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  1. I had noticed. Lol. Regularly see them now for £55 broken, needing repair, and I'm thinking, I used to buy these for less than £20
  2. Just watched your video @Beastbike it might be foam or something, but it looks like too much lead on front end?. Rear has no grip so diff unloads on one side and you spin round. Just a guess, it might just be hard 30 year old rubber and a smooth workshop floor. M chassis rally block tyres fit straight on the original wheels and are reasonably priced. Have you soaked the tyres in warm water?. Worth a try, followed by a rub with WD-40.
  3. I have to be super gentle with the throttle or it flips over, wheelies, or spins round depending on grip. I like it when you are approaching 40mph and you squeeze too much and pull a little wheelie. Lol. But I did build this with completely different intentions to some of the other members. I'll move on once I hit 50, or give up trying. Lol
  4. Once you remove the circuit board, you have loads of space in there, you could fit all electronics in there with a small battery and leave the battery box empty. Then, when you're out whizzing around at 30mph silently and somebody says" hey man, is that nitro or petrol?" You can show them the empty battery box and say it runs on magic. Lol
  5. I haven't used the 2s for long enough to be a good judge I'm afraid. I bought a couple for the boys lunchbox minis but haven't seen them since this coronavirus kicked off. The thing is though, lipos are so light, you could mount a small 2s higher up and just have a few lead weights in the battery box to keep it stable.
  6. I don't have any experience with these "vape" batteries other than the larger 18650 type. But you can fit a small 2 s lipo in the battery compartment without modification. It will be fast but not uncontrollable. I am using a 3s and high gear to achieve 40+. I don't know why @Beastbike says it's uncontrollable?. Mine goes like a rocket in a straight line, Im not bashing just now, just purely speed runs in a straight line. I wouldn't use 3s for normal use. I think 3s is too much if you wanted to navigate a track, you would just spin round a lot. If you want it closer to the original speed, just more reliable, try it on 6volts if the ESC will function on 6volts?. I believe it does. You could even build AA packs in different configurations to provide different voltages.
  7. My Mrs kicked me out 18months ago, now I'm free to do what I want. If I want to go out at 12am to do a speed run?, I go If I want to do an all night clod build, I can. Most importantly, if I want to bash £600 on my credit card on a new RC, I will. Of course I miss my kids but once this virus is done, I'll see them again and I'll be happy. Good luck, I hope your journey takes the direction that's best for you.
  8. 44mph. Still waiting for new 3s battery, but here's a 44mph run without flipping over.
  9. Free listings make this possible. I sell an item on eBay that retailed at 34.99 when new. It's no longer available new. Another seller has had the same item listed for months at £499 buy it now. Needless to say, it helps my sales no end.
  10. The only time I've seen stuttering that bad was a loose motor connection but then the motor wouldn't run at all, it just stuttered until the connection was properly soldered.
  11. I believe the hex from the mad bull wheels fit the splines but that causes other issues which I have forgotten exactly but either the axles were too short or too fat/thin to accept the bigger wheels. But I also believe that this is the same gearbox as the monster series use so it should handle the bigger wheels, it's just finding some that will fit. Edit to add. My memory fails me, it seems that the Monster series had a different gearbox altogether..
  12. Did it come with the program card? If you decide it's too fast, I'll swap my Goolrc 4000kv 2435 can? For your ezrun motor...
  13. Just stick with 2s lipo or 7 volts and you'll soon get used to it and want faster.
  14. I've just discovered M chassis reinforced 60D tyres!!! I think they fit but I need more research because they are 3x the price of the rally block tyres.
  15. I didn't put any foams in the original m chassis rally block tyres and after a few years of bashing it around. This happens. so I might be putting pink walls on these. They have an edge/step which should aid alignment. its not joined on yet, needs sanding and the wheel prepared.
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