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  1. Depends on the motor?. Some of those 3300kv cans are the smaller 380 rotor in a 540 size can . I had the black cheapo ebay 3300kv motor in here, but possibly only 2s?, Can't remember? You want the full size 540 for a clod.
  2. I'm running a 6x6 brushless clod on 3s.. 4600kv x 3 This is it on 4600kv and 3 batteries.. 2x 3s powering the rear and a hardcase 2s lipo in the standard battery holder powering the front axle. Well actually I use 3 batteries so between 8-9s but 11 volts to rear end and 7 at the front.. Not ideal but I don't have a full set of matching batteries yet. Top speed isn't fantastic but it shifts and it will pull....
  3. They all seem to do that until you use the clodbuster and they catch up with it and trip over it injuring themselves in the process, but it's not the parents fault for letting them run after your £400 truck..
  4. The lipo cut in half with a circular saw is interesting.. Waste of a few good batteries though.
  5. Get your wife to do it....
  6. It's everybody else getting younger, you got stamina staying awake for an hour, I'm sleeping within 10 minutes of sitting without alcohol. This'll be the best group build ever!!, Everyone asleep before page 2. Lol
  7. RCing around having fun. Tamiya drinking game, they look pretty wasted by the end. Lightweights. Lol
  8. I've just found Nordic rc visions as well, that looks interesting.. I wanted to do a kevin Talbot parody lol, that would be so easy.. "Alright guys,, today we're going to take a load of really expensive RC cars and smash em to bits"
  9. So what RC channels do you watch.. I'm really liking "RCing around" at the moment, it's not all Tamiya, but he is a Tamiya enthusiast. Recommend me some more please,
  10. I only knew because I fitted them on my boys lunchbox.. and you can stretch lunchbox tyres over them.
  11. We should do a group build but involve some drinking..
  12. My kids were around 4 and 6 when I first did the lunchboxes, I asked them what they wanted and helped them draw it on and let them colour it in with sharpies.. (Ok, I might have drawn most of it, and I did do the mini one) Good fun all round and plenty memories made..
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