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  1. wolfdogstinkus

    WR-02CB gearbox locks up with motor installed

    Is it just the stronger motor magnets? Or your aging digits? Whack a battery on and see if it spins.
  2. wolfdogstinkus

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    Surely the WT chassis could have had a sliding fitment on the chassis for more adjustability. Not sure it would provide the angles needed but did think about it when building the 6x6. So you could slide the whole gearbox inside chassis, then tighten in desired position, or have different mounting holes for different terrain. If any of that makes sense.
  3. wolfdogstinkus

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    This body clips on at front and screws down at back. Why put body clips on? Another 4 holes in a body that didn't need it, could've just put a magnet on back. And it still has the big chunk of plastic that was used as a front clip on the qd chassis? Is this Tamiya USA doing this?. Or Tamiya Japan?
  4. wolfdogstinkus

    Recommended kit

    The differential provides all the power to the wheel with the least grip. in your case the axle with less weight. Both wheels will spin when you find the pin, you can use a small nail cut to size until your replacement parts show up.
  5. wolfdogstinkus

    6s battery in a lunchbox

    So you gotta try 8s. Lol
  6. wolfdogstinkus

    6s battery in a lunchbox

    Smirk racing. Member on here had top speed lunchbox in speed run thread. 50 mph. Think that was 6s?
  7. wolfdogstinkus

    Taiyo jet fighter

    Think TA-mark did a brushless one years ago.
  8. wolfdogstinkus

    6x6 Tamiya Blackfoot? truck

    Tamiya 6x6 https://imgur.com/gallery/SIsNTxI
  9. wolfdogstinkus

    6x6 Tamiya Blackfoot? truck

    This lives on and has a body far better than I could have built. I am trying to sort pictures out. It was sold on eBay as a chassis and the new owner has completed a body for it.
  10. wolfdogstinkus

    Sw-01? RC lunch box mini?

    https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-trucks/rc-lunch-box-mini/ Sorry, well behind. Please delete. I did suggest a half size lunchbox in a thread ages ago though. Arrms have a similar chassis that runs on AA's and 4wd I mean.
  11. wolfdogstinkus

    Wanted Avante 2001 QD tyres

    Yep m chassis rally blocks are best. Tony's Tamiya parts or Europro on here, same person. He usually has parts for these.
  12. wolfdogstinkus

    The Mega-bug! - aka. 'Sinclair' [the C5]

    Not read all this yet but from title I thought it would be based on the new trike to make a C5. Will read properly later . Good luck
  13. wolfdogstinkus

    Radiolink TX/RX

    I had a stick radiolink radio. Was fine, felt cheap but it was. I had the Tf8 8channel stick. The app was in Chinese though. Lol.
  14. wolfdogstinkus

    Tamiya konghead to Kongbox

    Ask @TWINSET to show you a pic of the damage from one race at Snetterton with biggus ditchus?