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  1. So would these work fine: http://cgi.ebay.com/ALUMINUM-F-R-SWING-SHA...=item5888f1296a
  2. Yes I know the TA02 parts fit, but universal drive shafts for TA02/FF01 is quite expensive whereas for the TA03 they are much cheaper.
  3. Hi guys, I bent one of the drive shafts on my FF01 today, no, not from excessive power, but from an accident. Can someone tell me, what drive shafts fit? And what universals fit? I see some TA03 front drive shafts are cheap, will they fit? Thanks
  4. What is the advantage of using an aftermarket rear 4 link setup?
  5. Commiedoor, I didn't mean smack her around, or treat her as a subordinate or something, but his role should have been established long before even getting married, and if this was done she would have shown him the respect not to have done this, rather not shown him, but actually have the respect for him to not to whatever simply pleases her. I believe in all fairness that women should have equal rights but within reason, and not to mention in Australia I think women have more than just equal rights. I don't know your friends complete living status but I assume if she has moved into his house, and he goes on 7 day shifts that he is the main "bread winner". Now for her to go and do something like this would lead me to either the conclusion that she is a sociopath (which I doubt would be getting married) or that your friend has undermined his role to such an extent that he has become nothing more than an appliance and convenience to her by supplying her a house and financial security. Also your friend may not be wimpy to you or the guys, but this does not mean his tough nature transcends to his attitude with his wife. And lesson number 2, ALWAYS sign a prenuptial agreement
  6. I think the problem is that in Australia women have too much power and control in relationships. This of course I think extends to most westernized countries. No offense to your friend, but he is a little wimpy b1tch if he had put himself in such a situation where his new wife didn't even need to worry about his reaction after doing something like this behind his back. I bet he'd be too scared to do that to her belongings (let alone if he had moved into her house) and I am sure had he done that her reaction would have been something to document. Your friend needs to become a man, because if he was a man, she would not have done that.
  7. It is a bit too dark I think, and a bit too vibrant. Does anyone know the color of the RX7 I posted? And, the color that Scania truck was in?
  8. Corpse Thrower, what color is your Scania? And, how would it be different considering you have white body Vs my clear body? The color doesn't need to be exact, but at least indistinguishable from memory (ie, don't want to look at it thinking "that's obviously the wrong color") How about this color, it must be a Tamiya color, and it looks pretty close to what I want:
  9. I am building an R34 GT-R and was wondering how to get this color:
  10. Well, specifically I would like to transfer money from a Cyprus bank account to an Australia bank account. Also, what are the fees to "withdraw" money from paypal into the bank account?
  11. Hi guys, I want to transfer money to myself from one account to another. Accounts are held in different banks in different countries. I was hoping to avoid bank fees as it costs almost 50USD to send money with my bank. I have 2 paypal accounts (one per bank) and was wondering if I could cheaply send myself money? The amounts may range from about 100USD to 1,000USD. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. Is that an 06 STi? This is a great idea and well executed too!
  13. Any pics of the 26mm tires on 24mm wheels? I was always curious but never had 24mm rims
  14. The TG10 and TB01 were more or less electric and nitro variants of the same car
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