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  1. From what I've read... Metal for clean, dry environments. Rubber of wet, dirty environments.
  2. Thanks guys, that answers all my questions and gives me plenty to think about. Cheers
  3. Please can someone help me with pinion gear options for a TT-02B buggy. The kit comes with a 17t pinion and I'm going to upgrade the car to a cheap brushless system (goolRC combo from eBay). On another thread someone advised me to buy a 19t pinion since that's the largest the manual says you can use. In fact the manual specifically says not to use a 20t or larger pinion. However, I've seen plenty of people talking about using a 20t pinion, apparently with no issues. Further exploring I found this thread which suggests there are loads of other options... there's even a shot of a manual, posted by nbTMM, that talks about lots of other sizes... is this really for TT-02B? Also, how do I know exactly what product to buy? Assuming I was to buy a 19t pinion, how do I know which one? I will want a genuine Tamiya part because I'd be concerned another manufacturers part is not exactly the same. Are all Tamiya 19t pinions the same or do they vary from one car to the next? I've also been reading about the affect of a smaller or larger pinion and spur gear and whilst I understand the basic theory I'm not sure what I'm really aiming for when upgrading to a brushless system? In case it matters I want the car to be faster than the stock motor but I don't need blistering fast, in fact I'll be using NiMH batteries, which I've done in the past and have been perfectly happy with the performance. Any advice greatfully received. Cheers
  4. Nice clear explanation, thank you! Which one? The goolrc or the ebay link I posted? Cheers
  5. This GOOLRC system looks interesting. There are a few similar looking/priced systems on eBay and I noticed some say they are suitable for on road cars and specifically say they're not for buggies and trucks. Any idea why that is? Here's an example : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274392216582 Cheers
  6. In case anyone is interested... I removed the gear from the shaft and gently pushed cocktail sticks into the hole to open out the crack. I then smeared a tiny amount of super glue along the crack, pulled the cocktail sticks out and used a clothes peg to hold the gap closed over night. Following evening I checked the glue had held and used a dremel tool to bore out the hole very slightly. It now slides easily but securely onto the shaft. I think it's fixed because very little load will be put through this gear... the drive belt would slip, or even snap, before that happened. I'm guessing the crack is the result of shrinking with age as mentioned by Yonez. Happy days. Cheers
  7. Pinion gear is a whole other mystery I'll have to fathom out. This sounds interesting. Please can you point my in the right direction - my search results don't seem great.
  8. I think what I mean is "what is the least amount I need to spend to get a noticable improvement in power?". And also what is compatible with the ESC? I'll check out the Surpass Rocket! EDIT: I'll be honest... that's more than I was hoping to spend. What kind of performance can I expect from an uprated brushed Tamiya motor, for example a Sport Tuned RS540?
  9. I want to replace the stock motor in a TT-02B kit with something a bit more powerful but I'm not clear what my options are. I want to use the kit supplied TBLE-02S ESC and I'll be using NiMh battries. What are my options if I want to get the best motor whist keeping the cost down? I'm in the UK and would like to get it delivered asap I put a Mamba Max 5700Kv in a DF-03 (Dark Impact) in the past and was really impressed with it on NiMh batteries... I'm not after that kind of power and nor am I looking to pay that kind of money... but I know the stock motor is going to dissapoint me. Cheers!
  10. Excellent info, thanks, I'll check it out!
  11. Hi guys. This is actually a part from a vintage cassette recorder but I'm sure there will be people in the rc community that know how to deal with things like this. This tiny gear has cracked right the way through and it creates enough space between those two teeth for it to not mesh properly with the other gear. I highly doubt I'm going to be able to replace this part so I'm looking for ideas on how to repair it. The gear slides right off the shaft and the gap does close when squeezed hard together. The only ideas I have are trying to glue or trying to melt the two pieces back together. I'm not feeling optimistic because the part is so small and because its such a tight fit on the shaft, which might reopen the crack after attempting to fix it. What so you recon? Is it a goner? Cheers
  12. Well that was an overwhelming positive reaction. rcbearings it is... That's guys!
  13. Looks like they ship from the US but postage isn't cheap. Cheers
  14. I'm looking to buy a TT-02B bearing kit but don't have a clue what retailers are known to be good quality... Anyone used the seller "rcbearings" on eBay? Any better suggestions on where to buy? Cheers :)
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