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  1. There are 3 reasons why I shop online: 1. Low Prices 2. I can find what I need 3. Convienience None of the shops in my area (Australia) can provide all 3 of these. However, if I lived in Hong Kong that would be another matter, every time I went there they seem to nail all 3 of my reasons I still try to support my local store as much as I can, but I don't want to go broke just to keep them going
  2. Very true Willy, in hind-sight I am very glad I didn't start a shop of my own, the "Internet fad" certainly has changed things
  3. Ooohh, great discussion It is soo good to hear my own thoughts about Toy Traders validated. I had two run-ins with Toy Traders over the last 10 years: Back in 2001 I contact Toy Traders as I was looking into starting up my own hobby store, all I got was a crusty old sales guy who said unless I spend $200-$400k on floor stock I would fail, I didn't have that kind of money and tried to tell him the future was in stores that had online ordering, I was going to start small like all businesses, he told me the internet was a fad and the money is in bricks and mortar hobby shops.... he wasn't interested in doing any business with me at all, sure I would not have been a big start up client but I had 20k ready to buy stock, not much of a distributor I don't think... I also called Toy Traders back when the Sand Scorcher was announced, I asked them when they might expect them to be available in Australia. The old guy said "The Sand Scorcher has been discontinued since the 80's" I said ummm, Tamiya just announced the Re-Release, to which he replied "Rubbish, they wouldn't do that" What sort of distributors are they if any guy can jump on the internet and know about releases before they do... Anyway, nice to vent about it Maybe one day when all the old original staff and directors die off some young guns will come in and turn it around
  4. Mark has it spot on, TC is well and truly an international club/community, I think all but a few over the last few years have been pretty good themes, some great ideas Mark
  5. I think this is a brilliant idea , I really like the idea of a badge/logo appearing on the showroom entry "2011 People's Choice Award - Best Custom Paint, etc" The tricky part would be having the moderators agree on the classifactions, it would be easy to have too many classes. I also wonder how much time is spent on administration of TC, it seems to be quite normal for last years announcement e.g. "November Christmas Competition" to stay up on the main page for many months after, until the next comp comes around rather than it being updated with a winner or general information. I think everyone except for Chris aka NetSmithUK (is he still around?) is a volunteer so it may just be too much work for them. A great idea and would be awesome to see it develop
  6. Dan, 36, Central Coast NSW TC Subscriber, loved R/C for as long as I can remember, never raced in competition, just in it for the fun and relaxation. I have 4 boys that love to spend time with me and my collection
  7. It's a surprise to see the TG10-Mk.2 making a comeback. At first glance it looked like it was going to be a nitro drift, as the tires look hard and very shiny like super driftech's, but it is listed as 1/10 R/C Raybrig HSV-010 (TG10-Mk.2 SZ) http://tamiyablog.com/wp-content/uploads/2...rg_2011-074.jpg
  8. That's pretty impressive on the scales Willy I have my TB-03D which was a big step up for me from the TT-01D, I am now coveting your VDF and think I might have to start saving some pennies Is this the first time you have drifted with rear overdrive, I am interested to hear what it is like, from what I have read it is slower but it certainly looks fun...
  9. +1 from me on the steering servo, when I bought my Associated SC10 I found it hard to keep in a straight line, don't know if it was my lack of skill or they are just a real twitchy chassis but once I installed a high speed servo I could finally react fast enough to make it go where I wanted to. Now I try and get high speed servos for all my fast stuff, I have a TB-03 drifter that was frustrating me, popped in a high speed servo and it made it sooo much easier to control.
  10. I was going to say Pepsi Max, I can't live without that stuff, but then I realized you were talking about a different kind of vice, heheh I have had the same forged iron vice for 2 decades with a home made set of aluminum jaw guards, it has been great but many times I have wanted the type that is offset on an angle so you can hold long lengths vertically.
  11. The CR-01 could have so easily been an AX10/SCX10 rival but for the exact reasons above it wasn't, I sold my CR-01 and bought two SCX10's Oh man, I would love to see the Wild One re-re'd I think a few people have pondered a TRF201 based short course truck from Tamiya in other discussions, that might be cool?
  12. What are your hopes and dreams from Tamiya this year? I would love to see the 2011 Fiesta WRC, not fussed with the chassis, but LED lights are a must. I know traxxas have done Ken Block's but you can't beat Tamiya's scale detail and I like the Abu Dhabi livery a lot. I would also love to see some new body's on the new M06 and some other team liveries on the F104 would be cool
  13. I am just a recreational builder/driver, so none of my thoughts are based on hard core performance, all judged on build enjoyment, usability and fun factor I was really pumped about the CR-01 when it was first released, but I sold it a few months later. Was a somewhat fun build but spent too much time on it's roof. Same with the DF03ra, I was very excited when it was first announced, I bought 2, built 1 and then sold them both 4 weeks later, went back to my trusty old TB-01, it just felt different. On the contrary, I never had any feelings towards the Scorcher, but now I have 2 and just love them!
  14. Yep, all working fine, it took about 40 minutes, thanks. But I discovered the upload photos doesn't work with the iPad, the iOS won't allow the browse for files Hopefully with the upcoming apple iOS update that may change, fingers crossed..
  15. How long after I renew can I edit/post new showroom items and edit my details? I can see my showroom now but it has been about 15 mins since the paypal transaction and when I click on add new car to showroom I still get the message that I need to renew.
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