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  1. Make a wide willy instead?. You can get a chassis reasonably cheap. A sub £20 shell will crack on first impact, then you are back at the start minus £20 Will the arms and legs not also fit the comical range?.
  2. I just got 3 weeks off work and have quite a few planned projects. Tomy Trackmaster Percy power upgrade. - almost complete. Matchstick VW camper with ftx mini crawler Running gear- underway. Lunchbox junior RC conversion chassis kit. - not started. See you in 3 weeks. Lol
  3. Easy. Get lunchbox and a clod. Lunchbox is available in 3 sizes. Clod only available in XXXL Tamiya lunchbox. Some say the Clodbuster is so big it has its own moon and a gravitational pull. Legend says that the Clodbuster is the only thing that Chuck Norris is afraid of, and that one tyre weighs the same as 2 baby elephants.
  4. Thanks for the reply, ignore me, I don't know what I was doing wrong, but I am in now. I'll get some content loaded over the weekend.
  5. I associate this with the smell of walking into a proper bicycle shop when I was a kid. Every time I smell Tamiya tyres, it takes me back to being a kid walking into that Raleigh shop with the overwhelming smell of tyre rubber.
  6. Can't seem to log in on main site. Did a password reset, then it says " That email/password combination is not valid. Please use the password reset service to validate your email. SIGN IN"
  7. I used to have the DT02 and I scored a deal that someone on here posted. Turnigy 4000mah 2s 7.4volts, got 4 for a tenner. Couldn't believe it when I tried to buy more and it was £60+ for the same item. But something around that capacity should fit fine, take some measurements first to make sure. I don't have this chassis anymore but I believe you can increase the height of the battery compartment by adding spacers under the lid.
  8. Yes please. There's a world of good stuff on the main site.
  9. More voltage gives a bigger rev-range. And will teach better throttle control. Gotta get a 3s lipo. Fit some spacers under battery lid with longer screws and try a bigger battery. Maybe brushless first, then lipo.
  10. We are nicking your idea and you can't stop us. "Hello Your unsolicited e-mail submission has been forwarded to Mattel's Consumer Relations Department for response. As you may be aware, Mattel, which was founded in the mid-20th century, is the world's largest toy company. Because of our size and our prominence, we have a large staff of designers and each year we also receive thousands of unsolicited submissions from third parties such as you. For these and other reasons, we do not review any unsolicited materials except for those that we receive from professional design houses and toy brokers with whom we have pre-existing relationships. Accordingly, your e-mail was examined only to the minimal extent necessary to determine its nature and otherwise no notice was taken of its content. Under our practice, the employee who was the original recipient of your e-mail forwarded the e-mail to our Consumer Relations Department and has deleted the e-mail (along with any attachments) from their computer system. Your e-mail was not forwarded to anyone else within Mattel. Your original e-mail will also be deleted from the Consumer Relations Department's system. Please note that, in light of the enormous number of ideas, concepts, and materials that Mattel develops in-house and that are suggested to it by third parties, it's likely that the ideas, concepts, and/or materials that you submitted to us embody ideas, concepts, and/or materials that are identical or substantially similar to those that, in the past, were developed by our staff or submitted to us by third parties. Likewise, in the future, we may without any reference to your unsolicited submission, develop or receive from third parties ideas, concepts, and materials that are identical or substantially similar to those submitted by you. Since Mattel won't retain or review your submission, any similarities that may exist between your submission and any product from Mattel or any Mattel company are purely coincidental. Please note that Mattel doesn't assume any obligation in connection with your unsolicited submission, including any obligation to keep it confidential and any obligation to notify you whether your ideas, concepts, or materials are identical or substantially similar to those that are developed by or submitted to Mattel. In seeking to solicit interest for your submission, you may want to establish a relationship with a professional design house or a broker that specialises in licensing or developing products for consumer products companies. For a list of such professionals, and for other information that you may find helpful, you may wish to contact the British Toy and Hobby Association www.btha.co.uk We recognise that your submission is an expression of your confidence in Mattel's ability to successfully develop and market new products, and we appreciate your interest in Mattel. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavours. Yours Sincerely Karen Allen Mattel UK Consumer Response"
  11. And 3s lipo. Lol. Got juice. I'm going to swap out the motor for a hi-revving Tamiya mini 4wd motor, smaller battery and smaller ESC stuffed in a trailer.
  12. My 8 year old boy "Can you make Percy faster?, Daddy" Me. "Of course I can, I might even make him radio control." You watching this Tomy, Fisher Price, or whoever you are now. DO IT. But remember, I did it first, I think?
  13. A programmable ESC will definitely help, as mentioned above. Set a 10% drag brake, then full brakes at 25%. This should help you stop in a straight line.
  14. So I made a few changes. New standard tyres( thanks for the suggestions above) Haven't changed tyres yet, just the wheels. 1/8th scale shocks to handle the extra weight. Spring collars fit inside suspension mounts nicely. Took the bottom adjusters off and pushed the shaft through. Also moved them inboard a bit at the bottom. Now I can land a wheelie without the tyres rubbing and flipping it over.
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