensive than a car ever has been for me. You will crash, its never a matter of if, more a when, and how many times in the same day lol. I once crashed evey heli i had in one weekend, it was a very expensive weekend (around $1200 in replacement parts and 4-6 hours in repair time).
  2. PSXBatou

    Ta-05 Ifs

    Fast and cheap don't got together in this hobby, surely you must have figured this out by now? Actually the word cheap and this hobby don't go together, lol. Racing at your local track might be cheaper than you think. I pay $20 to enter a race here, most tracks are near that price around here. It's usually and all day event, with mains at the tail end. The most expensive part comes when you crash and need parts. Make sure you have spare parts, most tracks around here gouge you for parts, as well Tamiya parts around here are hard to come by. The most expensive thing you may need is one of these http://www.amb-it.com/ambrc-transponders-c-16_18.html. A lot of tracks will loan you one too, of course at a cost for the loaner/deposit to make sure you return it. Good luck with your endeavor, but your money would better be spent in competition/club racing.
  3. PSXBatou

    Ta-05 Ifs

    How new are you to this hobby? I am guessing rather new since every new person tends to be obsessed with "how fast can I go". To go as fast as you are talking about in this thread you will need something custom built. I highly doubt you are going to achieve it with a kit you bought from your local hobby shop. There is so much more to this hobby than going fast. While yes I do love to endulge in watching it/feeling my car zoom by there is something to be said about a car that is fast yet controllable. Give me a tuned car with great handling and adequate power and you will see a happy driver. The car you mentioned would be a great track car with the right driver. Get on a RC track, there is far more than speed envolved. In fact sometimes too much speed will cost you a race.
  4. I agree I do need more practice. I just felt as if it was hard for me to see/engage with the car when it was at the far side of the track. Honestly I think I may go back again, just not enter the mains without running the beginning events.
  5. I bought a 2008 Infiniti G35S last August. I traded in my 2006 BMW 330i for it. The best choice I have ever made, this car handles like a dream and has so much **** power. The car is 1 year old in mid Aug and my rear tires are already in need of replacement. Some photos from when I took my car out on a run around here. Some great scenery as well as some great driving through the twisties. As a ex SCCA/AutoX driver I loved every bit of it.
  6. The year started ok. I lost a heli early on, but that was due to my poor judgement flying. I really haven't taken my cars out much, I did try to race again last weekend. That went rather umm poorly. I whined about it in another thread here hehe. My 08 G35S is going to be a year old soon, I've put nearly 16k on her already! I had a blast driving it through the twisties, scenery was awesome and the drive was just grand. The absolute worst of this year happened a few weeks ago when a good friend was murdered by his ex wife. She has since been arraigned on murder with special circumstance of lying in wait, as well as discharge of a firearm with malice intent. She shot him 3 times at close range with a semi-auto 22. His funeral is Wednesday, while difficult I am trying to bury my head in to other things to help me keep sane. On to good news, we are looking at buying a home. The unfortunate part is that its a short sale we bid on, their lender did an appraisal after getting all the paperwork they needed and supposedly we should be in escrow later this week or next. It has a decent sized back yard (all dirt right now), which means I'll be out there with my RC10 (at least till i put in sod). The house has put my RC hobby on hold, its an expensive hobby! I have my PS3 with 70 some odd games, a wii that collects dust, and a WoW addiction that I need to shake lol to hold me over. If any of you have a PS3 and want to play my id is PSXBatou. I'll leave you with a 2 photos of my car on said twistie run. Yes that is a brand spanking new R35 Skyline GT-R 2 cars in front of me *drool* Full gallery if you want to see more (some RC stuff there too, though a bit out of date) http://batou.org/PSXBatou/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=15
  7. I have been in RC since I was 10, a good 30 some odd years. I have raced TCS in Japan and the US, as well as raced with clubs in both countries. I have come to a conclusion after trying to race this weekend; I am old and my eyesight and reflexes are not what they used to be. I can still build and modify a car with the best of them, but in my despair I watched my driving ability go down the drain. I have always had to wear eyeglasses or contacts, while when I was younger that was fine, now I notice that keeping track of a small RC car in the distance and still maintaining depth perception is quite diificult. I found myself kissing the rail a lot, as well I placed 7th out of 12th overall, a far fetch from my glory days. It was very humbling racing again, I realized that while my skill to build a car has not faultered, my comfort in driving has. The hard part for me to grasp on to is that it isn't a skill thing, its a age thing. I just don't have the eyesight or the reflexes I had even 5 years ago. I almost felt embarrased on the track. The good part of this (if there is one) is my daughter loves this, I am currently helping her out to learn the basics of car control and mechanics. While the racing experience was humbling, if not slighlty embarassing it has taught me that it is time to move on. I will pass my torch to my daughter I still love RC, I always will. While I may not race again you best be assured that I will be building cars still. I always loved building the cars more than running them, even at a younger age. My daughter on the other hand is a born driver, she loves driving the models and is quite good at it for her age.
  8. I've never had a battery plug melt on me, and this is after years of TCS races and just messing around. I have had many bullet plugs decide to become one though. I am an interesting one, I have raced TCS in Japan and the US, I race at local clubs, and I have been an avid RC'r since I was 10. Yet I cant solder worth a ******* LOL. One day I will sit down and properly learn how to solder, I have a great setup from a good friend in Japan but I lack in the skill department.
  9. I converted my motor leads to Deans after I got tired of those silly Tamiya bullet plugs fusing themselves together. I have never had a battery lead do that though.
  10. Thanks, I will order a couple for that price. It looks like the plug that goes from the battery to the ESC is still a standard Tamiya plug? I thought LiPO used a different plug, or can I find some that use the standard plug that my NiMH batteries use to connect to my ESC? Like this
  11. That is quite the find! Those yellow shocks bring back memories of my Grasshopper, I had some that looked just like them on it. They were oil filled and replaced the non oil filled that came with my kit.
  12. Where can I buy these? I would rather have an alarm anyhow. Are those Tamiya plugs on that battery? I can't say I've seen a Tamiya plug on a LiPO before.
  13. So something like this would work? http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...LXPGM8&P=ML What connects to what on that device? Sorry for the noob questions, I am trying to grasp on to the new technology
  14. So here is what I never understood. Why do you need a new ESC to support LiPO? Or is it that BL motors require it and I am just confusing the two technologies? My mind is still stuck in the NiMH and Brushed times. Forgive me lol. Would my Tekin G11 Pro support a LiPO pack, or would I have to invest in a new ESC to use a LiPO pack? While I am looking to go LiPO/BL I would like to take it one step at a time if i can. I would love the extended drive time of LiPO, but right now replacing all my elctronics on my models would not be possible.
  15. Thanks for the advice, I am still stuck in brushed motor land as far as how I am thinking. I have a temp gun from my heli's, I would assume I can use that on a car motor. Just point the laser and look at the temp. I'll look in to the LRP SPX. I am anxious to get back in to racing but at the same time I am running a new car with likely totally new electronics, it should be rather interesting. Since I haven't raced the 416 I can't really comment on the differences between my old 415 and the 416. Which reminds me, I have to put my 415 on ebay!
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