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  1. I've also strapped a motor to the go kart. Tested today, and I think the motor propelled me to a speed where I could no longer pedal to go faster... Only 10mph but I wasn't pedaling.. Success...lol Pictures and video soon.
  2. New battery and charger has to be the cheapest bang for buck power increase.. 3s lipo.. and then come back and tell us you want faster.. lol
  3. I believe you can fit a 17 tooth pinion from the hornet which has the same gearbox without the motor mount.. I haven't tried this myself, I usually just up the voltage to go faster. I find 3s lipo gives a much wider rev range than 2s.. more controllable on 3s because of the increased rev range. Control is done with the trigger. Hope this makes sense.
  4. Just realised that I didn't actually post the running video.
  5. I haven't really "run" it, other than the short test video I posted.. The wheels need a bit more clearance,, or lifting up a little, I was going to shave the wheel arches a little at the back and cut a bigger one at the front but it's just been sat on a shelf.. When I saw how close the FTX wheelbase was, I knew it had to be RC'd.. It feels fairly strong, it's been coated multiple times with watered down PVA glue and in some places, it is 4 matches thick. But I still wouldn't want to drop it, or crash it.. As you can see in the magazine, it should have *bumpers but I didn't want to cover up the iconic V from the front panel after it took so long to get it looking nice.. *And a roof rack and Safari windows,, and a few other details that I omitted because I gave up.. lol
  6. Saw your edit, I left a gap at the bottom of post. Apologies, there wasn't any more pictures in that post. I just find it easier to post multiple pictures if I wack the return button a bit to make the space to add text. Sorry about that. Here's a mock up of the running gear. Pinned in place just to test. It. Early stages. "Tubbed" the chassis to fit/ tuck the wheels under,, slam it.. Sorry about the flash, old pictures.. I know the camper would/ should be just rear wheel drive but without a differential, it wouldn't steer, so I had to hook up the front axle.
  7. Its a stretched mini FTX . Two chassis rails bolted together so I just had to get a longer propshaft for the front.. No messing about with the 4 or 3 link suspension set up..
  8. Haven't really done much more with this but did take some pictures along with the magazine which I originally saw the kit advertised. Of course, my model is better. It's RC!!!!!
  9. Decided to order OE lead acid batteries to try to maintain standard electronics (and save my good 3s lipos from destruction) They wouldn't fit inside the case as the bike frame was in the way..,......errrr I mean the footplate was in the way.... But I think I can make it fit. That'll do Rocker Chopper complete.. Must try and get some better video... Ps, I have tried it with 8s lipo.... 4x 2s lipo.. so around 28-32volts It didn't let out any smoke but the batteries weren't fully charged so it probably was around 30 volts instead of the rated 24... Managed to get 20.2mph downhill A big hill. Lol. Standard scooter should do 15mph.. I was getting 13mph on a flat surface with me on it, it should be more consistent with the kids on it..
  10. Your wife won't let you have Wendy .Lol She's rare and expensive... Make sure you are sitting down when you punch "wild Wendy" into Google shopping tab . https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/44473-where-do-you-get-a-wild-wendy/
  11. I was sticking with the theme,.. Buy your wife a WR-02 for her birthday, You'll love it. 😁😁😁😁
  12. When is your wife's birthday? May I recommend a Wr02?. Lol
  13. I thought it was genius, not seen it done before, ( there's good reason for that) Of course, you can't just pritt stick it onto one side, that would be a poor attempt.. Ya gotta do both sides, and the roof as well... Extra points if you can fit her favourite shoe in there, David Blaine style. 😆😆😄😄😁😁
  14. Doh!!!. I did actually read that bit. I hadn't been awake Long. 😆 And various other excuses... As you were ....
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