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  1. This must be the original? It was re-released a few years back but I don't remember it being a pan car?. Think the re-release was an M chassis?
  2. "We're captive on a carousel of Tamiya", 😁 Joni Mitchell, almost..
  3. There are still a few of the original Wild mini 4wd's available new that I know of Nissan king cab Lunchbox Mammoth dumper Toyota Hilux monster racer. Wildsaurus. There maybe a few more that I have forgotten about but I wouldn't feel bad about getting one of those just for parts I may have some of the bits you need, I'll have a look tonight..
  4. And then, you'll need spares for the re-release that you just bought.. and the circle, goes round and round. Lunchbox slot car would be a cool way to use the "spare" body. MCI may do decals?. I don't fancy your chances of finding a new set.. I've never used them but apparently they will do custom requests, or just shrink the original decal.
  5. You can buy a re-release lunchbox for around £20 which will have all the parts you need. (Not sure about the lights?) It won't be a waste, because I am sure you'll find a use for a spare lunchbox body?. You could have a runner and a shelfer..
  6. Any brushless system will work, but you need 2 complete systems with zero timing, or adjust the timing with the program card.. join the 2 ESC's with a "Y" lead so they are both connected to a single channel on the receiver. It's still going to be slow and heavy and bouncy, but it's a lot more fun when it's faster..
  7. That's why Clodbusters have been in production forever, It's like the forth road bridge, as soon as they produce one tyre, they have to start again..
  8. Rumour has it that Clod tyres have more mold release agent than Mold. And that it takes 3 men 2 evolutions of the moon to release one clodbuster tyre. FACT
  9. I think he means when your wife asks you what you want for your birthday. So you say a 21 year old, And she comes back with a bottle of Whisky.
  10. I've tried a few of the larger 2430/2435 size cans and I can't get them in a high enough KV rating, or ones that handle 3s lipo. So far, the little 2030 EZRUN motor has out-performed every one I've tried.
  11. I had just picked this up for pneumatic tyres, for the little motorbike It came with another smaller bike with 12 inch wheels, both for £1. Now I'm thinking that this would be stronger than the cheap electric motorbike,.... Or I'll give up on this one and collect the go kart next week and begin work on that.. (hybrid go-kart, 14inch wheels on back, 12 on front). Lengthen the chassis for extra large kids, (me) Twin 540's, or electric hubs.. Trouble is, round here, you can rent a scooter from a private company hired by the government, but you can't ride your own scooter on the road. I think 12mph is the limit?, Before it is classed as an electric vehicle.. The motor bike looked like so much fun though. I'll have to @bugone for details about making it driver control, rather than reckless father controlled.. I have fond memories of the few times I was let loose with a motorbike (mini kids dirt bike), and a proper old moped with pedals,. Back in the 80's before they invented health and safety.. and kids had to play outside because it used to be good for you.. too many projects, not enough time or talent. Lol
  12. I have another project car, hope to collect it at the weekend. Electric go kart, 12 volts, 2 motors I ran it on an old knackered 3s lipo and it was going great, even has a battery voltage meter, so I told them to stop at 9.9 volts. When it did stop, the old knackered lipo was even more knackered.. So that needs sorting out.. lol. Here's the old lipo. Should be able to squeeze it back together in the vice . (I'm definitely not doing that)
  13. And the combination of 3s lipo, brushless motor and a boy well over the recommended age limit meant the gearbox has lost some teeth.. It's not over till it's over, gearboxes are available. But here's the damage. Thought these gears looked pretty chunky and tough.. But perhaps the grease that was used damaged the plastic first?
  14. Pretty sure you can open it up and swap them round, perhaps the previous owner was left handed? And preferred it that way round?. Trigger finger on your good side..
  15. I missed his skid on film, but he loved riding this.. That was flat out on a knackered puffed up 3s 2200mah battery.. And the slightly bigger 2440 motor. 4000kv.. But it has a thicker shaft than the 2030 cans . (I tried the EZRUN first but it was too small) https://youtube.com/shorts/yXu9n5vm-jc?feature=share Can't embed short films anymore?? Bah!! Edit to add, he was 1kg over the maximum weight limit for this toy, but my younger boy has only just learned to ride a bike, so he wasn't brave enough.. My eldest was begging for a go, so I made him get the scales and I weighed him. Lol
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