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  1. If you put a faster motor in, you will need to put a smaller pinion gear on it. Generally the quicker the motor the less torque, so to compensate you need to lower the gearing. I'm not sure what pinions' will fit on the tl-01 as I've never had one, but your manual will tell what what will be suitable. Beware you will lose top end so you need to decide what's more important & get the balance right for what you want.
  2. I run 2 of my cars with the Tamiya teu101 speedo. My TT01 Escort has the tamiya GT tuned motor with speed tuned gearing, it's fast enough for bashing with suprisingly good acceleration considering it's geared for top end. The other is a Sand Viper DT-02 with a Yokomo Pro Stock 27t, good acceleration but top end not so good. Basically for what you want I'd go for the GT Tuned it's reliable & fast enough. The speedo is fine for what you want, just don't take it racing!
  3. Quite a few, depends if you also count spare kits for when bits break, I've got in habit of getting 2 identical kits at once as I hate waiting for parts when you need them. Basically its. 1 X new build shelf queen Falcon, plus 2 & a half ish Falcons needing restoration, one of which is my original from 20ish years ago. 2 X Monster Beetles both needing work, again one is almost 20 years old to me. 2 X TA-01 Escorts (was 3), both work, well almost, one has more hop ups than original parts. 2 X Rover Mini M0-3, one seriously tweaked, the other needing a little TLC. 2 X TT-01 Escorts, one still boxed as never broken a part in almost 2 years, the runner again has been tweaked a fair bit. 1 X Sand Viper DT-02, want to get the MS for spares! I used to have a Hotshot Mk2 which I'd love to replace. Also got 2 and a bit X Team Assoc TC3's 1 X Team Assoc TC4, my racer 1 X Schumacher Couger (needs rear mount) Also had Kyosho Optima Turbo Corally C4 I'm sure there was others but thats all I can remember for now!
  4. A lot of votes for the Cossie, definatley what I'd want most! Please, please, please make it!
  5. Been thinking lately about the saloon cars currently being produced & what I'd like Tamiya to make. I know the range is pretty good but Subarus', BMWs' Mercs' & Nissans can get a bit boring, I'd like some old classics. The Alfa on M-04 was nice but how about these for suggestions. Ford Capri, Ford Escort Mk1, Triumph Dolomite or E-Type Jag on M-04 Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth on TT-01/TA-05 etc. I know it's mostly Fords I've listed but it's what I'd really love to see, also I'm aware other makers probally produce a few of these shells but no one makes them like Tamiya. Any other suggestions?
  6. not sure about most of your questions, but have day dremt about having a track if ever I was lucky enough to have a huge garden, it won't happen but nice to dream! All I know is would probally want 'off road' sections off main track like a rally cross track so could run all sorts of cars, would have to include the monaco hairpin somewhere & would probally surround track with scale looking plants like conifers for damage limitation. Nice to dream, I have to make do with the car park at the back of my house!
  7. Hi, Interesting this, I'm looking for any shop within 50 miles of me! Anyway, I used to live in your area & of course remember Beatties in Watford (my first car, a Falcon came from there) & the shop in Queensbury (bought my Monster Beetle there) also The Harrow Model Shop. Have you tried Phil Greenos in Rayners Lane or DMS on St Albans Road in Watford. I'm not sure if PG is still there but DMS definatley is, I still buy from them on the net, they sell just about anything to do with RC Cars. If anyone can suggest one near Swansea I'd be gratful, i've already put a post out about this!
  8. Cheers, Had a look, it looks like Cardiff is still my nearest. Maybe it's internet for me. Thanks again.
  9. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knew of a decent RC model shop around here? I live in Swansea & can't find one, the nearest I've found after searching the net is in Cardiff! Any suggestions for something a bit closer. I used to live in North London & had plenty to chose from, I know I can shop on the net which I do, but I miss being able to pop down to a shop & have a look before I buy something, also I'm always worried about crashing one of my cars as It takes a while to get spares if you have to rely on the post. Cheers.
  10. I know that I never used to bother with the cockpit set before, I just wanted to get the car built and use it not waste time with internal dectails, adding weight to a car I'd be racing didn't make much sense either. However, recently I bought a TA01 off e-bay for spares, the set was fitted but had been painted badly, not being in such a rush I re-painted it and it looks cool, as I don't use this car for racing anymore the weight issue is not a problem, I can understand it not being included in the kit for cost/weight/not being used reasons but it'd be nice if they could be purchased as an option part though. Another bug I have on the same line is, why on the current details you get the smoked windscreens, every shell I've done lately has involved me carefully cutting the window edges away from the screen details so I can have clear windows - I don't want a sticker of a smoked screen it makes them look like toys!
  11. Very nice, just had a quick look, will go back later when I have more time. Enjoyed looking at old guide books, makes me feel like a kid again, thank you!
  12. Oh well, I guess I should've known!
  13. Sorry didn't mean as a Sand Scorcher, I just ment to re-release the Monster Beetle. And a seperate Sand Scorcher as well.
  14. Just a thought, regarding making a Sand Scorcher II with a Frog chassis, why not just do a Monster Beetle? It'd be so easy with the Frog already being out.
  15. I'm from Wales & despite what most in my country (probally) feels - I'm gutted, I wished England won. At least a Brit will become world champion tomorrow!
  16. Definatley a Falcon, my first car, I have a new build which I dare not ever use and two wrecks I'm making into one runner - just need a new shell, but I'd love to get a new one (or two)I can use in the knowledge I can easily repair it when I smack it. They'd need to fix the weak point at the front of the chassis though! I'd also like to see the Boomerang / Super Sabre as I always wanted one first time round & a Hotshot II, they've released the first so why not the second - it was so much better, It was my second car I ever got & I really regret trading it all those years ago!
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