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  1. Just needs a cupholder,,,, for my beer...lol. I actually want to put a motorcycle headlight on the front, big round chrome one, And a trailer to carry all the batteries I'm going to need when I want to cover some distance on it..
  2. Paint it black!!! New footplate/ electronics cover/ battery stay. Ground clearance Handlebars as footpegs, fitted to bottom of bike frame after chopping off the bottom bracket from bike frame. Metal bracket for additional batteries for extra runtime or more speed once I upgrade the controller. (The e100 ESC runs on 36volts but the ESC from the bigger e300 will only run on 24volts.) Rumour has it that "Dexter" started his career on electric scooters??? 2 wheel drive!!!!
  3. A Tamiya that keeps up with a Traxxas on the trails?? Some say that my Clodbuster could keep up with any Traxxas and beat all of them if it wanted to, All we know is that it's called the Clodbuster. Buy 2 Clods, sell most of one kit apart from the axles.. you can then offset the cost of the extra axle by selling the additional parts.. Keep up with a TRX???. Run right over the top of it. 😄😁 Stretched 4wd also works well.
  4. Craft yourself a mould from granite with your bare hands and 3 weeks after you produce your very own body, they will release it.
  5. Kubelwagen, and schwimmwagen(it's gotta schwim!!!) Trekker would also be cool, or a Type 181/Thing depending on location. A scale model of a working VW engine would be cool. Moving pistons, pushrods and cams, with LED,s to represent fire ...in 1/10 would be great.. Make a great upgrade for the influx of air-cooled VW's released recently..
  6. Blazing blazer And Monster beetle!!!!!, Oh!!!, They already did the monster beetle? Ok. I'm guessing a fully interchangeable chassis, with symmetrical front and back with spacers and an option for one motor or 2, or join them all together to make a Tamiya human,,,,, errrrr, I mean radio controlled centipede..... Edit 2add: recently watched human centipede, I don't recommend. Lol
  7. Rocker Chopper has spawned another motor on the front. It's now 2 wheel drive. Still have all my fingers and nobody has died yet Some say that before health and safety was invented, kids were allowed to have fun???
  8. But if you save the seeds, the cost goes down. I don't even like tomatoes or buy them in the shop but home grown ones are so much tastier.. Edit to add, did you know that you can graft a potato plant to a tomato plant and harvest potatoes and tomatoes from the same plant!!!!
  9. Where are you buying your seeds from? Just don't swap your cow for magic beans and I think you'll be fine.
  10. Oh, so you're a pedaler?, I thought they were a dying breed since my invention of Rocker Chopper. The forums only 2 wheel drive electric scooter. Or Rasta bike which still has the pedals, but I'm not a pedaler.
  11. Start growing vegetables and raising a cow, the money you save on food could be spent on RC.😄
  12. Coming soon,.... More comical ways to kill Coronavirus..
  13. I'll be honest, there was some crunchy noises on 3s if you jam the throttle, enough to make me buy a spare set but if you gradually accelerate, it'll take it fine, or something had come loose in one of my 3 gearboxes, and I hadn't bothered to check.
  14. Way ahead of you there. Only other essential upgrade is another axle. 9s lipo. 3 batteries. 3s lipo. So still 11.1volts.
  15. I gave the completed manual to my boy, I have pictures of all the pages but I can't guarantee that the picture quality will be any good. Have you asked your local newsagent about my subscription service?
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