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  1. Once you try castle motors, you'll never find a good enough replacement?. Or your M03 suffered so much with the last Castle motor that it's unrepairable?? If it ain't broke, keep trying. Lol
  2. Wanted Scammer to play games with. Waste your time. Stop you from scamming others because you're too busy working with me. Have a great laugh at each other while you think you're scamming me, but you're not. No financial investment needed. Apply within... How's that??
  3. This is why you should always ask for a picture of a fish included in the pictures of the model for sale. You should probably invent another character into the fold to cement the idea that you always ask for confirmation of your accounts with a picture of a fish as per the old 419 scams. 419 trophy room will explain all to those who don't know.
  4. Reminds me of this game, 3rd down on the left. You'll need those spikes when the zombies come with mini zombies, and they also have smaller zombies
  5. I usually guess once, cut 3 times and things seem to fit. Is this the first eyeball?. Or 2nd?
  6. 12 mph on a flat without pedaling at all. Still hit 15mph downhill but didn't go down a big hill. Big improvement over 24 volts though, and it hasn't melted the ESC yet. Also drilled a new hole through the scooter chassis to push the scooter wheel harder against Rasta bike wheel, as it was slipping when it got wet.
  7. 36 volts lead acid https://youtube.com/shorts/ZwSvsfa1Esg?feature=share
  8. Comical ways to kill coronavirus part 1 coming soon. Application for subscriptions will be scrutinised thoroughly and selected by a process of determining who has the most kidneys or goats. Jokes. Chuck Norris caught Coronavirus,..... Coronavirus regretted it .. Why did Coronavirus cross the road?. Because Chuck Norris was coming. Chuck Norris caught Coronavirus,... And killed it. Chuck Norris doesn't wear a face mask to protect against Coronavirus... Coronavirus wears a face mask to protect against Chuck Norris. What did Chuck Norris say to Coronavirus?? Nothing, he just stared at it, and it ran away.
  9. Anyone good with Photoshop?. Lol. But I have the Volvo bonnet/hood, so it would look even more mad Max on the front of a motorbike.
  10. I did think about a matching tow car, but he chopped the front off for a reason and as it had an MOT at the time, the only reason I can think of, is that the front of this Volvo was rubbish. Lol. Heavy, slow, but indestructible, it's probably still intact somewhere driving around. Lol Edit, to add, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that someone, somewhere is riding a Harley Davidson (hardly moving son), with a Volvo front end, it makes perfect sense.. to me anyway. Lol
  11. We call it a bonnet, but I think it was a 940? I'll get a picture of the back for you, it's missing the badge but you can see where it was and I thought it was a 940 but I could be wrong. I didn't build it, the guy I bought it from did it, still had an MOT when he chopped it up apparently.
  12. Carbon neutral. Who wants a lift? You can pedal there, I'll pedal back. Lol. I'm going to use the motor, the go kart is probably heavier than the Volvo, and that weighs 2 elephants. Might need to upgrade to brushless to pull the Volvo. I don't know what could possibly go wrong with this next scenario?? I have to admit I didn't have the courage to let go as there is a crossroad at the bottom, and then the North Sea. Next time I will use my car to block the road and go full speed. Lol
  13. Here's the bolt that does the majority of the fixing of the scooter motor to the wheel. The red bracket covering the scooter wheel is where the old kick plate bolts on. Back of the bolt, goes through the forks on Rasta bike Hoseclips replace the exhaust clamps which protruded excessively. It's entirety in its current state. Was considered adding another battery and trying 36 volts but I remember it didn't like 4x 2s lipos. Which would be around 32 volts. Didn't release any magic smoke, just browned out all the time. But it still works so I might as well try 3 lead acid batteries and see what happens......TBC
  14. I once visited the Schumacher head office in Northampton, England, nothing on display, an industrial unit, with a counter in the shop, rather boring. You can order stuff and pick it up at the office, I've no idea what stock or shipping is like, but I recommend trying the main Schumacher website and ordering direct from Northampton, England. Just had a look at their website, some of the 1/16th cars look pretty cool. https://www.racing-cars.com/udirc-panther-drift-truck-pro-brushless-ud1602pro
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