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  1. Have you tried putting some weights on the trailer? Maybe the truck is stuck because the wheels dont have enough traction. You can also try locking the diff
  2. Here is the video of the setup, would like to upload the pics but won't allow me anymore
  3. I would like to share the 4 link I made with my F350. I use the included tamiya 4 link attachment, and 3D printed the other attachments. Heres the front setup
  4. Thank you all for the responses... will try to triangulate in setting the rods.
  5. Hello, I know this is an old topic but I just want to ask some questions. I am trying to do a 4 link suspension setup on my F350, and I was just wondering if there is any side - to - side movement on this setup? I have tried setting up the rear, and when all the link rods are installed, there is about 10mm side to side movement (lateral?). Is that normal? Thank you!
  6. thanks i will check for any binding. i have already adjusted the servo travel, i might need some more. thanks
  7. hi! has anybody notice the gear shift servo in the 3 speed tranny to be warm or hot? i just notice mine after running about 5 mins on first gear that the servo is somewhat warm - hot. is this normal? or am i binding something? thanks
  8. ok finally f350 has arrived, so does the bearing. any words of caution on building? this will be my first build in a long long time
  9. ok thanks, i'll keep that in mind and will start looking for another esc. as for the ballbearings, i ordered a set from stella as i think it is pretty much a requirement nowadays.
  10. hello! first post in here. well i just ordered a high lift and i am really excited about it . now i need an esc and since the truck pretty much emptied my pockets, i might go with tamiya teu-01. is this ok? thanks and i will probably have many more question when i start building my truck. ernest
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