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  1. You know what. That chassis layout doesn't look too bad. Ta05 is a hard act to follow.
  2. That can't be real. It's obviously chopped from various current models.. At least I hope it's not real. Looks like a huge step back from the ta05v2.
  3. you will need lower, upper decks and the front belt. you will also need narrower suspension blocks for offset wheels.
  4. They come with ztune r34. pn#0445995
  5. If you're going to do any driving, you might want to get a 'direct coupling' for the front diff and ditch the center one way. If you want a shelfer, might as well go for the front one way to match the center one way. Since the chassis uses earlier reversible suspension, bearing spacers will make the tiny axle bearings last a bit longer. Alloy spring retainers are 1mm lower and you can achieve lower ride height with normal long springs. Tamiya also makes carbon bumper brace to replace the stock plastic one. Since it's a pseudo race chassis, there are many more hopups, like titanium axles, low friction damper v parts, Ti screws, Ti turnbuckles. etc. Tamiya (#53877) - Tamiya TA05 Front Spool Diff Set Tamiya (#53891) - Tamiya Bearing Spacer for Reversible Suspension Tamiya (#49311) - Tamiya TRF Damper Aluminum Retainer RC Carbon Bumper Support Item #54089
  6. Wow Really? I'm willing to sell mine for 550. what I paid for back then..
  7. I understand leaving it NIB tho. It's not exactly a cheap kit. But it's still nice to open it up and look at all the glimmering blue pieces.
  8. You can also shim the wheels to widen the track width a bit to help with traction rolls.
  9. How many of you built this kit and how many are runners? Back in 07, I couldnt resist leaving the kit NIB, so I built mine immediately and bought another to save. I even raced mine locally in RCGT stock class and lap times were consistent with my trf racer in 17.5 stock class. Since it's a short wheel base ta05ms, it performs very well in tight track layouts. I love this car. It captures the essence of tamiya very well. Nicely detailed scale body and well engineered chassis underneath. I have been running mine with boxart scheme, but it's about time I do a new shell for it. I never had a chance to build a 959 as a kid, but this kit redeemed it for me. Let's see some of your 934's or share some of your experiences with this car. I'm thinking about going red/black for the new shell...
  10. ive seen atsushi hara conversion kit on ebay time to time.
  11. i have owned and run a few tb01 and never experienced any breakage other than the shock towers. tb01 tub is very robust.
  12. As a kid, building was more fun, but I enjoy driving much more now. I cant wait to finish building so I can run it. Modern electronics and batteries make the driving experience much more fun and painless. not to mention much cheaper.
  13. 24mm tires on 26mm wheels work fine. Back in the days before spec tires in racing, people used to use 24mm tires on 26mm wheels to lessen the air pocket between the inserts and the tires. You get more even tire wear without the dreaded rings of death. They look cool too. 26mm tires on 24mm wheels dont work so well however.
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