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  1. That's my other thread. Lol. I have the EZRUN motor in a different buggy..
  2. Don't know much about them myself (They don't seem to promote themselves!) other than, they take 3 weeks minimum to supply a hobbyshop with a part I can get from China in less than a week!!. Nothing in stock, seems they only order what the hobby shop requests??
  3. Not paid the bills. Lol. Internet and phone down Sounds exactly like they've always operated??. And people wonder why hobby shops died?. I blame the hobby company..
  4. Just did a quick conversion on a new Tamiya quick drive buggy.. This was a thundershot originally and it had the bearing-less front wheels.. I fixed that by drilling out the plastic uprights and fitting an axle from the later car that accepts 1150 bearings . I haven't fixed the wheels, just drilled the upright to accept the 5mm axle..so I can use 1150 bearings on the front.. So this is your starting point, Rip all this out,, Servo, circuit board, on/off switch and charge port.. This circuit board was working, so I labeled all the wires and de-soldered them.. This one's from 1988 Fit a standard 1/10 servo with tabs trimmed off. I had to relocate the wire exit on the servo, but I just cut a hole, moved the wires and hot-glued it exiting the bottom plate of the servo. There are 2 plastic clips to hold the servo in, but I used a blob of hot glue as well, just to make sure it won't come loose without force. Then we have a 2.4Ghz receiver, and a brushed Hobbywing ESC.. switch has been hot-glued in place, so the old pins on the top tray may need trimming to fit, I believe that they held the original switch in place. Bottom shot Need a bigger capacity battery, or another one the same.. You can also see the standard Tamiya servo saver.. (from a Tamiya kit, not from this model) Servo saver holes drilled out to 3mm to fit the 5mm brass ball connectors. (4x brass ball connectors) Then some 3mm threaded rod,(I cut a M3 50mm machine screw down to size), these connect the servo to the wheels. Another servo shot!!!.. I had to trim a few mm off the servo hole to stop it binding. You can make out the rough edge nearest the brass balls.. not much needed removed, I could have messed around with servo savers for a better fitting one . Not touched the gearbox yet, just soldered the wires from the ESC directly to the motor., However there do seem to be some changes to the gearbox in the later cars I have..
  5. Fair enough, but I suspected that it was being fazed out in favour of the hoss. But I know very little about Traxxas.
  6. https://thelittlecar.co/tamiya-wild-one-max-re-release-with-a-difference/ Link to the little car company..
  7. Probably got picked up by the "boring" filter?. Lol Or I think sometimes the sale threads get modifier approval? @TWINSET might help if he is still a moderator?. I know he stepped back a while ago. But I'm not sure who the most active moderator is just now.. I just searched for active moderators and couldn't see any but @netsmithUK should work when he logs on .
  8. I've just started stripping a thunder shot and the front wheels are the same as the ones you have, I'm guessing it was an earlier edition as on the chassis plate, it says 1988,, whereas my thunder dragon says 1989.. so I guess they improved the front wheels later on...
  9. A new EZRUN motor has arrived,, Consistently running over 30mph. No where near flat out. Will update specs soon ..
  10. Also I now see Traxxas have discontinued this kit so grab your spares while you can,, Might be worth reading around to see what parts are worth stocking up on before they start to disappear??..
  11. Here's the link to the "ultimate 4x4 stampede build" https://m.traxxas.com/news/stampede-4x4-build
  12. I was interested in this kit and did a bit of research. I discovered that this is the same as the brushed 4wd stampede and there is a number of differences in the drivetrain for the brushless one, all the upgrades are on the Traxxas website, hopefully you won't need them all?? But it gives you a good idea of where to start your upgrades..
  13. Lights and sounds are fun!!, As well as another axle and more power.
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