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  1. wolfdogstinkus

    Sw-01? RC lunch box mini?

    https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-trucks/rc-lunch-box-mini/ Sorry, well behind. Please delete. I did suggest a half size lunchbox in a thread ages ago though. Arrms have a similar chassis that runs on AA's and 4wd I mean.
  2. wolfdogstinkus

    Wanted Avante 2001 QD tyres

    Yep m chassis rally blocks are best. Tony's Tamiya parts or Europro on here, same person. He usually has parts for these.
  3. wolfdogstinkus

    The Mega-bug! - aka. 'Sinclair' [the C5]

    Not read all this yet but from title I thought it would be based on the new trike to make a C5. Will read properly later . Good luck
  4. wolfdogstinkus

    Radiolink TX/RX

    I had a stick radiolink radio. Was fine, felt cheap but it was. I had the Tf8 8channel stick. The app was in Chinese though. Lol.
  5. wolfdogstinkus

    Tamiya konghead to Kongbox

    Ask @TWINSET to show you a pic of the damage from one race at Snetterton with biggus ditchus?
  6. wolfdogstinkus

    Blitzer Beetle finished!

    The Blitzer chassis is a speed demon. Mine used to pull wheelies at 40 mph. Lol until it disintegrated. Lol i almost forgot about that bit. Lol
  7. wolfdogstinkus

    Blitzer Beetle finished!

    3s lipo will wake it up. Swap out ESC for hobbywing 1060 and run 3s.
  8. wolfdogstinkus

    Vanquish carbon chassis options

    Fibrelyte do plates for this chassis?. Don't they?
  9. wolfdogstinkus

    Tamiya konghead to Kongbox

    Buy a cheap Wt01 or wild dagger to get most of the parts for the wide suspension.
  10. wolfdogstinkus

    Qd nsx what to do help

    Send it sideways.
  11. wolfdogstinkus

    Out of control controller

    What car is it in? That's how the lunchbox is supposed to drive. Lol
  12. wolfdogstinkus

    Terra Crusher HELP

    "The truck moves but barely", mine was a bit like that, but improved after a minute of idling. ( It lacked the punch I was used to from electric) really slow take off. I spent more time cleaning it or fixing it, so it had to go., Nice truck though, just wish it was fast.
  13. wolfdogstinkus

    Terra Crusher HELP

    Just sold my Terra Crusher, but it had a similar problem. Wouldn't move till engine was warm. It was really slow, noisy, dirty and dangerous for the kids so I got rid. Sorry can't help. Did feel like clutch was slipping.
  14. wolfdogstinkus

    6x6 Tamiya Blackfoot? truck

    This is on eBay now folks.