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  1. I used to have a couple of these but got bored with it quickly. Upgraded it to brushless and lipo but it was a bit boring. Sorry, can't help with parts but I did see one on eBay recently..
  2. The Taurus looks like it's cornering quite hard so there maybe some body roll going on, but even the body on Samson 1 is pretty low compared to the clod.. Maybe Tamiya just wanted to make the biggest RC car available at the time?, Or it had the original MSC and a servo the size of a house under there at the start., Needed the extra space for bulky vintage electronics??
  3. @mongoose1983 He normally brings out all the old monster truck pics.
  4. I will add that I did this conversion on the monster beetle, probably 10 years ago, I wasn't using Lipo back then so in the video, it was still using an old 7.2volt Ni-mh battery. Lipo is lighter and provide more torque/punch Yours does look too nice to destroy. If you have the original box, I would probably sell it, but the choice is yours. Another option would be the GF01 trail monster beetle kit which uses the qd monster beetle body which would mean that your pumpkin body will fit a modern chassis. You could sell the qd chassis on its own and still fetch a decent price.
  5. Turnips right. The cost to upgrade the qd will be similar to upgrading a 1/10 scale, but the motor is the only bit you couldn't reuse in a bigger car. You could even buy a 1/10 scale esc and a 1/18th motor so that the esc could be used later for another project. Or leave the brushed motor in and just change the Esc (1/10 scale brushed for original motor) Radio and receiver Servo Servo saver and steering parts. Ebay should have everything you need. You will keep the original speed but gain reliability Or run the original motor on 3s lipo for extra boost to the original motor. You could get between £<40-80 if you sold it how it is just now. Let us know what you plan to do..
  6. Any servo saver will do, but the Tamiya Hi-torque one comes with the brass balls that you need for the steering rods.
  7. 1/10 scale servo <£10 ish 1/18th scale brushless combo <£20 Gool RC do a 2435 can/ combo esc for £20ish Radio and receiver,... Flysky GT2= £20 ish. Small 2s lipo, maybe around 2200mah? £10? Yes it adds up but all equipment can be reused in a different car, and at least you know what you are getting into before you start.. You may also need M3 threaded rod, 5mm adjusters and a hi-torque servo saver for the steering. Any questions, give me a shout, I'm on here regularly.
  8. This thread may help? Actually I think I do have a thread on the monster beetle as well. Somewhere.
  9. You may have to drill 2 small holes in the motor plate to bolt on the new motor. It's been years since I did the monster beetle, which is the same chassis as yours but it's an easy conversion to do. Any 1/18th scale motor should fit. 2030 can size, up to a 2435 should fit easy enough. I believe this was a 2030 can size. 18turn EZRUN motor
  10. Put a brushless motor in it, they are great little trucks.
  11. It's also worth fitting foam inside the tyre as the rim edge will get chipped over time.. Or keep the nice rims for the shelf and get a cheap set to run with.
  12. Next hop up would be the anti gravity device.
  13. Possibly Schumacher?. Or Traxxas? I know I have seen ribbed tyres somewhere. I used to run proline road hawgs on my Blitzer. Or dirt hawgs.
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