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  1. mm would be short for megamiles? When used in relation to the Clodbuster? Didn't realise you could measure a clodbuster, I thought the official measurement terminology was just "massive". Lol
  2. The Clodbuster is actually the same wheelbase as the Terra crusher, it's just faster so it looks smaller. Another camera trick.
  3. The Clodbuster is so big, it has its own moon. 😄 Which is visible in my 3rd picture, it's also creeping into the last picture. Legend says if the sun sets on a full moon clod, the Clodbuster will develop a mind of its own. But they were using MSC's back then. 😁
  4. Every time these lights fire up, global warming increased by 1/10 of 10% . I had to stand 3 miles 5?km) away just to get them both in the same picture. Tyres weigh more than 3 elephants It looks like it will climb over it no problem, truth is it will probably just flip over, land on the roof, and make a dent in the Earth's gravitational field.
  5. Legend also states that when Chuck Norris saw the Clodbuster for the first time. He ran away crying like a baby. The sheer size of it was the only thing he was ever afraid of.
  6. The AA batteries struggle a bit on both my boys cars. No stalling though. But I have added a full light kit to each one. ( That was fiddly, squeezing all them wires in that tiny body.) Also may need the harder springs with all the extra weight. Got hobbyking 45amp brushed ESC Standard motor And a choice of 2s lipo or 4x AA 2500mah rechargable batteries from hobbyking. The lipo is only 460mah, it does last a while and powers everything fine, but a 1200mah lipo should fit.
  7. Don't worry, I'm just rolling out all the clodbuster jokes. Lol. And you asked what was up with the outcast. ( I rated the video adult, don't know if worked) so there it is. Every time I ran it, the diff melted. My 8 year old likes how the clod bounces around on its pogo stick suspension, of course doing this in the clodbuster recklessly could start an earthquake in a far away place, so cautious acceleration is advised.
  8. Warning, this video may contain many curses. I was so frustrated by this time, I wanted to smash it to pieces with a big hammer. There is swearing, Im trying to figure out how to mute it.
  9. And also if the outcast looks a bit bigger in the picture, it's a camera trick. The camera adds 10pounds, to the arrma, that's probably another motor and battery, You can't add to the infinite weight of the clod, so it doesn't show up on the camera. And anyway, you can't compare a modern buggy on steroids, to the Daddy of the solid axle.
  10. As it's your thread, and your question, I'll try and find a few videos of the arrma, post them in the YouTube thread, or maybe even in here as I won't be offending the original thread starter. Yes the outcast is fast, but if it breaks every time you run it, it's no fun. The clod will last forever.
  11.  The arrma story is for a different thread. I been off topic a bit last few days.
  12. I did used to have a picture of the clod and outcast together but I must have deleted all the outcast ones to erase my memory of the terrible time I had with an outcast. So here's some with a normal 1/12 lunchbox, and the mighty Terra Crusher. Which somehow weighs 2x the clodbuster. ( Which equates to 3 planets)
  13. You mean the little cardboard ",ramp" that comes with the mini kit? The instructions show that fitted to the top of the roof on the outside. This bit? One of my boys has his fitted, the other, I didn't want to cover the sharpie job on the roof as it matches the big one.
  14. Sorry @Wooders28 , I do apologise for totally taking this off topic, it was just that you mentioned doing everything twice. I would possibly just purchase more boosters, and add a few more? Service them and use a decent power source. You can't go all out with brushless and 6s lipo on hot wheels when they are so young. They'll be flying round like missiles. Lol
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