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  1. I am not sure. Any CVD rebuild kit for a Tamiya touring car with 5mm axle should work. I will measure the pin but it may be a while before I get my hands on a caliper.
  2. Here are some more pics for you Max. Yes you can use my pictures. I actually used your thread as a starting point.
  3. The full thread is over on RC10Talk. http://www.rc10talk.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=34442 The Hi-Caps were an experiment. They are off my Egress and will probably be returning to it. I will probably start a build thread for the Falcon when I am ready. There is not much else to see but I will post up a pic tonight. Cheers
  4. So. To fit universals on a Falcon you need the following: Tamiya OP-790 Drive cups for DF-02 Universals for an HPI Nitro RS4 wide. Rear 52mm pin to pin. The axles on the fronts use a larger diameter inner bearing and may not work. 6mm drill bit In this case I chose MIP 1182 shiny bones. First you need to drill the OP-790 to 6mm Then install.
  5. Hi, Desperately seeking Egress L parts. The steering bellcranks. I have custom machined alloy prop shafts in bare aluminium or anodized red to trade and cash waiting. Cheers Jeremy
  6. Hi, Desperately seeking Tamiya Egress damper bag. I have custom machined alloy prop shafts bare or anodized red to trade as well as cash waiting. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Jeremy
  7. Looking for Tamiya Egress Screw bag A.
  8. Thanks for the info! I will flip the rings and see if it helps. There is only one shim on each side(front diff). Should I be able to tighten the screws completely? If I tighten the screws the diff seems really stiff.
  9. Hi all, I am in the process of rebuilding an Egress runner and I am having trouble with the ball diffs. When I tighten the screws it binds in certain spots. It feels smooth all the way around but stiffens up in one area of the rotation. Because it is held together with three screws around the outside rather than one through the center it seems to me that it is almost impossible to keep the pressure even all the way around as I tighten them. If I loosen the screws enough to eliminate the problem then the diff slips to much for my liking. I have checked all the parts to see if anything is bent/worn but everything looks fine. Has anybody else had this problem? Is it just a flaw in the design or are there any tricks to getting this right?
  10. Hello all, I am looking for the front lower shock mounts and the little spacers that go underneath. They are from the Egress damper bag. PN's are BF4 x2, BF8 and BF9. Used is fine. Going to be anodized anyway. I would hate to have to buy a new damper bag just for these. I am also in the hunt for 2 alloy drive hexes for Egress/Vanquish. Splined. Any help is appreciated.
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