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  1. The Yeah Racing Fans look awesome but I can't find information on how to mount and power them?
  2. Thanks for taking the time to give these detailed answers - really appreciated. I put another charge in the battery and gave it another blast now everything was tighened back up. If I dismantle again then I might take this advise! I LOVE following step by step instructions, so no worries I installed the spacer as instructed, including the thin trace of Anti Wear Grease to stop dirt getting in. I considered that I might have to replace the mount or motor so I did the screws REALLY tight this time. I thought they were tight the first time around but I might have been cautious to avoid over tightening. If they loosen again I'll buy some thread lock (and possibly the aluminium mount). I looked over the gears and they looked and appeared to mesh fine. I think I might've been lucky. How about the Tamiya TT02 Alum Motor Heat Sink 54571? Are they effective or a waste of time?
  3. Thanks for the advise speedy_w_beans. I decided to give it another run and this time it didn't go so well. I noticed the car started to sound a bit odd and at first thought it was where the battery was getting low. I popped the shell and noticed the heat from the motor has melted it's wires slightly, where they are so tightly packed against the end of the motor. When I wiggled the wires I noticed there is also a lot of movement in the motor. It's too hot to get a good look at the moment but it looks like the motor may have melted the plastic mount? Edit: it cooled enough for me to handle so I opened it up and it looks like the screws into the motor just worked their way loose. I'm surprised because I did them pretty tight the first time. I've tightened everything up again and put a tiny piece of electric tape around the wire. I'm not sure if it's my imagination or if the motor sounds louder/rougher. What do you think? Could the heat have damaged the motor? Weird it got so hot since I'm all stock. The only upgrade is bearings.
  4. I finally completed my Plasma Edge II build and gave it it's first good run this morning. Well impressed so with it! After some trim adjustment the car runs dead straight and has plenty of speed for garden runs. I created another thread where we discussed a hotter motor and I actually bought a GoolRC brushless system and a 19T pinion but when I realised the car came with a "Torque Tuned" motor in the box I was interested to give it a try, along with the stock 17T pinion. I had a Dark Impact years ago that came with a standard 540 motor and I soon upgraded to a brushless system. This time I think the box motor is plenty good enough - main difference I'll be driving mostly in a garden instead of a large car park and field. A few things I noticed... Are there any tips or tricks to stop the plastic "discs" that the suspension springs sit on popping off? I noticed a few times, front and rea,r that the spring was not sat correctly and it was just that these had moved out of place? I also notice dmy nice new paint job, discussed it another thread, is scratching quite easily. I can't remember if I had this issue with my Dark Impact but I've noticed right away this time. The paint is scratching off, most notably where it runs against the under-shell body clips and the fins on the ESC. What do you think? A piece of table on the underside of the shell to stop the metal parts rubbing against the paint? Finally, what is the best method for cleaning up after a run in wet grass? My Dark Impact was a great car and put up with a ton of abuse but it's final demise came when I didn't clean it well enough and left it under my be at uni. Parts rusted and seized up and it went on eBay as a project for someone who had the time and inclination to clean it up. I don't want this to happen again I've immediately brushed the majority of the grass off with a dust pan brush which has got the bulk off but there is plenty still stuck in the nooks and cranies that the brush can't reach. Any advise would be great. Cheers!
  5. Here's my end result. It's not perfect but I'm happy with it. There's are imperfections in the paint and a few areas where the plastic has been stressed when I cut it out. I'm sure once it's stickered up (and knocked about a bit) I'll forget all about the problems and nobody else will notice unless I point them out. Cheers
  6. So I kept coating till the can felt pretty empty and had to give up for the day because the resident toddler arrived home from nursery. I'll give it a few coats of black in the morning to see how it turns out. I can see it isn't going to be perfect, there are some tiny lighter dots with darker borders in a few places. They are subtle though so I feel like it went relatively well. I'm not sure what caused these mark though!? I may post a photo of end result Cheers!
  7. Thanks guys. It's a Plasma Edge II and I'm trying to get it to look as similar to the box art as possible. Painting and stickering is not my strong point... I like the building and often stumble at the last hurdle. To be fair it's just for bashing around in the garden so it's not too important but I want it to look as best I can achieve
  8. Hi, I've just done a 4th coat of this paint and it's still really transparent... is this normal? The manual says to back in black, which I'm going to do, but so far I can still see right through the shell. I warmed the can in lukewarm water and have shaken it vigorously. Cheers :D
  9. legend, that settles my mind, thank you!
  10. Thanks guys. If its normal and it doesn't affect performance then that's cool with me.
  11. I see what you're seeing. I'm certain its the right parts. The excess movement seems to be the part the dogbone goes into... Knuckles? I'm not totally up with the terminology. Edit: rear uprights
  12. This is a brand new build of a TT-02B and I was surprised at the amount of slop in the rear wheels. This is all stock with rcbearings bearings. Is this normal amount of movement or does something seem off? Cheers!
  13. Thanks. So I can skip all the greasing steps where its obviously to lubricate the bushings
  14. For kits that come with plastic bushings the instructions show lots of places to grease around the bushings. Do I still need to put grease in these places if I am building with ball bearing upgrade? Cheers
  15. Excellent. I have mine and they're going in my Plasma Edge II very soon
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