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  1. Hello All, I like the box art on only a few models. Tamiya seemed to be hung up on the color red for some reason. I think when you have as an example..lets say there are 10,000 Hilux's left in the world...I think 9000 of them are red. It is very boring to see so many of the same color. If I go to a show and there are 10 Monster Beetles and they are all red that will put me to sleep...if you've seen one...you've seen em all. Other than a few bad paint jobs or decals that didnt set right. I think everyone has there own favorite color but they are afraid of what the collectors might think. So what! Be creative, be different, otherwise its a very boring list of clones that have been done to death.
  2. There is a different short shaft joint that goes into the differential for the telescopic axle set up. It has to accept the six sided adapter for the telescopic axles. Does anybody have a set to sell? Please help! I want to install these on my chrome MB.
  3. Thank you, I will give them a shot and keep eveyone posted.
  4. Does anyone know if the new Hilux tires will fit the original Hilux? Or what other tires will fit the original Hilux? Does anyone have a mint set of the original Hilux tires?
  5. Hi, Looking desperately for a mint condition Hilux rear bumper. I havent been able to find one anywhere. Please help! its the last piece I need to finish my Hilux.
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