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  1. Sounds like you speak from experience. Lol
  2. Theres a picture of the part in this link but it's not mentioned in the description. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402365019111 Found a different description " - Type 370 Sport-Tuned Motor x1 - A brass pipe adapter is included to allow use of the 26T pinion gear from separately sold Item 54228. - Compatible with T3-01 chassis models. Use with Items 54228, 54834, 54857 and 54876. " a brass pipe adapter,, well it's not called a pinion sleeve after all...
  3. I think it comes with the Tamiya sport tuned 380 motor.. as an upgrade for the T301 or SW01..
  4. You can get a pinion "sleeve" that increases the shaft size to 3.2mm which opens your world to many pinion sizes.. Had to constantly proof read this to check for inaccurate auto-correct. Oooooerrr. Lol
  5. You don't have to change the motor, you could keep the original motor and just fit a modern ESC, servo, and 2.4ghz radio and a small 2s lipo. That would be the cheapest repair that would make it very reliable.
  6. Have you managed to keep the 2 speed gearbox? What are you running? Can size?. KV? Lipo?
  7. Good job, looks quick. Bet that was fun?
  8. Is your charger refusing to charge it? Unplug the balance lead and run the charge for a minute, this will bump up the low cell to a chargeable state.. Stop charge cycle, plug in balance lead, charge normally, it should change normally, then you can cycle it a few times to see if you can rescue it.
  9. If the cells are unbalanced and one is below 3volts, you can rescue it by charging without the balance lead for about 30seconds which will get the low cell high enough for the computer to play with it from there.. Then you can run a few cycles and see what happens.
  10. I found even the lipo alarm would beep sometimes under heavy load or full throttle. As @rwordenjr says, it probably just drops below 3.2volts for a second. Maybe time for a higher capacity lipo with a greater discharge rating?. Unless you are using a quality lipo already?
  11. After you get the monster beetle, you will also need a Clodbuster. Some people say that it's so big, it has its own moon, and that when you hit the throttle, it doesn't move forward, it actually pushes the world backwards, all we know is, it's called the Clodbuster.. you can actually see the clodbuster moon in this picture so it must be true.
  12. I think the difference is one catches fire very easily and risks taking out your batteries and anything else it's connected to. Are you a gambling man? Buy cheap, buy twice.. I just got the power hobby one, was delighted when it responded to my old EZRUN program card, then plugged in a battery and it let out the magic smoke and died.
  13. Have you considered a quick drive? You sometimes (before the brushless quick drive thread) used to get them for £20,, can be repaired fairly cheaply, just fit steering servo, esc and radio gear and a battery. It has a 2 speed gearbox it is probably the strongest Tamiya I have ever had.
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