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  1. Thanks for your answer. Well, to be honest, this report button was under my eyes the whole time, but I never saw it until you pointed it to me. Thanks for that. The reason I first posted in the showrooms is because I didn't receive any answer to the email I sent to info@tamiyaclub.com. Accessing the forums is not easy. I read another thread where someone has the same problem as I have with logging in, and read your answer regarding the "edit your details" function. Didn't work for me, it simply logged me out from the my showroom. I will look further into it. Now I'll make good use of that report button.
  2. Hello, Here is a screen capture of a little something I posted on TC homepage an hour ago: Well, to answer my question, apparently someone is moderating; my entry was deleted within 30 minutes. And following that, the other entries I was reffering to on the homepage were deleted too. It "only" took them 3 days. Curious to know what moderators have to say about it, since I never received a proper answer, other than the automatically generated robot-type email. I have also made screen captures of the entries I was referring to, just in case someone questions my sayings.
  3. I primed the body with Tamiya grey primer, but if I remember correctly, I didn't bother masking the parts that were painted last. What I mean is that the maroon was almost the last color I painted (black was the last), so it was painted over coats of white, yellow and orange; not very professional I know, but it worked.
  4. Thanks, and yes, the brown colour on these 3 cars is TS11.
  5. Maroon is the color you are looking for. Please check the Sand Scorcher, Super Champ, or Grasshopper in my showroom.
  6. Good evening, I'm starting to have fun with my Avante. I changed the totally useless kit servo saver for a Hi Torque one in order to keep the car in a straight line, and also switched from the manual 3-hole pistons to the single-hole ones. Here is a little video I did: Avante video Enjoy!
  7. Well, you guessed right. I would have bought all the parts from Pargu too, but when I bought them, the C parts weren't listed, and in the end even with the shipping costs, I got a better deal buying from the different sellers.
  8. Thanks! Up to now, All the tyres I painted were done with a very fine brush and acrylic paint. Honestly, it's only good for the pictures, since after the first run, the paint is gone. For a change, I just bought a paint pen, and will try it on the next tyres I do.
  9. Hello, My Avante is finally done and the sun is shining, so time for some pictures. It should be gently run in the next few days... First, the almost bare chassis. As you can see, it was built with the Titanium screw set, and alloy part from Pargu2000 and the infamous CTY300. I used the kit ESC and motor, a Hitec HS645-MG servo and a cheap 2,4Ghz receiver. The indoor testing went perfectly! Now with the wheels, undercowl and wing: And the shell on. Enjoy!
  10. I'm ashamed, you are so right! I just went through the manual again and found stuck between the first pages a little note that came in the titanium screw bag and that I had totally forgotten: it says that 3X18 tapping screws have to be replaced by 3X16 titanium screws. So I checked my built and realized that on another part of the car, I used two 3X20 titanium screws instead of 3X16 (they work fine where I put them). Sorry for the "silly mistake", I will switch these screws where they belong.
  11. Well, it's still pretty expensive; I got mine from Banzai Hobby for 4730 yen shipped to France, approximately USD56. They don't have it anymore at the moment but might restock it so keep an eye out. Anyway, I finished my built this week end, I'm still waiting for a steering servo before it's good to go. The Avante shell was done box art as well as the driver, something I don't usually do if you've seen my showroom, but I couldn't think of a better paintscheme...until I was done with it. So I might get another body set someday. I enjoyed every moment of the built except for one thing, and it's the purpose of my post, to save others some trouble. If you plan on building yours with the titanium screw set, pay very close attention to step 25 in the manual. When I was done with the drivetrain and putting on the wheels, I noticed the front ones wouldn't turn. So here is the thing: in the manual, the cross member (PA5) is attached with two 3X18 tapping screws. The equivalent in the titanium screw set is 3X20 screws. Well, the problem is that those 2mm extras will push the plastic inside the gear box and press on the 1680 bearings, binding the differential and preventing it from turning. You have two options to fix the problem: first is to use the kit 3X18 tapping screws, or find 3X18 screws looking like the titanium ones. Or, and this is how I did it, is add two 2mm spacers on each side in addition to the BS6 parts (the 1,5mm spacers). Hope this will save you guys some trouble with dismantling the front of the car, or even the risk of seriously damaging the car if trying to run it like this.
  12. There you go: http://www.vintage-rc.org/decals/kyosho.ph...mp;dir=MaxxumFF
  13. Unfortunately he stopped making them...I know that cause I'm looking for one too and got the answer by the man himself.
  14. Well, some Kawada wide M-chassis tires are on their way to me. I'm so glad, thanks for the advice Bakaguyjean!
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