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  1. Tony usually has quick drive parts in. Search for europro or tonystamiyaparts... Just the *box lid, ( * bit that folds open to let batteries out), Can be had for about a ÂŖ5. They do need more power but possibly not as much as the one I built, that was crazy.
  2. I built a brush less monster beetle, years ago. ( Same chassis) IT was a very similar speed to the standard CW01 (lunchbox, back then) chassis, but this was many years before I discovered Lipo, so was only running 7.2 volts Ni-mh.. Would have smoked him on 3s lipo.😁😁😁 I And I am still messing around with the buggy range trying to reach ,50mph with a "quick drive" buggy..
  3. It's hard work moving 4 chins while he blethers rubbish about stuff he doesn't understand?. Or the other problem that is rampant in the BBC.. He is enthusiastic though, he has the enthusiasm of a small child, but not as much knowledge..
  4. We're all F1 mechanic's!!! Well, it's not much different, just smaller.
  5. I just thought, I should take the "blower" off and fix this in its place. The eyes have left and right indicators installed. The mouth is currently the brake light (I think?) But I can easily change that.. just plug it in a different place in the control unit.
  6. A child's "safety flag" for a bicycle may suit if you can find one small enough??
  7. I got my kids to ask for a load of these flags from a political party stall at a Highland games event in Scotland. Theyre made of plastic and thick paper and won't survive many rollovers, but they do look cool.. I put one on my speed run car to help see it when it's far away and I think, that only lasted one 40+ mph tumble wumble..
  8. I don't know how Mike Brewer gets away with it??. He comes across as the stereotypical 2nd hand "dodgy' car salesman with very little knowledge about cars, often embarrassing himself with "facts" or analogies that are obviously incorrect. And the smugness when he buys a car for a lot less than the asking price when he "robs" an old person, it paints him in a terrible light in my opinion.. I hate Mike Brewer.....
  9. We were tight, but it falls apart as silver turns to blue Waxing with a candlelight, and burning just for you Allocate your sentiment, and stick it in a box I've never been an extrovert, but I'm still breathing Someone tried to do me ache Someone tried to do me ache Someone tried to do me ache (it's what I'm afraid of) Someone tried to do me ache (it's what I'm afraid of) With hindsight, I was more than blind, lost without a clue Thought I was getting carat gold, and what I got was you Stuck inside the circumstances, lonely at the top I've always been an introvert Happily bleeding Someone tried to do me ache Someone tried to do me ache Someone tried to do me ache (it's what I'm afraid of) Someone tried to do me ache (it's what I'm afraid of) 4, 7, 2, 3, 9, 8, 5, I gotta breathe to stay alive And 1, 4, 2, 9, 7, 8, feels like I'm gonna suffocate 14, 16, 22, this skin that turns to blister blue Shoulders toes and knees, I'm 36 degrees Shoulders toes and knees, I'm 36 degrees Shoulder toes and knees, I'm 36 degrees Shoulders toes and knees, 36 degrees Placebo.
  10. Not sure whether to put a smaller tyre on the front or a bigger one? This is 14" but the forks will accommodate a 16" tyre,, or possibly a 10" to match the rear and keep the "mini rocker" theme going? I think the bigger one to give it more "rake"
  11. Mark 2 almost complete. Chopper style seat for extra "coolness", moved as far forward as possible to reduce the risk of wheelies . Fixed the footpegs so they can't move around anymore. This frame is 2" longer than the last one, now the handle bars don't collide with the seat, that's an improvement. Still standard brushed motors.. should be plenty fast enough for the kids on 4s lipo. (Originally it ran on 12 volts)
  12. Chuck Norris is now hiding under his bedclothes in fear that something more powerful than him is being created..
  13. Wait!!,..... What,????? The "clodbuster" has 'steering?" I thought that when you push left on a clodbuster, it doesn't turn to the left, it actually pushes the world to the right??.. That's what I heard....
  14. I've got a 6x6 clod, but I cheated and bought a chassis from China
  15. Found an old shot with a body my mate made for it, unfortunately it never got used much with the body on Early days of development This is what it became when I sold it. Does anyone know where it is now?
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