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  1. Hobbyking do decent rechargable AA's and battery holders and all that stuff.
  2. Here's a mad bull with an ezrun 4600kv on 2s lipo, driven by a 7 year old. its the closet I can do at the moment.
  3. Not really but I did put a 4600kv castle motor in my wr02 camper van and that was the reaction it gave. I'd imagine the lunchie is capable of similar behaviour. I have to say though, with the castle motor, it could self right, until I started snapping driveshafts and I changed it for a milder 3300kv. It's not as much fun but I haven't broken it since.
  4. It's not fast enough until it does standing backflips 3ft off the ground when you blip the throttle. Lol Check the 6s lunchbox in speed run thread for more details.
  5. Its actually the same wheelbase as the Terra Crusher, just the Clod is faster so the wheelbase has caught up on the Terra because it is slow. The Clodbuster doesn't jump, it actually pushes obstacles down. and when you floor the throttle on a clod, its actually the world moving backwards, not the clod moving forwards.
  6. The Clods a fair bit bigger than the lunchbox, You can sit a lunchie on the bed. lol
  7. That's the one I meant, an old receiver pack will fit in.
  8. It's worth noting that the standard 4x AA battery cradle fits in this. I did buy a mini 2s lipo but think the kids will be better with the 4xAA batteries. Just ordered rechargable ones from hobbyking.
  9. It is an interesting little kit. Looking forward to hop up CVDs. That's the only bit I didn't like. The driveshafts feel like a weak point.
  10. No speedo in uk kit, also missing a cool AA battery pack that is only in Japanese kits.
  11. That beetle with the pumpkin flames was mine. Don't have it anymore. I mean you noticed it in one of my pictures.
  12. The Blitzer is crazy fast on 4600kv and 3s lipo. https://youtu.be/6ElfCpHXzE4 And a 3s fits in without too many mods. Just got to raise the battery strap a bit.
  13. Forget about the tamiya battery size, just get the biggest 3s lipo you can and strap it on the roof!!.. Best speed increase per pound available.
  14. I cut out the body first, not done stickers yet. Might start the stickers tonight.
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