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  1. wolfdogstinkus

    Tamiya konghead to Kongbox

    Buy a cheap Wt01 or wild dagger to get most of the parts for the wide suspension.
  2. wolfdogstinkus

    Qd nsx what to do help

    Send it sideways.
  3. wolfdogstinkus

    Out of control controller

    What car is it in? That's how the lunchbox is supposed to drive. Lol
  4. wolfdogstinkus

    Terra Crusher HELP

    "The truck moves but barely", mine was a bit like that, but improved after a minute of idling. ( It lacked the punch I was used to from electric) really slow take off. I spent more time cleaning it or fixing it, so it had to go., Nice truck though, just wish it was fast.
  5. wolfdogstinkus

    Terra Crusher HELP

    Just sold my Terra Crusher, but it had a similar problem. Wouldn't move till engine was warm. It was really slow, noisy, dirty and dangerous for the kids so I got rid. Sorry can't help. Did feel like clutch was slipping.
  6. wolfdogstinkus

    6x6 Tamiya Blackfoot? truck

    This is on eBay now folks.
  7. I watched the video, you made a crucial mistake very early on, or perhaps you did it?, and I missed it?, I will check. During the unboxing and also before while showing the tyres that were bought as options, Not once did you sniff them. Everybody here sniffs the tyres when they open a new kit,,,,, Right?
  8. wolfdogstinkus

    "Rolls eyes.."

    There is an ignore feature that you can use if someone's posts offend you. In that situation the person ignoring you wont see this thread, unless someone quotes you and mentions them. So who is it?. My Mrs is still ignoring me.
  9. wolfdogstinkus

    WT01 Big wheel project - clodbuster tyres

    Here's another thumbs up for these tyres. I been bashing with them for 10months and they are still in very good condition. I would have to say they are my longest lasting tyre so far. The sidewalls are quite soft but I haven't glued them so maybe they will tear if I do glue them on. This is under brushless power though.
  10. OK, Maybe static models should be static. I think it would appeal more to builders though, I wouldn't buy a static kit, but,.... I would if it had a motor. and the possibility of adding RC. Scale market is big right now, show them how it's done Tamiya. Realism is not a beach buggy shell on a DT02. (I had the cowboy one), Imagine that on a proper scale chassis with floorpan detail and a 380 motor tucked inside a scale flat4.
  11. Who would prefer a scale chassis as well?, back to basics, scale model kits suitable for radio control. basically like a static kit, all the engine detail, and chassis structure/ floorpans. but with space for a motor. radio gear is so small now, compared to back in the day. Is what made their way, go back to your roots Tamiya.
  12. And all those window rubber decals. I got my Mrs to do the wr02 vw bus. Lol.
  13. wolfdogstinkus

    Kyosho Big Boss

    Always liked the Vette. Surely the lunchbox would have been nearly half that price back then?
  14. wolfdogstinkus

    Supreme Tamiya Hornet

    Don't think I even saw the Grasshopper Air Jam car any where else but this thread?, anyone got one?
  15. wolfdogstinkus

    49460 Tamiya TNX 5.2r Champagne Gold Restoration

    Bargain price on those chassis, cant wait to see this progress. Putting the kettle on.