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  1. Thank you guys for all comments RC4WD accepted the mistake, said that they even pay for an outer box especially made for TF2 shipping. They would replace the kit, responsible for all postages, or simply send me a new box. Anyway I got positive reply, one supervisor even called me from HK explained and apologized, all happened in a day.
  2. LOL I placed order on RC4WD website directly The kit must have been made in China by HK OEMer San Jose took the order and ship it to me from the most economy stock house geographically, I live in Taiwan BTW BUT Whats that all about then? this is still outrageous they charged the shipping from San Jose ie. $80!
  3. Received my TF2 today, interestingly it shipped from HK, came without any packing, boxing or protection material What the ..... is this normal to RC4WD?
  4. that was a 4-wheel-independent G-hopper project by a fellow modeller 'LYF' Some of his works here F sus initial design Later work Rear view
  5. I think it's the 3rd race in the year already, fellow racers/collectors brought their collection-runner or NIB, over to the field for race and fun Most interesting feature this time is the RC Channel mod for Hoshot, most driving flaws are corrected... [Clik image to enter the album]
  6. Finally my sweetest friend looka scratch built the most important component of Kyosho 1/9 SUV, the CCVT transmission case. It's not CNC production but a traditional lathe and mil job, the very first and only in the world I believe. I also heard its mass produciton version is on the go now... Please click the image
  7. Thanks mates Yes it was too squeezy to sit the bearing in, almost no possible in my case Just can't figure out, If mine were the only case, why the batch-produced sun gear part has a tolerance so different....
  8. On the way of buiding my CR01, I met a problem never happened to Tamiya parts If you had a manual pls refer to page 14, step 24, fitting BD7 the 2415 bearing to sun gear the problem is the inner dia. didnot fit, and it ended up with the sungear protruded its gear box so you can not close it with motor plate... I then measured the dia. of the neck that accepts bearing =15~15.1mm, 2415 bearing has a 15mm inner dia.... there is no way they could fit eachother...I coundn't believe my eyes as it never exist in my building experience (of Tamiya kits) I had to sand it off little by little to make it right...So it is me only, or, you had the same problem?
  9. Dyna Blaster, best vintage truggy!
  10. Yeah..you're right, this may be the answer, from a fellow collector a custom made lower plate but this way you lost the stock setting height of the blocks.... may need to lifit the entire assembly Anyway drive safely at the moment
  11. Thanks a lot but please don't get me wrong it's not an ad at all I just wished to share with clear pictures so we can all enjoy the viewing... cheers
  12. Fitting the new metal axle to my F350, pls clik to view
  13. Now NIB Jealousy is there for offering... http://blog.roodo.com/tamiyaclub
  14. Latest auction record was at Yahoo JP on Aug 14 Highest bid was 78,000 yen = $661 winner was the you-know-who darth_dirtysocks....
  15. Well before the building I have to know what are the difference between the original and 2007 Hotshot I may do a little bit more when starting * press the image to enter
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