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  1. i love these kits, and have quiet a few of them too. but i only collect the UCS ones
  2. your cut off voltage dosent really want to be any lower than 3.7v
  3. where did you get the adaptors and universals from?
  4. the ezrun 7800 system is awesome and a bargin for great speed too. i have it in my gb01 fox. but it is shreeding tires like no tomorrow. thats why the post is here. option wheels and tires would be great if you could find them. with the 7800kv motor it will pop wheelies if the timing is right on the trigger but most of the time it will wheel spin at any given moment. wider on the rear is a must have with this power, but its finding it thats the trouble. .......using a 3s and 2s lipos......
  5. hi all, lm on the hunt for some optional wheels and tires for my tamtech GB01 fox. lm driving mainly on roads. any ideas would be much appreciated. thanks
  6. how well do Dinball pack there gear? anyone know???
  7. how do you find a sealed kit????
  8. hi all, just recently upgraded my tamtech fox to brushless with a 3s 11.1v lipo and what happened? it only lasted about 5 min until it wouldnt drive anymore. pulled it apart and little peices of melted diff was everywhere. l notice many people have upgraded the little tamtechs to brushless systems and the question is did this happen to you and how do we over come this? thanks
  9. i totally agree, new ones just dont have the character and you just never seem to treasure it like your older ones
  10. so how do you work out the RPM of the motor? is it kv rating 'times' voltage rating so something like say 7800kv by 7.4v lipo = 57720rpm???? any answers?
  11. hi all, lve got a tamtech fox and lm thinking of installing a brushless system in it. my question is can it be done and could the car handle one? some advice would be great for this is my first brushless system attempt
  12. haha, Tamiya USA have listed the Avante at $745. now thats funny and over priced. l think ill be buying mine on ebay for close to half that.......
  13. so whats wrong with the GT tuned motor???
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